December 6, 2010

December can be a surreal month

Whenever it is December in Canada – a lovely season of holidays, presents, and unexpected visits – I remember one episode that took place nine years ago around this time. I was riding in a car down our street. I was wearing warm boots, jeans, a sweater, and a winter jacket. The sun was setting, and large flakes of snow were descending from the sky. It seemed like in one moment, everything turned white. From the window, I saw two people walking down the street. The first one was a tall and thin man, draped in a white cloth. He also had a white turban, and on his feet, there were some flip-flops and beads. The second person was a woman; she was a little shorter than the man, but still taller than average. Her outfit was also made out of thin white fabric, which was wrapped around her body. She had an elaborate hairstyle, and she wore shoes with little bells. Both of those people had the kind of perfect posture than you only see in ballet. (The kind that you also will never see on anybody who spends a lot of time in front of the computer.) Their heads were raised high, and they moved with so much grace that it seemed like it was nothing for them to walk around a snowy street in shoes I’d only wear in the summer. It’s as if the snow was actually sand. To me, the people really looked like they emerged out of the spirit world.

This image made such an impression on me, leaving me entranced for a while. I still like to imagine the sound of bells ringing down a snow-white street.


  1. What a vivid remembrance. You provide an interesting reflection on what they represent in our lives: a desire for truth and authenticity.

  2. That photo is incredibly gorgeous! Your words are stunning.

  3. What a lovely story, I felt like I was there with you. They obviously made a huge impression. Diane

  4. Sound beautiful and ethereal. But I would have been FREEZING!

  5. Bizarre. I hope his toes didn't freeze off! Or maybe they weren't real...

  6. I found myself pulling myself more upright reading this! Lovely story also .

  7. What a wonderful image you've just painted with words, Olga. Thank you.

  8. I can hear those bells and see the vision you've woven...lovely.
    That photo is beautiful!

  9. I like your winter picture, it is enchanting – I’d love to be in the spot where the picture was taken. In my mind’s eye I could see the couple your described – a lovely memory.

  10. Hi Paul!
    Thank you for this interpretation. I'll have to think about it :)

    Hi Dancing Branflake!
    This photo was taken in High Park. There is a place that reminds me Pieter Bruegel the Elder paintings. Thank you for visiting.

    Hi Diane!
    This was the combination of circumstances that made such an impression.

    Hi Sara Louise!
    Yes, it was painfully beautiful.

    Hi Sarah!
    I think they were newcomers . There could have been a million reasons they weren't in winter clothing.

    Hi Lindy!
    More "lovely " stories are coming ! JK

    Hi Talli!
    A compliment from a writer! That makes me smile :D

    Hi Lydia!
    Another compliment from a writer! I am so happy.

  11. Hi Vagabonde!
    Thank you for thanks popping over to my blog and for leaving such an encouraging comment.

  12. Beautiful mother nature, excellent picture. Hugs

  13. Hi Phivos Nicolaides !
    It is very nice to have your comment today. Thank you.

  14. I do like this season, it can be really beautifull

    Best regards

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  16. Hi Sérgio Pontes!
    Feel free to stop by whenever you like :)

    Hi Rafa!
    Thank you for being my follower.

  17. the surreal mood is great!!!
    best regards,

  18. Hi Großstadtheidi,
    It is great that you like this mood! You made me feel so good with this compliment.