November 3, 2010

The New Project

A couple of weeks ago, my husband was riding in the elevator with a few people from our apartment building. Since the majority of the people living here are fairly mentally stable, they tend to say hello in the elevator, and initiate some small talk.

That time, all the people present were around the same critical age of 40+, except for one slightly older lady with a playful grayish curly hairstyle. The conversation revolved around the things everybody did on the weekend. They all agreed that there are always many things to see and to do in the city when you have some free time. Only the only lady didn’t say anything. Then, suddenly, after a moment of silence, she uttered “There is nothing in Canada worth doing and seeing.”

Silence resumed, except now it became more than a little awkward. After my husband told me about this incident, I had to seriously think about it. What made the lady say that? Is it a matter of generational difference, or are there really people that take so many things for granted. 

Well, I very much disagree with that lady. And she inspired me to begin an ambitious blogging project. I call it “365 things I like about Canada”.
My first subject is going to be the Canadian fall.

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