December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! Postcards from Canada

The official part.

Happy New Year! Have a wonderful 2011!

The unofficial part.

A postcard for all photographers.

A postcard for everyone who writes books and who loves to read books.

A postcard for all artists.

A postcard for beautiful fashionistas.

A postcard for everyone who loves food and crafts.

A postcard for everyone who loves humor and isn't afraid to be funny.

A postcard for Happy Frog, with whom this frog has nothing in common.

A postcard for all bloggers.

A postcard for all dreamers.

And finally, a postcard for everyone!


  1. Creative cards:)
    Happy new year to you:)
    Greetings from Berit.

  2. Hyvää ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta 2011...!
    Kuvasi ovat mahtavan hienoja ja kauniita...
    Ensimmäinen *Reki-Ajelu* on kuin meiltä Kuusamosta 30-asteen pakkasessa...!

  3. Absolutely incredible!!!!!

    ¡Feliz año nuevo!

  4. Olga, Happy New Year! ... Love the different cards! Didn't know which one to pick because they all are superbe. Martine

  5. Happy New Year to you too! Happy Frog and I love the Froggy postcard, very blingy! Lets hope 2011 brings us all a lovely year! :-)

  6. Brilliant! Happy New Year to you too!

  7. Olga, I wish you the very best for next year full of energy and new projects.

    Happy new year!


  8. happy new year to you and thanks for all your wonderful images~

  9. Olga

    While I do not have a favorite for each one is sublime. It has been a wonderful journey following your blog filled with photo's and art, and wonderful words of inspiration - as the postcards it would be hard for me to say which post or art of yours was my favorite for all it was delightful. May creativity , love and beauty continue to fill your soul and spill out upon these pages -- every moment of 2011.

  10. A happy and peace filled new year to you my new friend. Looking forward to getting to know you better! :¬)


  11. Happy New Year to you from Romania!
    I wish you all my best!
    Be Happy

  12. These images are enthralling. Happy new year.

  13. I hope you will have a rich and photogenic new year - 2011!

  14. Not sure which i love most here, wonderful collection. You see I told you that looking like a frog was no problem, he sparkles. LOL. Diane x

  15. what a beautiful blog!!!

    I love the first photo!!

    Kisses and warm hugs from Norway

  16. I saved this to read last: just before I turn off my computer, have my last ciggi and gulp of now-gone-flat Cava and climb the stairs to bed. I shall do so with a very large smile now. Loved the Bumble Bee best, or maybe the ship and the moon. I looked closely to see if the Owl and the Pussycat were on board. Look forward to getting to know you better in 2011.

  17. happy new year, Olga ! Have a nice and wonderful year ! :) I love all those postcard ! :D

  18. Dear all! Thanks to you all for the lovely comments! It's so inspiring!
    Have a wonderful 2011!!!

  19. Lovely work on your blog Olga.

    Thanks for your reaction.

    Warm greetings, Joop

  20. Hi Joop,
    Thanks for your wonderful comments!

  21. Amazing how you got the horse to smile for you! ha ha