November 29, 2010

The Market Time

I understand that my recollections of my tropical vacation are getting about as long as the Forsyte Saga. Although I hope they are a bit more cheerful, and they certainly have a happier ending.

Market time!

This little market was located close to our hotel. Since it was right next to the shore, all the objects that were for sale there were covered with a considerable layer of white sand. If you were to buy something, the vendor would clean and polish it for you.If you’re not good at haggling, you won’t have a very successful trip to the market. The vendors await easy prey, but they also seem to find them boring. They prefer to chat for a while, and most of them have a great sense of humour.

This is Chi Chi. He really has a more extravagant name. Something like Archibald.

I really regret not buying these figures.

This little guy was quite brutal.

I can’t imagine who would buy this water bottle and use it in public.

This is a variation on Rodin’s The Thinker.

All the wooden sculptures are made out of very durable wood. The vendors would knock them against one another to demonstrate this quality. This is a victim of such a demonstration.

There was a magical moment when the wind blew, and the pashminas started to dance.

You can also find these kinds of objects at the market. Here’s a souvenir you could get for your girlfriend or your boyfriend.

And finally – a feast for the eyes.

A black coral. Maybe it’s just a coral that’s covered in black paint. I’m a lousy expert.

A vendor that sold me a necklace. Then another one, form whom I didn’t buy anything. He asked me to take a photo anyway. I decided to indulge him.

A delicious rum with an interesting name -Mamajuana.

The end of story.


  1. There are some amazing items here, some I would prefer not to own LOL! Your photos are beautiful and so colourful. Great post. Diane

  2. I love the photos, especially the last one with the beads on the scarves.

  3. Great photos! I love all the jewelry! :-)

  4. Love the necklaces, mind you I do wonder where they are made. I saw similar ones in Egypt back in the the 80s!

  5. Hi Diane!
    I love the colors. There are always mysteries behind their combinations and variations. Thank you for commenting.

    Hi Sarah Elizabeth!
    Thank you. I thought that you might like something from the market photos.

    Hi Sarah Louise!
    Thank you for visiting and commenting. I felt like a child in a candy store.

    Hi Sarah!
    I think that most of them are just made from glass. Thank you for visiting.

  6. I love to visit markets when travelling, always have some interesting if not strange stuff for sale amongst the beautiful things :)

  7. Colourful indeed! I thought I put many photos in my posts, but I believe I'm beaten! Nice!!

  8. Hi Lindy!
    I wonder who makes them? I love the photos of your garden very much.

    Hi Peter!
    It seems that we exchanged two walks - at the market and at the cemetery:)

  9. Beautiful photos, Olga! Love the colours.

  10. Olga, thanks so much for checking out my blog and for your kind words! Your blog looks colorful and exciting, and I am now a follower! :]

  11. The colors are just gorgeous and so nice to see with all the snow and Christmas decorations right now here! I love vacations and discovering gems from other countries. Great photos!

  12. Those piles of beads and jewelry got me salivating! That market looked like an irresistible place to go trolling around in.
    Great picts!

  13. Hi Talli Roland!
    Congratulations on publishing your book!!!
    Thank you for following me and thank you for your comment. It is very nice to meet another coffee addict:)
    The colors are my passion.

    Hi ~Christine~ !
    We have one mutual friend - Happy Frog. I saw your post and smile at her blog.

    Hi Natasha!
    Thank your for visiting. I always enjoy your sophisticated blog.

    Hi Lydia Kang!
    The jewelery, expensive or not, is a big temptation :) Thank you for visiting.

  14. What a wonderful chronicle of your vacation. Your photos are a rich tropical market for the senses.

  15. I love the photos! Such a visual feast for my eyes. I am a scarf junkie and every time we go someplace tropical I never pass on one. or two or three ;))

  16. Hi Paul!
    Thank you for stopping by and for being my follower. Thank you for the beautiful words.

    Hi Jane!
    Thank you for visiting. All these scarves were winking to me and saying - Take me with you!
    Thank you for being my follower.