December 13, 2010

Sound of Music

I found a post in A Woman Of No Importance blog that features a nice flash mob. Here is another one which I like.


  1. thank for you visit on my blog, I like the beautiful atmosphere of your page, your music videos are very good (I liked all artists), your photos are really gorgeous and your texts well written, this is a excellent work here and I'm follower with pleasure !! :))

    Bye Mahon**

  2. Good morning. I loved it and not just because that is one of my favourite songs ever that Julie Andrews sings. Great way to start my day. I shall watch it again as I eat my porridge. And again with my cuppa and ciggi. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I have become slightly obsessed with watching FlashMobs on You Tube. Have you seen the Halleluja at the mall? It's fantastic!

  4. I'll have to look at this when 'not at work'... :) Looks fun. Will check out the Hallelujah one too.

  5. I have seen this one somewhere before, it is brilliant :)

  6. Thsi is just brilliant! Thank you!

  7. Hi Mahon ,
    Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully you will keep this impression of me for a long time.

    Hi Dolly,
    It's wonderful that you got to start your day with this flash mob. It warmed my feelings too.

    Hi Sara Louise,
    I have seen the Halleluja at the mall. I found it so moving.

    Hi Sarah,
    What a great experience these people had. All of them.

    Hi Lindy,
    Yes. I love it.

    Hi aguja,
    You are welcome! Thank you for visiting.

    Hi Happy Frog and I ,
    Thank you. I'm glad it did. Your today's post is delicious to read.

  8. Oh! I loved the Sound of Music growing up! This video totally made me smile, thank you!

  9. Hi Lydia,
    Thank you. This video is totally wonderful. I also smiled :)

  10. thank you for visiting my blog, i really enjoy your blog, you take fantastic pics. and this video is nothing but pure joy. merry christmas to you~

  11. Hi food for thought,
    Thank you! It is never late to say it. Even in summer:)Today is 10.06.2011