November 4, 2010

Day #1 - The Fall in High Park

Maybe this sort of thing is not important to some people, but I prefer to live in a country that has four seasons. It’s quite possible that in the distant future, when my weary bones start demanding constant sunshine and warmth, I’ll be drawn to the sunny California. Until that time comes, I am going to enjoy all the wonders of the Canadian fall.

There’s nothing quite so exciting for an artist as the incredible feast of colours in my favourite High Park. If you visit it two days in a row, things will look pretty different each time.
Yesterday, it was golden, with a few remaining bits of green. Today, everything is turning into shades of red, purple, and orange. In a little while, we’ll be able to see a multitude of elegant dark branches. After an intense nightly wind and rainfall, the image of the leaves that have survived it can inspire a haiku.
           Traceless, no more need to hide.         
           Now the old mirror
           Reflects everything - autumn light
           Moistened by faint mist.
                                    Suian / tr.Lucien Stryk

I’ve already taken out the cozy cover, which I got last Christmas. I also bought a new red cup with white dots, to drink warm tea.
You can smell the aroma of apples and pumpkin pie. Somebody has lit up the fireplace. Somewhere, the old leaves and twigs are burning. All these scents intertwine in the cool air, creating the delicate tone of the fall mood.

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