November 2, 2010

The 11th Toronto International Art Fair

Art Fair recently took place in Toronto. The fair was very interesting, and quite ambitious. There were only a few big names, but the variety and the quality of modern art really exceeded my expectations. I’d say that in all nine years that I’ve been attending this event, this time it succeeded the most in representing the concept “international fair”. 

The fair catalogue is wonderfully made – it’s lovely to open, to look through, and even to smell. It smells very pleasantly of ink. 

I was happy to see some works by a few of my favourite artists - Wolf Kahn,David Andrew,Nancy Delouis. I could stand and look at them for hours, but the market is not like an exhibition. It seems that I attracted quite a bit of attention from the personnel by being so enthusiastic about certain artwork. They swarmed me like bees and buzzed around me for a while. I kept it at pleasant conversation, without pretending to be a buyer. So, they didn’t really get any honey from me.

The overall impression, which tends to last for a while, is that of well-spent time in intellectually stimulating company. This fair is an example of how it is possible to appeal to very different and sophisticated tastes, without resorting to the desire to shock or surprise.

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