December 14, 2010

Today's photos and a question

Sometimes I need clarifications regarding the most obvious things. For example, what are your favourite movies to watch for the hundredth time on Christmas? What movies do you only watch on the holidays, regardless of the circumstances? Do you have any movies without which Christmas just isn't the same? Something without which it loses a small and simple yet sacred element, like the beautifully decorated tree, the smell of freshly cooked treats, or the morning spent opening gifts. I'm sure there are some movies that you can only watch on that day. If you can think of any, feel free to share.


  1. Great question! I had never watched It's a Wonderful Life until last year. I know, pathetic. I can't imagine a Christmas without it now.

    I also love A Christmas Carol-the version with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge.

    A more modern movie that's become a part of our family movie watching is Elf. My girls love it, and it's surprisingly sentimental.

  2. Hi Tim,
    I'm beaten. I watched It's a Wonderful Life for the first time 10 years ago when we moved to Canada. But how is it possible that you avoided it? Thank you for A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart.

  3. I LOVE "It's a Wonderful Life." That's a classic. I also feel like every Christmas, I have to watch at least once, Rudolph, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and Charlie Brown Christmas. And of course, there's nothing like cinnamon rolls on the morning of Christmas Eve! Beautiful pictures by the way.

  4. Having lived away from home for so long, any traditional film watching has been lost in the mists of time. I'm never in the same place two years running, so I don't have favourite Christmas films.

    However, when one comes on, I like to watch it. We had Elf on the other day which was fun, and all the Christmas 'Bones' last night. So, no traditional watching, but just an appreciation of what's on.

    If I can though, I always listen to the Nine Lessons and Carols from King's College Cambridge broadcast on Radio 4.

  5. Very nice series.Greetings Andrzej.

  6. I love Christmas TV in general. I don't watch tv most of the year and so at Christmas time I love to curl up next to the fire and watch a good movie or some Christmas specials.

  7. I always enjoy seeing "The Red Shoes" with Moira Shearer (UK 1955-60s). I'm not sure why it goes with Christmas but it's wonderful.
    You have so much snow!

  8. You can't watch A Christmas Story in July. It just isn't the same.

  9. Oh, wonderful photos. You've almost made me miss home!

    I love watching 'Love Actually'. It's a great holiday film.

  10. Hi Christine,
    You painted a very cozy picture with your words. Thank you. I have never seen The Charlie Brown Christmas. This is the second one in my list now. Yesterday there was lots of snow in Toronto.

    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for the King's College Cambridge broadcast. I found it on the Internet. Thanks you.

    Hi Andrzej,
    Thank you for commenting. The weather here changes often and it gives me the opportunity to take interesting shots.

    Hi Sarah Elizabeth,
    I haven't had a TV for three years. That is why I ask about movies. I want to rent them. Curling up next to the fire - sounds wonderful.

    Hi Dedene,
    Wow! Thank you for "The Red Shoes". I ordered it from the library. Yesterday it was snowing all day long.

    Hi Pepe Le Pew,
    I have my collection of Russian movies that put me in the right mood. Now I want to create the collection of English movies with your help.

    Hi Phivos Nicolaides,
    Thank you. I believe that you have much a warmer environment right now:)

    Hi Talli,
    "Love Actually" is on my list. Even my husband admits that this movie is a must.

  11. I enjoy your photos very much. I have a daughter living in Toronto and I hope should could experience this beauty as much as you here in this first major snowfall. My wife and I like Elf. It's cute and heart warming.

  12. I love these photos, but I think I like the last one the best because it feels like an untold story. Where is the person going? What are they thinking about?
    Thanks for feeding my brain today!

  13. Hi Paul,
    I believe she enjoyed the snow. Thank you for Elf. It seems to be very popular.

    Hi Lydia,
    You are welcome. What about the name of the Christmas movie, that you like? Please, please.

  14. Although I am not a huge fan of snow, I must admit that the pictures with all that snow stirred my imagination. In my mind I am sitting next to a lovely light filled window in some Chateau - with a roaring fire & perhaps sketching the lovely snowy scenes sipping from a mug of vin chaud and marveling at the sites covered in sparkling white flaky crystals.


  15. Olga, these pictures are beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog, and writing lovely comments. I agree with the others, I'm an old romantic, and love It's A Wonderful Life. Christmas wouldnt be the same, however, without my Mum playing Bing Crosby in the kitchen...

  16. Olga these are such lovely snowy photos! Toronto is looking a lot like Montreal right now. My all time favorite Christmas movies are Love Actually and Sound of Music (although it's not really a Christmas movie but still makes you feel so good!) and I watch them every year around this time :)

  17. What Christmassy photographs!

    I don't usually watch movies on Christmas Day as there are too many people in the house. As a choice, I would watch a romantic old movie - black and white. For me, they have a certain special atmosphere.

  18. Hi Joanny,
    I am happy that my modest attempt to show the winter in Toronto inspired you to write such beautiful words in my blog. I wouldn't say no to a chateau!

    Hi Bth,
    Thank you for visiting. Thank you for this particular detail about your Mum playing Bing Crosby in the kitchen.

    Hi Natasha,
    I wonder why Sound of Music is associated with Christmas? Your last photo with a lovely couple is gorgeous.

    Hi aguja,
    I love black and white movies too. There is a je-ne-sais-quoi about them.

  19. Dear Olga.
    What a awesome cold in your contry and the summer starting here.
    Contrast in beautiful is the shape of the nature! Best whishes.

  20. Hi Olga, I adore you photos, really have got me in the Christmas mood! In our household we like the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from 1971. Wizard of Oz and It's a Wonderful Life are all good to!

  21. I don't have any movies that I always watch at Christmas time. I just wanted to say I love all the snow photos. Very different to our Christmas in the middle of the searing heat of summer in Australia! My Dad always insists on a hot baked dinner ... with all of us sweating our way through it. Kellie xx

  22. Hi artebaiao,
    Thank you for visiting straight from the summer!
    It is so nice that you are now my follower. Yes, it is cold in Toronto, but your hearts warm us.

    Hi Happy Frog and I,
    Thank you for your movie suggestions. Your words about my photos are very important to me.

  23. Hi dear olive! Hi Kellie!
    Welcome to my blog. Thank you for the kind words about my photos:) I love the story about your Dad:D

  24. Hi Olga Lovely photos to look at but it also looks rather cold. Though we are having an icy spell (for us) over here too. My favourite film for watching every year at Christmas is Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby, Marjorie Reynolds and Fred Astaire. I think it was made in 1942 and it is where Bing sings White Christmas for the first time (well they sing it twice in the film).

  25. Hi Dolly!
    Thank you very much for the compliment about my photos and for the name of the film.

  26. Okay, holiday movies? Don't laugh, but the Star Wars trilogy is always on during the holidays and it makes me think of family.

    And for real holiday movies? I like Love Actually and When Harry Met Sally, because even though they're not about the holidays, Christmas and New Years are big characters in the movie and the stories are both wonderful.

  27. Hi Lydia!
    I take it very seriously.It is very much appreciated.

  28. Hi Laura!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Marry Christmas!