June 15, 2011

Early Morning in High Park

I would like to offer you another walk through High Park. This is just one particular morning, and one route. There are so many different ways to go. But those are stories for another time.

We have met a photographer taking photos of this beautiful model:

The photographer - whose name is Brenton Douglas - not only gave me the opportunity to join in on his wonderful photoshoot, but he also gave me some useful professional tips.

Later on, we saw some musicians:

They kindly let us take some photos, and one of them said that he was remembering the times of Woodstock, where there were also many photographers with cameras.


Just so you don't think that High Park is a magical place where there is a beautiful woman under each tree and some musicians next to each bush - the park is like a big organism, with a little zoo, several playgrounds, and some vegetable gardens. We also have some greenhouses, a historic lodge, and a cafe. All of it needs constant maintenance. Unfortunately, I have noticed that there seems to be a lack of time and money, which has lead to some problems. One of the ponds is due to be cleaned. There is a severe overpopulation of geese, who chew up all the grass. And the washrooms are in a shameful condition. I suppose that our mayor is too busy battling against hordes of naked cyclists. Still, I really hope that some resources will be allocated to such a wonderful place as High Park.


  1. Looks fantastic - with gorgous women, musicians and squirrels and all! I really appreciate posts like this, because I want to see all of the world at once - which of course isn´t possible. But this way, I get to see a lot anyway which calms my travelling heart a bit. :-)

  2. Even thought they're suffering from lack of resources, this looks like a wonderful park. And it was like walking along with you, as you shared each scene (good pics). Let's see . . . sexy model, photography lesson, performing musicians, beautiful iris, flowering trees, wildlife, fishing pond, giant allium flowers, bushy tailed squirrel (why do squirrel pics always make me laugh?), and naked cyclists. (Hey, our city just had a major naked bike ride, and thousands showed up! Must be the season.)

    Thanks for the tour. High Park is one of those amazing parks that should be preserved and maintained. Looks like it's well used -- that's important.

    I enjoyed our walk. Great post.
    Enjoy your good weather.

  3. Mukava 'kierto-ajelu' kuviesi myötä nimekkäässä puistossa.
    Hieno kuva sarja.
    Kesäisen vauhdikas meno päällä...!

  4. Wow, those photos of the lake and flowers are very beautiful and breathtaking. You took those?! Stunning. I love the relaxing feeling it brings to me as I sit here on lunch break.

  5. Hello Olga:
    Naked cyclists in High Park too...they certainly get around!

    The musicians reminiscing about Woodstock really made us smile. Perhaps,as we recall those hedonist days one might say that, 'one can take the Man out of Woodstock but one can never take Woodstock out of the Man'!!

    What a marvellous community resource High Park is. May it be cherished as it deserves.

  6. What fantastic photos! I never knew a park could be so interesting.

  7. Olga, I like High Park. Great place for rest and relaxation activities. This is documented by a number of successful takes your photos. Peter.

  8. I really enjoyed visiting this park with you as a guide. This is what life 'is' - full of quirks and chance meetings and opportunities - quite amazing, in fact.
    The mayor obviously has much to keep him busy - the naked cyclists are what? A hazard? A nuisance? Offensive?

  9. What a beautiful place. Perhaps the naked cyclists might be persuaded to help clean it up? They are clearly people of energy and enthusiasm.

  10. It appears you picked a great day for your park journey!

  11. bellissime le foto che fai: particolari quelle dello scoiattolo :)
    sei stata eccezionale!

    felice serata :)

  12. That poor model forgot to wear her shirt for the photo shoot!

  13. Una bella storia, inizia con una bellissima foto di fiori prosegue con la vita delle persone nel parco e qualche simpatico ospite come lo scoiattolo. Mi piace molto. Brava! Ciao Cri : )

  14. Naked cyclists! Just adds to the beauty!

  15. What a great day to be in the park! I love squirrels and this one is a cutie.

  16. Wonderful post Olga. I am happy I just found your post. In fact, to be honest, it is you who found me and left a message on my blog first! Love your beautiful photography and plan on reading your older posts over the weekend. A bientot! Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  17. A different kind of day, certainly you have an adventurous spirit, finding the beauty in the extraordinary - ordinary with one snap of the camera you capture the moment forever to be remembered, simplicity, embracing with nature and connecting to your surroundings allows the beauty within to set itself free, your artistic muse...wonderful & great photo captures.


  18. Nice walk trough the park...
    And marvelous meetings !
    Greetings from France,


  19. I enjoyed my walk through the park with you in blogland! Wonderful pictures! You certainly picked a perfect day to visit!:-)

  20. Hello. Nice nature's pics. I like theses.

  21. It looks gorgeous there but as you say there are all the bits that need seeing to as well. Let the naked cyclists get on with it and look after the park :-) Diane

  22. Lovely and charming series of photos in the park, varied and very interesting. regards

  23. excellent photos

    greetings from Germany


  24. A beautiful park that deserves to be well cared for, I hope it gets the funds it requires.

  25. Hello Olga,
    Congratulations for the exceptional series of photos!
    The beautiful brunette, the lake, the ducks flowers ... All very beautiful!
    A hug from Brazil

  26. What a lovely park, we have one that is similar in our town! Great "end" photo!

  27. What a fantastic park!! And so beautiful photos! I have painted one purple Iris Flower exactly like the one you photographed in this park!

    I dedicated to you! :) (You can see it here: http://fanypap.blogspot.com/2011/06/blog-post_17.html)

    Many Kisses!!!

  28. Dear all! I'll answer all your lovely comments later this weekend. Cheers for the encouragement, I really appreciate it.

  29. I have enjoyed myself walking with you through your lovely High Park Olga. Great photos as always :)

  30. well, it may not be perfect, but you certainly captured some magical photos!

  31. Preciosa serie de fotografias ..hermosos paisajes un saludos desde Canarias

  32. Hi tinajo,
    I also often look at blogs to be able to virtually travel :) I like it when people show places where they live from their unique point of view.

    Hi Rick,
    You can't even imagine how many visitors can be found in our park during the weekend. I love this area. It makes me concerned for the condition of the park today. A lot of services in the park are performed by volunteers.

    Hi Eko,
    Olemme niin onnekkaita, että pystymme ylittämään tien ja päätyvät jotain metsää. Se etu elävän vieressä High Park.Alasti pyöräilijät vastustivat päätöksiä meidän pormestari.

    Hi Sophia,
    High Park is exactly the place where you can find a secluded spot or the opportunity to meet people. Depends on what you're looking for. I'm glad you liked the photos.

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    I didn't know about such an interesting concept of "one can't take Woodstock out of the man" :) It feels like anyone who attended Woodstock experienced something special.

  33. Hi Spangle,
    High Park is a place that can inspire any creative person. There are lots of interesting things.

    Hi Peter,
    Thank you. High Park is an endless source for photographers.

    Hi aguja,
    Our mayor sometimes makes statements that really anger the public. He's not exactly supportive of bicycles. They've decided to show their disagreement.

    Hi mise,
    The naked cyclists are fighting for their rights. I think that anyone can be inspired by their energy, and start a campaign about preserving High Park. Although I don't think I'd participate naked.

    Hi R. Jacob,
    Thank you for your visit. Every day brings something special to the park. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

    Hi chaillrun,
    Lo scoiattolo fatto amicizia con noi. Naturalmente, dopo che gli abbiamo dato alcuni dadi:) Sono contento che ti è piaciuto questo post.

  34. Hi Lydia,
    You see, the model was also upset that she forgot her shirt. But we did our best to cheer her up :)

    Hi Cristina,
    Abbiamo un sacco di cose diverse in High Park. Creature belle e di sorprese:)

    Hi Nikki,
    I chose the best part of them :) It was a protest against our mayor.

    Hi Randy,
    This squirrel was after our nuts, but wasn't ready to model :)

    Hi French Girl in Seattle,
    I'm also glad I've found your blog. I'm in the middle of reading your older posts. So far, my favourite one is about French waiters.

  35. Hi Joanny,
    For me, High Park is a special place that is always full of surprises and beauty. After taking a walk there, I have the feeling of having been in another country.

    Hi Pierre,
    We are so proud of having this park in Toronto. Thank you for your compliments.

    Hi Monika,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. It's a pleasure to share them with my readers.

    Hi Alexandre,
    Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your compliments.

    Hi Diane,
    I appreciate the advantage of living in such a place. It's an opportunity to be close to nature. The naked cyclists were fighting for their rights.

  36. Hi Leovi,
    Thank you. I hope they'll be able to do something for such a wonderful place.

    Hi Gina,
    Thank you for the compliment :)

    Hi Lindy,
    Since many people come to High Park throughout the year, I think that our government owes it to them to keep it well-maintained.

    Hi Pet,
    I'm glad my photos allowed you to enjoy our High Park.

    Hi Antonio,
    Thank you. You always find the right words to encourage me in what I'm doing.

  37. Hi 1-2Punch,
    Thank you for commenting. I would love to see the park from your hometown.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed this walk in the park, and I appreciate your encouragement.

    Hi Dolly,
    One day, we'll visit it together, and I will show you everything. I'm convinced that you'll find it very inspiring.

    Hi Leslie,
    In the nearest time, my photography won't be perfect :) I don't take it seriously. It's just my playground.

    Thank you for commenting. I appreciate the fact that someone enjoyed our northern park on Canaray Islands :)

  38. Nice shots. You really know how to "score the moment." =)

  39. What a gorgeous place the high park is!!
    I envy you; you were lucky enough to get some useful professional tips from him.
    I’m sad to hear the park has some problems because of lack of time and money. The Nara Park also has similar problems. The parks are not only for us but also for future generation.
    The naked cyclists are crazy!!
    Olga, have a great weekend!

  40. olga
    on occasion, as I found you, I will wander over to another blog to see what is there. I stopped by http://fanypap.blogspot.com and was taken away by her paintings and have added her to my art blog following. Sometimes it was just meant to be!

  41. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you. I love capturing these moments :)

    Hi snowwhite,
    When I was reading one of your posts, I realized that the Nara Park is also suffering from a lack of finances. Our naked cyclists are charming :)

    Hi R. Jacob,
    I'm glad you found an artist that can inspire you. I feel so lucky that there's this sort of talent among my readers :)