December 1, 2010

A vacation afterword

 Thanks to everyone who could stand my photo marathon. Our vacation had a particular mood. The moment I saw that place, I wanted to capture every part of it, and share it with you. Keeping a blog gives you so much motivation to use the camera more often. Once again, thank you all who commended. Because of you, I know I didn’t waste my time, and I had so much fun. I hope you did too.

In order to stay grounded in reality, and give you a more balanced perspective, I’ll tell you that I saw a small cockroach in the hotel bathroom. We didn’t end up as friends. I only made friends with other humans in the hotel. (Perhaps, if one of them isn’t too shy and sends me a photo, you might see a real Russian hunter in this blog one day. Also, I’m going to have to be careful with my language, because I now have one reader under 12.( Alina, say hi to your parents!)
If anybody has a business offer for me, to promote a hotel or a restaurant, you know where to find me. Right here, in my blog. Keep in mind, I only travel with four assistants – 1) My husband (computer specialist and moral support) 2) My daughter (editor and moral support) 3) Daughter’s boyfriend (musical and moral support) and 4) Cat (just moral support. I’ll cover the costs of the vaccinations).

The only things left on my to-do list are writing two long letters to my parents and my husband’s parents. There are still people in this world who appreciate a real, handwritten letter.

Also, Christmas is coming! And pretty soon my art exhibitions will start again.


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous trip, to a quieter side of Hispanolia that the western end of the island.

    Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for dropping by and following, I appreciate your visit and comment left. I've been to Haiti and Guadeloupe, so I really enjoyed your photos from the last few posts, the seascapes of gorgeous green water just make me want to go straight there. It is snowing and minus three here in Paris tonight !

  2. It was a wonderful holiday for me as well and I loved every moment of it. Thanks so much. Diane

  3. I still owe a hand-written letter to a friend from last January. Oops... She'll have to make do with a Christmas card of news, I think!

    It was lovely visiting with you through your photos.

  4. Bonjour!
    Thanks for your kind visit and comment in our Bonjour Luxembourg.
    As you, I love arts and travels!
    Your blog is very interesting with beautiful pictures, congratulations!

  5. Hi Owen!
    For me the most attractive part of blogging is finding the opportunity not only to enjoy beautiful sites that people show in their blogs but also to communicate with talented, interesting and open bloggers. Keep yourself warm! Thank you for commenting.

    Hi Diane!
    Thank you. I love your last post as well:)

    Hi Sarah!
    I am glad that you like traveling with me:)
    I think I have an idea for a post about hand-written letters.

    Bonjour Léia!
    Thank you for popping over to my blog and for leaving such a lovely comment. I try to choreograph words and images but I am new in the blogosphere so, please, be patient with me.

  6. Sorry but I have already accepted the position of holiday reviewer :)

  7. Hi Lindy!
    This makes me so happy:)