November 10, 2010

Thoughts about Vacation

How can you tell that it’s time to go on vacation? First of all, despite the fact that I’ll be having a group show in December and a solo exhibition in January, I just can’t concentrate on my work. (I hope that Fey and Whitney won’t see this post. Especially since I’m almost ready for the show.)
Meanwhile, totally unserious music and absolutely rascally thoughts keep rushing through my mind.
My husband, judging by the way he wore his socks inside-out to work, is also tired.

Now that I see that a vacation is inevitable, I go here.

There I meet some lovely ladies.

And then there’s also this wonderful couple.

Usually, the travel agency is quite busy. And it’s not just because of the visitors. Last time, there were three daughters and one eight-days-old grandson of the ladies that work there, plus another granddaughter and a husband. It is usually very cheerful.

When I ask permission to take photos, everyone responds that the office is too messy, and I say that I prefer the real, natural surroundings. This is absolutely true. I enjoy the way the office appears like it were established a long time ago, and the atmosphere is very family-friendly.

They also have a huge cat, Oliver, but he was absent at the time of my photo session.

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