December 11, 2010

Shall we dance?


  1. Just caught up with reading your last few posts, love the last one about the old ladies and this video just made me want to join in :)

  2. Looking at this on a cold Sunday morning makes me smile. That goes back a while – I always liked Samy Frey. I like dancing too – but my husband does not. In 1996 I went all the way to Senegal with a group of people of kindred spirits and we danced in many of Dakar’s dance places. In Paris when I was attending school, I would spend many evenings on the left bank, dancing in the jazz clubs.

  3. Hi Lindy,
    Thank you. I love this episode. This is exactly the time when my parents were young and one guy looks just like my father.

    Hi Vagabonde,
    I adore Samy Frey! You have made such an interesting comment - it's a fascinating subject, and I'd always love to hear more about it if possible. (Maybe in a future post in your blog :)?)

  4. I wish people still danced simply and wholesomely like this today! This clip made me smile!

  5. Thanks for dropping by my place!
    I love this band! :¬)


  6. how inspiring. love the dance moves and the song suits well with the mood.

  7. Hi Christine,
    I feel the same. I love watching "Dancing with the Stars" on You Tube sometimes. But after a while I get tired of all their gymnastics.

    Hi mapstew,
    Thank you for visiting. I've always loved old movies.

    Hi Life Ramblings,
    That's so nice to hear. Thank you.

    Hi Talli,
    Thank you for finding time to read my post.