November 27, 2010

Encounters with people

I spent a lot of time just enjoying the nature, but I also really enjoyed meeting different people.
I especially liked this method of communication that was practiced by many others, not just me. It’s when somebody asks you something in a language that you don’t know (like Italian, for example), and you respond in a language they don’t know (like English). And yet somehow everyone understands each other.
It was a memorable moment when I noticed an interaction between a very tipsy Russian and a very tipsy American (such a cliche). It was so entertaining, especially since their conversation was about music.

The most interesting thing that I got to witness among people was weddings. There was this whole succession of weddings. During the day, you could see no less than five weddings on the beach. This continued throughout the whole week.

When I noticed this photo session in progress, my inner paparazzi had awakened. I really like the background that the scene was shot in front of. Hooray for Photoshop! I can guess that, in a glossy magazine, there wouldn’t be that half-finished building. The model was very gorgeous.

A photographer and his assistant are offering to take a picture with parrots.

Time for a dance class

These are two ways of traveling around the hotel property.

If anybody recognizes themselves or their friends in the pictures and gets really angry, I post a photo of me that my husband took with his iPhone to make you feel better.

To be continued ...


  1. Incredible place, stunning pictures. You are a great photographer and your photos are pieces of art! Congratulations Olga.

  2. I have a new dream holiday location thanks to your recent posts.

  3. The holiday gets better and better. I love your photos and composition. Diane

  4. Hi Phivos Nicolaides!
    Thank you for your kind words. There is always room for improvement.

    Hi Lindy!
    If you go there and find a small cockroach
    in your bathroom, please, don't blame me. Blame tropical conditions.

    Hi Diane!
    Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your lovely comments ( and for the recipe).

  5. Wow, some stunning and fun pictures! The colors and culture are just wonderful. It makes me really want to escape to an island vacation...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. I'm a new follower!

  6. Isn't it a lovely place? You capture it so well with your photos too.

  7. your photos are stunningly beautiful and wow, such happy memories. wish i were there too. :)

  8. Hi Lydia Kang!
    Thank you for your comments and for being my follower. If you go on vacation, please, take your camera with you:)

    Hi Sarah!
    The place was lovely and unpretentious. Thank you for the compliment.

    Hi Life Ramblings!
    Thank you for visiting. I enjoy yours posts and your photos.