December 16, 2010

Today's shopping and a question.

The question is. How did you survive Christmas shopping? Shopping for me is a very stressful procedure. Maybe because I usually don't have any time for shopping. I admit I also procrastinate, because I don't look forward to it. I go shopping when everything around me is about to burst to flames. (For example, this time, I needed an outfit for the reception for my solo exhibition in January. I knew about the exhibition in the beginning of the summer, but I left it so long). The thought of having to choose and try things on is terrifying, because the process can be so exhausting. It's very interesting - are there really people who enjoy shopping? It's nice to come home with new things, but the process of finding them is so frustrating.

I actually enjoyed today's shopping because I was with my daughter. We laughed so hard that we must have scared some people. (I apologize to them.)

You can see how beautiful the girls look in Toronto.

In our family we have an agreement. When we go through some extreme shopping, we only give each other chocolates as gifts on the holidays, instead of buying more stuff.
I am ready for the holidays. By the way, I made this rabbit myself.


  1. Really great pictures. I am more of a window shopper (when the shops are quiet of course) and I do love sitting inside or outside cafes people watching. I do most of my Christmas shopping on-line now which has meant it has been a lot less stressful.

    I guess if you have good company though it makes the experience a lot more palatable as your photos prove!

  2. You got some fantastic photo shots, the silver balls -- in a couple of different angle in the photo's superb, the banana's great color and composition, all of them really nice to look at.

    And the rabbit -- adorable with the place of honor in charge of the chocolates.--- nicely crafted, did you make his outfit too?



  3. I'm not an enthusiastic shopper either. I praise the day internet shopping was invented and saved me the stress of dealing with crowds and stuff.

    Lovely set of photos, and I love the rabbit. He's so stylish with his hunting horn an' all.

  4. Fantastic photos and the rabbit is gorgeous!! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

  5. Agree with Spangle - fantastic photographs!

    I enjoy finding items in shops, but not pressurised shopping during which something must be purchased - now! And is impossible to find.

    But the thought of internet shopping terrifies me - apart from books.

  6. Hi Lila!
    Thank you for the compliment. I love your blog. I was seeing the same challenge this year about switching from Canon to Nikon. I decided to stay with Canon because of financial reasons.

    Hi Happy Frog and I!
    Thank you dear Happy Frog and I for the kind words about my photos. I know they lack the technical perfection but they have the charm of the particular moment.
    Good company is a crucial element of shopping.

    Hi Joanny!
    Yes, I made his outfit. I took some classes on how to make collectible dolls. This outfit was made from vintage textiles. I am happy that you like my photos.

    Hi Sarah!
    The Internet shopping saves our time for sure.
    It is so nice that you like my rabbit. His hunting horn is from India. The story of this rabbit started when I got this horn.

    Hi Spangle!
    Thank you for your encouragement. Merry Christmas to you!

    Hi aguja!
    Thank you for your words!
    Yes with the pressure of urgency it is impossible to find anything.
    Through the Internet I buy books, electronic equipment, perfume and skin creams(if I know the one I want).

  7. What Christmas shopping! I made so many jams and pickles in France this year guess what everyone is getting for presents? The required diaries and calendars were bought on the internet. Great photos. Diane

  8. Very nice series.Greetings Andrzej.

  9. Oh I love your rabbit in his vintage outfit and with the wee Indian horn. I like rabbit tales so look forward to hearing more about him. I make my gifts, just putting finishing touches on them this evening. Don't mind shopping but not when I need to. In London I like poking around vintage shops, or shopping at strange hours when the shops are empty and just buy when I like something. I also like shopping when I am travelling, then when I wear the top or skirt it gives me pleasant memories of place.

  10. Hi Gringo!
    Thank you!

    Hi Diane!
    If everyone is getting your jams and pickles, they are lucky people. Thank you for commenting.

  11. Hi Andrzej!
    Thank you for your compliment!

    Hi Dolly!
    The perfect outfit-you find it when you are not actually looking for it.
    The story about rabbit is coming soon.
    How is your butterfly doing?
    My shopping is not finished. I need to buy some Christmas presents for three little boys. Any ideas?

  12. Great pictures! You really capture the spirit and energy of the season.

  13. Hi Lydia,
    I am trying... thank you so much for all your feedback!

  14. Muy bonitas!! La primera foto es genial!