December 8, 2010

Abstract winter ideas

Here are some photos from previous years and some from this year. With an emphasis on minimalism.

These are the questions that I ask myself when taking a photograph.
What form do the objects take?
What composition should I choose?
Did I push my creative limits?
What is the impact of the light on the subject?
What colors  need to be represented?
What kind of textural structure do I want to emphasize?
If the camera sees everything, what is really necessary in each photo?
If my task is to make order out of a variety of objects, how would I prefer to do it?


  1. love the images Olga, particularly the twisy tree

  2. Congratulations Olga for your blog, it´s fantastic!!!Kisses from Spain. Laura

  3. Great hint and magical photos, I love the ones with reflections. I wish I could afford a better camera but my cheap digital does pretty well until I want close ups. Diane

  4. Lovely pics, Olga. I particularly liked the second one with the light guided into different paths by the ice blocks.

  5. Lovely photos Olga. My favourite is the second one too.

  6. Fabulous! You really have a keen eye for beauty and detail! Next time I take a photo, I'll try and apply your 'rules'. Well, at least some of them, as I don't have the patience it requires to shoot really beautiful photos.

  7. I LOVE ALL THESE PHOTOS!!!have you got bloglovin? i've just put the widgets on bloglovin in my profile :D we can follow there :D

  8. You're an amazingly talented photographer Olga. I also ask myself questions, mainly about compositions when I take photos and remember Andreas Feininger's sentence about having to silnce your other senses to focus purely on the visual. But there's also a part that's intuitive and here you simply have to go with it.

  9. Hi David L Macaulay!
    Thank you for picking a favourite among my pics.

    Hi El Paraiso construido! Hi Laura!
    You are very welcome! It is very nice of you to be my follower. Thank you for visiting my blog from Spain:)

    Hi Diane!
    I totally agree that the camera makes huge difference. I didn't realize that until I tried a better camera. Thank you for the compliment. I am glad you like it.

    Hi Sarah!
    Thanks. I really love these kinds of strange subjects.

    Hi Sarah Elizabeth!
    Thank you for your comment. Especially because we share this passion for photography.

    Hi ladybird!
    Thank you for your comment. It is very much appreciated. The patience is important in photography, but you also need strong hands. The camera is very heavy.

    Hi Sérgio Pontes!
    Thank you. Here in Canada, you can find beauty every step of the way.

    Hi the solar flare!
    Thank you for the idea of bloglovin:)

  10. You are so talented with your eye and camera! All of these make me want to write more poetry.

    My favorite is the reflection in the water surrounded by snow. Unbelievable.

  11. Hi Vanessa,
    Thank you for the compliment. I agree about the importance of intuition. I find that logic, experience, and intuition can work together.

    Hi Lydia,
    Thank you. It's an amazing compliment for every artist to find that you have inspired somebody. You definitely inspire me for blogging.

    Hi Martina Cardemyr,
    Welcome to my blog! Thank you for the kind words, and for being my follower.

  12. Oh, my....thrilling to view for their visual impact. I like the perspective of minimalism and the thoughtful questions you ask about your work.

  13. Hi Paul,
    I will try to keep it up, I promise! :D

  14. wow i love these photos!:)
    you have great talent..i've always wanted to do shots like these. but i don't have a camera yet. guess, i just found another inspiring blog.

    ps. thanks for dropping by my blog. pls don't be angry at my well i was really loathed them for being so nosy before but growing up, i realized it didn't matter so much anymore. my family just couldn't understand that they couldn't but i love them and i feel a little bad that i made you think they're super mean.hehe.

  15. What a talented photographer you are and you obviously put a lot of thought into them from your comments in this post. Note to self must concentrate more when taking photos.

  16. Many nice pictures No 5 is my favorite.

  17. Hi Maria!
    Thank you for the comment and for being my follower. I am happy to hear that you find peace with your family:)

    Hi Lindy!
    Thank you. I think that your photos convey so much emotions. When I saw the bottle with olive oil that your neighbors gave to you...

    Hi Mariann Lennert!
    Ha ha! Doesn't it looks like a Dior dress?

  18. Hi Max!
    Welcome to my blog. Thank you for the compliment.

  19. Mama mia!
    Amazing images...really!
    The light, the stories inside every image, the composition!
    My compliments!
    Best regards from Romania!

  20. Hi Wind,
    You are welcome. Thank you for your encouragement, I'll do my best not to stop! Thank you for commenting and being my follower.

  21. Hi Fiona!
    Thank you very much for popping over to my blog and for leaving lovely comment.