December 20, 2010

St. Lawrence Market Brocante

If you're looking for a unique present, particularly for someone who enjoys collecting things like watches or old toys, you should visit the St. Lawrence Market.

I really enjoy exploring flea markets. I think there is something special about them in each country. You can also meet all these different types of people - collectors, tourists, or someone who just stopped by out of curiosity. The most interesting people at the flea market are the vendors. To my surprise, this time at the St. Lawrence Market, there were many young vendors.

Having passed through all these buildings, you will find yourself around St. Lawrence Market. This is where the adventure begins.

Not everybody loves flea markets. My husband finds them a little depressing. He likes new and shiny things. And I really love walking down the aisles of the market. Every thing you find has a big or a small story, and even if you don't know it, it's so much fun to make it up.

I really liked the gallant china gentleman, and also the boy who was selling the things.

These two girls were also vendors.

He wanted to buy her this tiger, but she decided to fight with it.

Afterwards, we walked around downtown. We had spent quite a long time at the market, having found so many exciting things.


  1. groovy - think I might have been here, Olga - do you live in Toronto?

  2. Great pics. I love places like this. I go to thrift stores and antique shops a lot.

  3. What a wonderful post! I love the picture of the old teddy bears

  4. What a treasure trove! I used to go to flea markets but here in France vendors charge a lot for their crap, and I decided I had enough rubbish without adding to it by buying someone else's at vast expense.

    When I got divorced, I got rid of a lot of it and haven't replaced it. I like looking at the pics though.

  5. Fantastic photos! What a great market :-)

  6. Wonderful images - I felt like I was there. I love markets and I feel so happy that there's a load of great ones in London.

  7. I love old think, they have a story.
    Bravo for those beautiful photos.

  8. David, David, David!
    I am an artist from Toronto :)
    It is possible that you have been there. This place is a big attraction for everyone.

    Hi Christine,
    We have a similar taste for old stuff :)I am happy to hear that.

    Hi Spangle,
    Welcome to my blog. I have a friend in Moscow who collects old teddy bears. I would like to do a post about her. She is a very special lady.

    Hi Sarah,
    I actually thought that France is a brocante paradise. One of my friends from Moscow always buy stuff in Niece.

    Hi Sara Louise,
    Thank you for the compliment. I didn't include many photos of the people from the market with interesting personalities in my post. I think you would like it. I will do that in the future.

    Hi Talli,
    I know that in London you have lots of amazing markets with different atmospheres. I anticipate visiting them one day.

  9. Hi Ellada,
    Thanks very much for popping over to my blog. Thank you for your lovely comment. Please,feel free to stop by whenever you like.

  10. What a cool market, I love these photos. I want to go there right now!

  11. Hi Happy Frog and I,
    That's a big compliment coming from you. I am slightly suspicious that in London you have better choice:)

  12. congratulations for the blog Merry Christmas and happy new year greetings frà

  13. Beautiful candids and lovely faces, may these happy thoughts accompany you till Christmas !

  14. Oh, my, my daughter lives in this neighbourhood and we love the St. Laurence market and neighbouring sites. You capture the setting so very well!

  15. Hi ORSO,
    Welcome to my blog. Thank you for the nice words.
    Merry Christmas and Happy new Year for you!

    Hi 黄清华 Wong Ching Wah ,
    How nice to have your comment. Thank you for visiting.

  16. Hi Paul,
    So glad you like it. My friends from Toronto said that I glamorized everything. But I just see it this way:(

  17. Olga dear,
    I hope your Wednesday is going well.
    I love flea markets. I wish we had more over here in Peoria.
    You take pictures well.


  18. Hi tywo,
    Thank you for popping over to my blog. My Wednesday is hectic, but it is going well. If you find a flea market in Peoria, I hope to see pictures from you :)

  19. So many comments ... and no wonder. This is an absolute paradise; an adventure in itself ... and with treasure to take home!

    Thank you for sharing your market.

  20. Hi aguja,
    What a day! I just need a cup of green tea.
    Thank you for visiting. It is great that you like my small adventure:)

  21. I wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy 2011

  22. Hi Sergio,
    Thank you :) Happy Holidays!

  23. Great photos, especially the candid ones. Like the one of the woman (vendor?) eating her lunch whilst the ceramic lady plays her (mandolin?) It is the one above the bird in a red box. And those little purses. Oh I could spend all day at a market like that one :-)