November 25, 2010

The Room with a View

We have traveled to the Dominican Republic for the first time

I have to say that blogging changes a person’s attitude towards everything that happens. Personally, I stopped being lazy, and started taking picture of everything around me with twice as much energy as before. This is because I am grateful to everyone who gives me the opportunity to see and feel what it’s like to live in the different countries and cities they are from. I also wanted to share the beauty that I had the chance to see.

The shores of Lake Erie

The hotel lobby

It’s not a new hotel, and also, hotels tend to age quicker in tropical countries, due to the rainfalls and the winds. There was a brand-new, beautiful hotel built nearby, but it wasn’t yet open. I would have definitely liked to go there.

The hotel room was small, but cozy

A few three-storey buildings were built in the Spanish colonial style

I understand that you can’t surprise the people living in Brazil with palm trees, but I was absolutely delighted by the form of the leaves, and the way the light falls through them.

Peacocks – the first thing I saw from the balcony

The hotel and the beach territory is always being tidied and cleaned

If you lie down on a beach chair, looking up, this is what you will see

The posters in our hotel room. I think there is something a little Hawaiian about them

In this photo, you can’t see that it’s raining really hard. The rains would come and go every day

This photo was taken by my husband. In the early times of our life together, he had such trouble with composition that it was considered quite an achievement if you could even find me in the pictures taken by him. On this photo, you can even recognize me. So, I am even willing to ignore the pipe that you can also see. It’s my own fault; I should have picked a different spot.

To be continued ...


  1. What amazing photographs. Especially good for me as it is a place I will never get to see in 'real life'.

    I have to agree with you, blogging has totally changed my life as well and thanks so much for your visit. I will be back. Diane

  2. Nice shots there... Really liked the one with the receptionist and the clocks.. The picture says a lot deeply.. Also liked the click with the lizard.. Beautiful composition...

  3. Hi Food, Fun and Life in the Charente! Hi Diane!
    You are very welcome.
    I checked yours blogs and found that your photos are beautiful!

    Hi Sushant!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comments. That lizard was pretty sneaky :)

  4. Hi P R I M O E Z A!
    Thanks for visiting.The place was fabulous.

  5. Lovely! I'm amazed by the different palms - so exotic.
    I'm also amazed at how The Dominican Republic is on the same island as Haiti - what a contrast!

  6. Hi Sarah!
    Thank you for commenting. I was taking so many shots of the palms that one guy asked if I was a biologist.