January 2, 2011

January 1st, 2011. Yesterday's photos

I associate the New Year`s celebration with our decorated tree, the smell of fresh tangerines, and champagne. A long time ago, snow and frost was in the list of associations. I can`t quite imagine the atmosphere at New Year`s Eve somewhere in a warm place, like Chile. It would be interesting to try it once.

Lately, nature has been giving us surprises. This year, several of our friends couldn't take their flight back to Toronto because of the weather. Only one family was lucky in that instance. They were stranded in Vienna for three days, and they were put in a five-star hotel. They ended up enjoying themselves in the beautiful Austrian capital. The other friends that got stuck somewhere like that didn't have quite as much fun.

On January 1st, the atmosphere in High Park wasn`t very much like New Year`s Day, but it was still magical. There was a thick fog for the whole day. We ended up taking an excellent walk, and relaxing after our New Year`s celebration. All the snow has melted, leaving only the memories from in my older photos.


  1. happy new year :D :D these photos are amazing :D

  2. I love these photos. The fog gives a mystic quality to the pictures.

    The photo of the UGG boot hanging on a tree branch is slightly random. Surely it's owner would be missing it by now!

  3. Mainioita kuvia värit, sommittelu, sumu...!
    Hienosti vuosi 2011 'käyntiin'...!

  4. Fantastic photos, love them all! Happy New Year to you! :-)

  5. Happy New Year, too and all the great wishes with love and cupcakes, i give back to you. :)

    By the way: Your pictures a really great. I like the foggy atmosphere there.

  6. So beautiful Olga!1You surprise me!!

    what a good photographer you are..i love love the photoes you show us..

    May your eyes stay fresh and healthy so you can take many more..thanx:)))

  7. Hi the solar flare,
    Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm looking forward to seeing your new photos too. I hope you have wonderful holidays.

    Hi Spangle,
    It's true that it's a fog that changes the perception of the place and gives a mystic quality to the pictures.

    Hi Eko,
    Thanks so much for your wishes and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

    Hi Happy Frog and I ,
    Thank you for the compliment! I know that you have a white Christmas and New Year. I can imagine how wonderful it must be.
    I wish you Happy New Year!

  8. Hi thani.mara.,
    May 2011 bring you happiness,lots of great ideas, success and harmony!
    Thank you for your kind words about my photos.

    Hi Anita,
    It's a nice feeling to think that you like my photos because your photos are absolutely beautiful and I love them very much.
    Wishing you a wonderful holidays dear friend.

  9. Hola Olga!!!...muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, es todo un honor para mi, y por darme la oportunidad de conocer tu interesante trabajo.

    Un abrazo y Feliz Año Nuevo!!! ;)

  10. gosh i admire you photography, you make me feel there... and cold and wet after my swim~

  11. beautiful Olga...I love the tender grasses with drops of water dripping from them like jewels! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

  12. Hola Ignacio!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm so flattered you like my pics. You're welcome anytime!
    Happy New Year!

    Hi food for thought,
    Thank you. This is my way to relax and enjoy myself. I never get tired walking and taking pictures in High Park:)

    Hi LauraX,
    Thanks for the compliments. I was really keen to take this picture. As a result I came home absolutely wet.
    You have a wonderful blog. Thank you for being my follower.

  13. Olga,
    decorated tree, the smell of fresh tangerines, and champagne..... are much better then fireworks and glittering lights which creates more waste.
    Best Regards and Happy New Year,

  14. Olá Olga, belas fotografias...Espectacular....
    Feliz Ano Novo....

  15. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos...

    Happy New Year!

  16. Hello Olga

    Thanks for your nice reaction by my Dutsch landscape picture.
    Your blog is also nice, i see a lot of lovely pictures.

    Greetings and all the best for 2011.


  17. Olga your photos are beautiful, I love them all, you have such a good eye. Diane

  18. Oh! I said .. and then said it again and again as each image unfolded. They are beautiful, evoacative. My favourite is ... I kept thinking .. and so they all became, although favourite implies a choice of just one - but this is in Blogland.

  19. So misty and yet with such clear details. As always your photos are treasures.

  20. These photos are too beautiful.
    The weather has been very bi-polar here. It was very sunny yesterday, and it rained 2 days ago! I wonder when it is going to snow next.
    I love the girl on the bike. Your pictures are very blissful.
    Have a lovely day!


  21. Hi Wong,
    Thank you for stopping by. I completely agree that decorated tree, the smell of fresh tangerines, and champagne sounds very festive. Happy New Year!

    Hi Fernando,
    Muchas gracias! Feliz Ano Novo!

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks so much, I'm so glad to hear you like my photos.

    Hi Joop,
    Your Dutch landscape is ideal picture. Welcome and and thanks so much for stopping by. It's always nice to have new friends:)

    Hi Diane,
    Thanks for the lovely comment, it's great to be able to share my excitement about High Park with you.

    Hi aguja,
    It makes me happy knowing my photos let you experience foggy day in High Park:) Thank you.

    Hi Dolly,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Comments like that really make my day and give me lots of inspiration.

  22. Hi Tywo,
    I feel lucky to have so many talented people around me for the encouragement. It is nice that you love the girl on the bike. I love her too in her purple outfit.

  23. Wow that fog makes for lots of mood.. Such beautiful pics.. Wishing you a wonderful 2011. Carla

  24. beautiful blog ! your photos are just
    beautiful !
    I wish you a wonderful new Year !

  25. Fog makes great effects in pictures - well done

  26. A very good series of great pictures, I love the two children, with that lost expression in the setting of the camera.
    Greetings and Happy New Year.

  27. These are gorgeous, well done Olga! (:

  28. Your photos made me feel as if I were there, making me miss Detroit, Michigan, my childhood home. Roland

  29. Hi Carla,
    Thanks for stopping by and for being my follower. I'm so flattered you like my High Park photos. this place enchanted me:)

    Hi marty,
    Thanks so much for the visit and the compliment!
    Happy New Year!

    Hi Tommy Andre Nekkoy,
    I am glad you enjoy the beauty of the fog landscape. Thank you for stopping by.

    Hi Enrique,
    The girl was explaining to the boy how to use a camera with a touchscreen:)
    Happy New Year!

    Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for stopping by and I'm so glad you liked my photos:)

    Hi Roland,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    High Park has become a very special place to me. I enjoy it more and more every day when I'm able to go there.

  30. Hi Angella,
    Glad you liked them!

  31. Ohhh!! Beautiful!!! :) Trank you!


    Follow you!

  32. thank you! wonderfull pictures!

  33. Hi Úrsula CoCo,
    Welcome and and thanks so much for stopping by. It's always nice to have new readers.

    Hi Lea,
    Thanks very much for popping over to my blog.