December 4, 2010

How to Wash a Hedgehog


  1. OMG, this is cool - where do you (um) find hedgehogs to wash?

  2. always wanted to know that,bravo good post.

  3. How cute! I always go whole 'mellow' when I see animal babies. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW: This reminds me of a very old joke. Q: How do hedgehogs make love? A: Very carefully!

  4. Why I ask! They are wild animals for goodness sake.

  5. oh my goodness, that is adorable!!

  6. I just had my daughters watch this. They could barely contain themselves. I said I thought it was kind of cute, and they were like, "how can you say it was kind of cute-it was adorable!"

  7. Wow I always wanted to know how to do this!! How lucky to have this little critters. Carla

  8. Olga, are these actually yours?? Oh my gosh, I am a total animal lover, and this video warmed my heart. I wanted to steal them and keep them forever! Too cute!!

  9. Hi David L Macaulay!
    I hope that you don't think they are mine. The nationality of the hedgehogs is unknown. The video, I assume, is Russian.

    Hi Ian!
    It is never late to know how to wash a hedgehog:)

    Hi ladybird! Hi Martine!
    Thank you for commenting and for being my follower. I didn't know the joke:)

    Hi Diane!
    I love how the dog supervises the washing procedure.

    Hi Lindy!
    That is exactly what my husband says - Why wash them for the fist place?

    Hi Nancy!
    I think this video doesn't leave anyone indifferent.

    Hi Tim Riley!
    I'm glad to hear your daughters loved it so much. Thank you for being my follower.

    Hi Carla!
    Unfortunately they are not mine. Thank you for visiting.

    Hi *~Christine~!
    I kept you in mind when I posted them. I thought it might uplift your spirits.

  10. Awww, thank you Olga! They definitely did!