June 5, 2011

The Risky Business of Blogging

Now that I’ve experienced these two events, it feels like I belong to an exclusive club of individuals who are entirely different from the rest of the population simply by virtue of blogging. (Although, according to some sources, 14 thousand new blogs open each day, and only the laziest members of society decline to announce what they’ve had for breakfast to anyone who cares to listen.)

The first scenario took place at the New York Art Expo, which you can read about here. Throughout my stay at the exhibition, I did nothing but take photos of various artists and their work. Just about anybody I came in contact with was curious what I was doing, and I would tell them about my blog. Everything was very peaceful up to the point when I asked permission to take pictures at one of the boxes, and received a rude rejection. A middle-aged man in a business suit let me know that it was a publishing house and they have no need whatsoever to be discussed in some silly blogs. Since this was the first (and, hopefully, the last) time I saw him, it seemed that the whole scope of his irritation concerned the possibility of appearing in a blog. Ironically, it was a Canadian publisher. I still don’t understand what secret thing I could have captured that would have damaged the reputation of this participant of the Art Expo. (You’d think that speaking rudely to visitors would be worse for their overall character.)

The second story happened in Toronto. I really like coming into small stores while I walk around in various neighborhoods. It’s great to find unique places with a special atmosphere. I usually buy something in a good store, and have a pleasant chat with the owners or staff.

That time, when I asked for permission to take pictures, the person first turned slightly red, and then snorted. I realized that things weren’t going too well, and took up a strategic position next to the door. Then he gathered all his willpower and spoke – “You bloggers, you can ruin any good thing. My ex is a blogger.”

I decided not to wait for a continuation of this tragic story.

In both cases, it felt like I was suddenly a special type of person, who is not welcome in certain places. Why is that? The only thing that makes me a member of this group of people is having a blog.

Since I meant no harm to either on of these people, and conducted myself politely, I must know – was it just my luck during those two days, or do my blogger friends also find themselves in these situations?

To avoid making my post completely hopeless, I’d like to show you a couple of photos from my weekend. It was wonderful. I’m really a sweet, fluffy individual, and I don’t bite anybody, unless they step on my tail.


  1. Hi Olga,

    I really enjoy the photos

  2. What an increadible story about the problems with the persons only because you are a blogger!
    Nice pics!
    Kisses from Brazil.

  3. If I saw you coming up to me and asking if you could take my picture, after making sure you were serious, and if I could stop blushing, of course I would say yes!

  4. Hi, I love your photos; It saddens me this happened to you. I wonder what kind of experience they had perhaps had to feel this way. Odd...

    Bloggers are for the most part, generous people wanting to share their view, take on their surrounds. I am glad you stayed and made the best out of a Twilight Zone situation~xXx

  5. I haven´t experienced this yet but maybe I will. I believe that if you are NOT a blogger and maybe not so used to Blogland, you may not understand that we (the bloggers) generally wants to be nice when we blog about something.

    I would see it as making a favour to blog about some store (or something like that) that I´d like - I have done so sometimes just because I´ve liked what they had to offer. But if you´re a bit suspicious, they may think you do it to harm them; to "show their flaws".

    It´s a pity, but luckily most people enjoy and appreciate it. :-)

  6. This is not something that I have experienced.....
    They perhaps just had a bad day...!!


  7. Some people when asked if I could take their picture refused, but they were polite. I am sorry that you experienced people who placed their frustrations on you – but this is pretty rare I think

  8. Oh poor you Olga. I'm sorry to hear of some people's rudeness and I hope it (and I'm sure it won't) prevent you from continuing with your wonderful blog full of colour, your unique views of details, art and stories.

  9. Olga, as always your photographs are wonderful. I am sorry that you encountered this people. I have only had this happen once. I was going to take a photo of an artist and her work. She rudely waived her arms at me and said I could not steal her work. When I explained that I was a blogger and blogged about our wonderful city and that I have readers from around the world. She apologized and offered to pose with her work. I kindly said, no thank you and walked away. People forget about Karma and that they should be careful about who they are rude to. We are after all and could be future customers. Enjoy your week, may it be filled with positive encounters.

  10. Sorry for your "mésaventure",
    But i love this pics serie...
    This walk trough town under the sun and all the people you cross....
    I particulary love the two characters on the bench.
    Have a nice day,


  11. wow - bizarre that a publishing guy should have problems with a blogger. I haven't had problems yet, but give it time,tho

  12. Hi Olga

    Sorry to hear about your experiences with---I want to call them close minded. But I am trying not to be judgmental. I'm still workin on it.

    I have not yet been blogging for a year. I haven't shared this aspect with my family. Yes the hubby and kids know. But it was a few months before I shared with them. I felt so guilty for blogging. My one sister knows--I have six other siblings that do not know. I feel quite protective of my blog. I am scared of being criticised or judged. I am even scared to let the extended family members know. Even though it would be a great tool for us to get to know each other.

    Fortunately for me, my photos are mostly of my farm, family, and things that I do, that I wish to share-in case someone out there is interested in learning how to do the same things I am.

    I hope you you don't let this encounter prevent you from sharing your wonderful photos with the rest of the world. These are your memories that you are sharing. You, my blogger friend, are showing me your world, and sharing your corner of it with me, through your blog. A piece of the world that I know, I will never personally experience. Cling to the positive, and don't let the negatives get you down. I would miss you.


  13. Another beautiful series of photos, I like street scenes.
    I am sorry for the marigolds that you met. The net is a nest of wasps when his pike that hurts, it is necessary to know how to make allowances. We bloggeurs like sharing and it is the most important.
    Soft day :)

  14. even if I don't leave a comment each time, I often visit your blog which is truly nice ! Love your shots and what you share with us ! Sure, people you met were in a "bad day" ! I find it great to
    share with the world our images !
    have a nice week dear Olga

  15. As always fantastic photos. Sorry about the rudeness, I have never had problems taking photos in shops etc. I have though had one couple who came to stay with me who refused to have a photo put on my blog despite no names being mentioned!
    Take care, I won't step on your tail :-) Diane

  16. Bravo pour tes belles photos intéressantes, Olga! Mais je connais bien les problèmes que tu as rencontrés. Pour réaliser la plupart de mes photos, je ne travaille plus qu'avec un mini-appareil. Les photos sont moins belles mais je peux m'approcher et photographier beaucoup plus discrètement.

  17. I love being a blogger myself. May be it is because I'm relatively new to this - less than a year still. But I do restrain myself in what do I dare, like a blushing lover, and there is a pleasure, like in love, in what I say and show, as it is in what I do not say and do not show and the "other" has to imagine.
    I think that is why I love your pictures and your dream like stories now and then.

  18. An impressive reportage! Congratulations!

  19. Hello Olga:
    What extraordinary reactions. And so unnecessary and utterly pointless, not to mention rude! Next time, we suggest you simply ask if it is all right to take pictures for 'Artful Nuance'. Which is, after all, a Canadian publication - and nothing to do with blogs!!

    But the images which do you show here are splendid. Have a good week!

  20. Haha, I really cant believe it!!
    They should be so happy if you blogg about them!!
    Anyways I LIKE your pics :D

  21. Hi Olga,

    been a long time since I visited your blog. I missed the wonderful photos you always manage to capture!:)

    i don't understand people who discriminate bloggers. I've had a similar experience like yours a while back. And though I didn't insist, at the back of my mind I was like, "you should be thankful I found your stuff interesting enough." lol

    Maria :)

  22. These are really interesting and lovely photos dear Olga. :)
    I had a similar experience with the owner of a shop who had a window display of beautiful beads made from Murano glass and beautifully decorated masks from Venice, the kind that one would wear to a 'masqued' ball. I asked politely if I could take a photo but was refused. I don't think it was because I wished to post the photo on my blog, more for security reasons I suppose.
    Pity as the display was so lovely.

    xoxoxo ♡

  23. you made a great selection of pictures:)
    sometimes I also fell odd when I bring my camera with me all the time:)

  24. People can be so UNHAPPY! I love the sun and warm in your photos, it has been rainy and cold here. Also the photo of the desk with all the books reminds me of my bedside table. Have a great week.

  25. Hi Sérgio,
    Thank you! I always enjoy your photos too :)

    Hi Gisa,
    Strange things happen sometimes. I just didn't expect it from this direction :)

    Hi R. Jacob,
    Thank you! I love taking pictures of people, and I always do it with an open heart.

    Hi Ella,
    I agree with you. You never really know what experiences they had with bloggers. Personally, I haven't encountered any evil bloggers :)

    Hi tinajo,
    I don't think that a person asking for permission would steal the idea. Actually, it happens more easily through images from the Internet.

  26. Hi Trevor,
    I'm really glad that you've avoided the fate of the unwelcome blogger :)

    Hi Vagabonde,
    I also think that the majority of the non-blogging people are positive in regards to us. However, for me, it was an unpleasant surprise.

    Hi Dolly,
    I'm short, but I'm tough :) Thank you for your support.

    Hi Randy,
    I agree about Karma. Rejection leads to rejection, I think?

    Hi Pierre,
    The two characters on the bench said that they are in love, and wanted me to capture it. Isn't it cute?

  27. Hi David,
    I described that guy very mildly. He was so much nastier in person.

    Hi Cheryl,
    I feel the same way when I converse with other bloggers. What I see is kindness and creativity. Maybe I'm just lucky. For me, looking through your blog is just like living another life for a while. I can call my mother and say "There's snow in Alberta right now!" If I didn't have a friend in Alberta, why would I check for the weather?

    Hi Marie,
    I agree - our habit of sharing might be a little unusual for most other people. They see it as trying to take something for ourselves. Which usually isn't true.

    Hi Marty,
    This is exactly the point I was thinking about. Bloggers are disposed to sharing. It happens naturally.

    Hi Diane,
    I'm really gad you didn't have to run into any negative reactions about taking pictures for your blog. I cherish my tale very much :)

  28. Hi Richard,
    Oui, mon appareil photo est très bruyant, et j'ai toujours des ennuis. Je dois trouver un moyen d'empêcher cela.

    Hi Pet,
    The things you describe are exactly what I see in your blog. Also, it's interesting for me to read between the lines in your posts.

    Hi Claudia,
    Thank you very much. I'm really enjoying your blog :)

    Hi chrystalyne,
    First of all, happy birthday! I sing off-key, but let's imagine I'm singing you a song :)

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    I think there are some personal reasons, which lead to these people behaving that way. I just wanted to know what exactly was the reason behind it.

  29. Hi Melina,
    I also think that mentioning a business in your blog is a good thing for them. I guess he got up on the wrong side of the bed that morning and bumped into the wall :)

    Hi Maria,
    I'm so glad you have visited me. I read your blog, and enjoy your updates. I really wanted to post "You go girl!" but sometimes I feel shy, because I'm practically old enough to be your grandma.

    Hi Dianne,
    I made the same point. It's enough to say "I'd rather not, thanks" or "I'm not comfortable with this" without going into any extremes.

    Hi Ola,
    I think it's the destiny of every blogger who posts photos - always being with a heavy camera :)

    Hi lilylovekin,
    I always have a pile of book growing next to my bed. But I try to fight it. Not too successfully.

    Hi H A R R Y G O A Z,
    Thank you for the well wishes. Hope your week is super as well!

  30. I can imagine that people might occasionally have a bad experience with blogs, but it's a terrible insinuation to lump all bloggers together as a collective evil that needs to be shown the door.

    Sorry you had that experience. We are a little sheltered from that as most of the people's blogs I visit (an you too, I assume) are hosted by kind, supportive, creative people.

  31. Nice post! Love the photos!



  32. I've been very lucky with people I've met in terms of how they see blogging and if they mind having their photo taken. If you asked me I would say yes, it would be an honour!

  33. Olga, I know exactly what you're talking about! I was in San Diego a few months ago and I happen to walk up to a booth that was selling art prints. I tried taking a picture and a lady rushed over and said "Excuse me, NO PHOTOS!" I mean c'mon, if anything bloggers, like you and me, are promoting their work when we publish it on our blogs, right? If I were an artist, I would be beyond flattered that any one would want to take a photo of my work. This has happened to me several times, on different occasions. It's comforting to know other bloggers go through this too.

    As for your photos, they are lovely. I love the art on the wall. Have a great week! :)

  34. i think you have just had the bad luck of being in the presence of really lame people. keep doing what you do!

  35. Dear Olga
    Soooo cool! Nice pictures!
    Have a good week.
    Hugs Yvonne

  36. Dear Olga Thanks for your kind visit to me ! It's a pleasure meet you!
    Your blog is very interestering and now I'd like to continued to read your article and to see pics!
    see you soon!
    Hugs from Italy!

  37. Oh yes, I experienced something similar one year ago! Many rude people there outside!!! as you said a polite no thanks would be fine, no need to shout! we are bloggers and have so far no probels with our ears:-))

  38. There are funny types the world over, Olga. They can't help it, poor things.

  39. Hi Lydia,
    I like your thought that we are sheltered and surrounded by like-minded thinkers with polite manners and nice tempers.

    Hi Christine,
    Thank you for visiting and following. I hope you enjoy it :)

    Hi Happy Frog and I,
    I have a project - when I visit London, I will definitely let you know, and take pictures of you, but you will have to pretend you don't notice me :)

    Hi Brenda,
    This is exactly what I meant when I created this post. It's really comforting to know that other bloggers find themselves in parallel situations. Although I wouldn't wish it upon anybody :)

    Hi Krystal,
    It's flattering to know that you like what I'm doing :)

  40. Hi Yvonne,
    Thank you. I enjoyed your last post about the hedgehog enormously!

    Hi Monica,
    I'm glad you have visited my blog. I really love to meet creative people from all over the world. I think your blog is a treasure.

    Hi Colores,
    You can see in various comments that this happens from time to time. Doesn't mean we'll stop trying :)

    Hi Sarah,
    You're absolutely right. I just didn't expect this sort of thing. I took it as the wrong attitude towards all bloggers, not just myself.

  41. i am soo glad to have found your blog- following x

  42. Hi galatea.,
    Thank you very much for popping over to my blog. It is very much appreciated. Feel free to stop by whenever you like.

  43. Hello.
    Awe inspiring your works...

    Thank you for your love and sincerity.
    Have a good weekend.

    From Saga, Japan.

  44. Hi ruma,
    Thanks so much!I greatly appreciate your visits from Japan:)

  45. I understand your words, Olga. Some people can be really rude, can't they? Once, I went to this restaurant with two friends of mine and I was taking a few photos with them and of the restaurant too as I found the decor amazing but then one of the owners approached me and told me he didn't want his restaurant to me mentioned on any blogs...he was a bit aggressive and all.

  46. Hi, Olga
    I'm sorry what you experienced.
    There are people whom I cannot understand why they do or say such things. And I take them as "Alien" from other planet. So, I will not be frustrated or sad. Someday they'll know "cause and effect". When I was in similar situation with yours, my friend advised me this.

    Your photos are wonderful as usual. I enjoyed this lovely tour with you this time also.
    Thank you, Olga. Have a great day!

  47. Hi M@risa,
    It always seems strange when people act aggressive with unfamiliar people, and especially with clients. I think they're stuck in the 80s, when aggressiveness was a symbol of being energetic.

    Hi snowwhite,
    As people said in other comments, maybe these people are just unhappy. But why do they try to make the whole world unhappy with them?