June 23, 2011


I have one friend who never watches any movie twice.

She expands the majority of her time and energy on new things. She tends to study many subjects, and she is always in the process of searching for something. Her lifestyle reminds me of a quote from Theater by W. Somerset Maugham. It goes something like “If you keep thinking of the past, the future becomes invisible”.

I admire my friend’s ability to always strive to learn as much as possible, and to not get hung up on the fact that the past can never return. Although she admits that, sometimes, she can’t process all the information she consumes. I tend to make fun of her; I tell her that the massive amounts of knowledge she has acquired will exceed the volume of her brain, and she’ll have to become a hermit.

 Her mind appears to have no conception of “success” in the boring, materialistic sense. She derives joy from the process of learning and experiencing. She also has a hobby of shooting a gun at a target; she finds that relaxing. I guess you can see that I might never quit telling you about her, so I might as well stop now.

My friend and I have a lot in common, but not the process of watching movies. I have all these movies that I just have to re-watch from time to time. The ones that hold the record for “most watched” are Some Like It Hot, Burn After Reading, Le Petit Nicolas, In The Loop, and Amelie.

I was wondering – which movies can you watch over and over? Which ones do you absolutely need to see from time to time?

My series of photos for today is entitled “One”. Being “one” does not necessarily mean being alone or lonely.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. i am like your friend, alway new, never twice~

    i love the images you capture, espcially the bear...

  2. Lovely photographs as always dear Olga. Some of my 'must watch again' films are Amelie, for it always makes me happy ... Sense and Sensibility, the BBC production starring Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon ... Love Actually, certain stories within this film, both versions of Pride and Prejudice, the film and mini series, Kieslowski's 'Three Colours Red'and 'The Double Life of Veronique', because I am interested in abstract concepts and I am a hopeless romantic. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. I guess I'm a blend of each . . . I do enjoy reaching for new experiences, new destinations, and love to learn . . . but I could watch some movies, again and again (if I start listing my favorites, I'll ramble on too much) . . . and for instance, when I travel, I always stay at the same hotel, in the same cities, because I like familiar things and staff who've become friends.

    And I've come to know your eye, your photography style, so I always enjoy your images. Few exceptions. And I'm in love with that classic orange VW bus (without the rubber chicken hanging out back.)

    Thanks for the encouraging word -- it meant a lot to me. I'll come through all this just fine, so our Bogotá trip remains on our bucket lists.

  4. Simple and Fresh, I like the Car =)and the bear !!!

  5. I'm like you, I have quite a collection, but one of my fav's that always cracks me up is "Inner Space" with Martin Short and Dennis Quade. Funny my newest post is titled "SOME LIKE IT HOT" not one of my favorites but I am a big Marilyn fan!

  6. I wish I could have that motivation of your friend !

  7. And still, we are but our memories, our playing with them. What else could we be? Imagine for a moment that we couldn't remember!
    Funny, this "one" thing - nice pictures like always - has put a smile on my face "remembering" - as in one of my last Posts - Jeff Silverthorne - he is an American photographer - and his "one out of a million" quote.

  8. Hello Olga:
    Your series of photographs are always a delight, put together with so much thought and care for both subject matter and theme. We really do enjoy looking at them.

    Your friend sounds to be most interesting although we should, like you, always want to take time to reflect on what we have seen and read and, in many instances, revisit, perhaps more than once.

  9. Teema : *Yksi*...!
    Mainiosti olet aihetta käsitellyt...
    Kuva-sarja on näkemyksen oiva esimerkki. Yhdestä voidaan saada aikaan 'mahtava-kokonaisuus'.

    Hyvää Keskikesän Juhlaa...

    Suomalaista Juhannusta vietämme yöttömän-yön luonnossa...!

  10. Great pictures !! I love the title of this series, too. Being one lies on ourselves!! I do not like to watch a move twice, too!:-))) a big kiss

  11. C'è chi dice, a volte, "UNO= Nessuno" .. bé mica vero, almeno io non son d'accordo e le tue foto esprimono che la singolarità ed unicità è, anche, un pregio e una caratteristica di spicco.

    felice we :)

  12. The only film I choose to watch from time to time is Meet Joe Black. I get to watch others because my boys put them on so I've seen MIB, Swat, Blues Brothers etc several times, but not from choice.

    Knowing how to be one but not lonely is an art de vivre.

  13. un blog lleno de color, vida y literatura genial.
    besos y enhorabuena

  14. There are many books and movies that I have seen again and again, but a prime example would be The Godfather, book and movie. The book, I read it so many times it fell apart and I had to buy another. With the movie, I own it on VHS and DVD. And yet while changing channels, if I happen upon it, I will settle in for another watch. I am always looking for something new to add to the collection.

  15. Фотографии чудесные!
    Я никогда не смотрю дважды новые фильмы.
    Но вот многие старые,относящиеся к советским временам, могу смотреть по несколько раз.

  16. I think i' d like to watch the film of your life!
    I love all, but what i prefer is baroque: entretien avec un vampire, farinelli, forest gump, pasolini , Lars Von Trier, James Ivory et Tim Burton. about you?

  17. Hello Olga,
    another photography class!
    The yellow flower, the slipper, she elegantly across the yard ...
    Thanks for sharing.
    A hug from the studio

  18. Hi Olga, thanks for your kind comments I'm feeling much better now. I loved the photos particularly the bear in the tree. I love watching many films over and over again including Amelie. I'm the same way about books too. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  19. Hiya Olga I enjoyed this post and the subject of it, One. I am a "one" in terms of living arrangements but never ever lonely or feel alone. I like new films but admit I prefer to watch my faves over and over: Le Dernier Metro, Godfather I and II, Howard's End, and Four Weddings and a Funeral, Withnail & I, Dr Zhivago and Ladyhawke are ones that come to mind. When it comes to La Monroe I love The Misfits for her vulnerability.

  20. I keep hearing Amelie is a good one. I better go check it out! Like your friend I don't go out of my way to watch a movie twice unless it is the movie Frida...for some reason I can watch that one more than once. Great photos as usual.

  21. It is too late at night for my brain to focus on films, but I do like to watch a film more than once if I have enjoyed it. I like to recapture the atmosphere and maybe understand a little more why I like it so.
    But, I love your focus on 'one' and the aspect of being one, but not alone. You have great perception.

  22. I try not to watch the same movies over and over again because I think it's boring and life is too short. But, yes, there are definitely a few movies that I used to watch all the time and books that I simply have to read more than once! :P

    When I was little, I used to watch Disney's Cinderella almost every single day! I loved it.

    And now, I read books like Pride & Prejudice once a year.

    But I do agree it is best to keep the brain fresh and venture out into new territory as often as possible!

  23. Hi Olga, i always like your photos =)

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  25. Olga

    Great photo's somehow I felt like I was on a summer walk about, very nice indeed...love that orange van -- back in the early 70's we had a beautiful blue - VW van, sigh, wish I still had it.
    the movies, well I go through phases, but also I watch a movie again for different reasons I suppose then most people, I am looking at the cinematographer - the artistic and technical decisions related to the image, the background settings, set design, historical content - costumes, trends, etc.... Yes I know a different breed am I.

    Have a lovely week-end,

  26. What a lovely treatment of the 'one' theme. I suspect even your friend would take a second fleeting look at it.

  27. What a beautiful concept and beautiful photos :) I love all of the "one" subjects in your photographs.

    I strive to be like your friend- I think those are the most interesting people to have a conversation with.

  28. Always a lot of sensibility in your images!
    There are movies at which I can consider several times with no problem at all as "Amélie POULAIN"....
    Very beautiful day Olga,


  29. Hello! Your blog is very interesting...Красивые фотографии...

  30. Wonderful collection of a cool idea. I think my favorite image is the child's shoe on the fence. Nice find. You have fabulous friends too.

  31. Hi once in a blue moon,
    It's very interesting that there is always something new in your life. I assume that you're quite energetic enough to digest it all :)

    Hi Dianne,
    Your selection of movies is made of the ones that I adore. I have a whole collection of Jane Austen adaptations - from different years. From time to time, I like to watch them. Strangely, I don't consider myself romantic.

    Hi Rick,
    You haven't named any movies! There must be at least one that popped in your mind :) I really love new things, but I need a long time to process them.

    Hi TgRs,
    Thank you. Isn't the car silly?

    Hi 1-2Punch,
    Since I come from a different culture, for the last 10 years that I have lived in Canada, I've been absorbing everything like a sponge. I have never heard of this movie. I'm definitely going to see it.

  32. Hi Wong,
    I myself would borrow some energy from her.

    Hi Pet,
    I have stopped being surprised at having similar thoughts and posts with you :)

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    For me, the time for reflection is one of the most valuable things. Not to have that would be like not having the classic Russian melancholy :)

    Hi Eko,
    Kiitos kohteliaisuuksia. Jos olisin asunut Moskovassa, aiheena "yksi" olisi ollut dramaattinen. Mielestäni meidän ympäristössä vaikuttavat meidän vaikutelmia.

    Hi Colores,
    I guess I have found another person who likes new things :) Thank you for your comment.

  33. Hi chaillrun,
    Grazie per i complimenti. Se vivessi a Mosca, il tema della "uno" sarebbe stato più drammatico. Penso che ci circonda influenza le nostre impressioni.

    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for reminding me. I haven't watched Meet Joe Black in a while. I know that when there are children in the house, they will adjust your tastes a little :)

    Hi STEVE,
    Me alegro de que han visitado mi blog. Siempre es agradable para familiarizarse con una persona con talento nuevo.

    Hi R. Jacob,
    It's very interesting that you like The Godfather to that extent. I have seen all these films, but I haven't read the book. I should do that.

    Hi tattina,
    Совершенно недавно пересмотрели Подкидыш. Получила огромное удовольствие. Одна Рина Зелёная чего стоит!

  34. Hi orfeenix,
    I can tell you that the movie of my life will contain ALL genres. For some reason, I am not surprised at your choices :)

    Hi Antonio,
    Thank you. It's a compliment from an artist who enjoys details :)

    Hi Happy Frog and I,
    I'm glad you are feeling better. Maybe you just need a rest, and you should accept Diane's invitation, and watch Amelie with her :)

    Hi Dolly,
    I love all the movies you have listed. Let's watch all of them together. It's a date!

    Hi Sandy,
    You have really surprised me with your choice. Although, now that I recall Frida, I picture some very impressive visual selections.

  35. Hi aguja,
    It's really incredible that you can replicate your impression of the atmosphere of a movie, even if you're watching it after a long time. However, if you visit a place, the atmosphere likely has changed. It's interesting.

    Hi Jennifer Fabulous,
    You said "Cinderella", and I remembered the songs that the mice sing in that movie :)
    I think it's time to watch it again.

    Hi Sérgio,
    Thank you very much. Likewise! For me, it's like visiting the places that you show, but seeing them from your point of view.

    Hi Joanny,
    Yesterday, we visited one of the towns near Niagara, and we saw a parade of Volkswagens from different years. There really is an unexplainable charm in that car.

    Hi mise,
    I doubt it :) I'm glad you enjoyed my choice of topic.

  36. Hi Brenda,
    It's true - speaking to such a person is a real joy.

    Hi Pierre,
    I haven't met a person who disliked Amelie. Thank you for your comment.

    Hi Amin,
    Thank you for visiting and following me. I checked out your blog, and it's gorgeous.

    Hi Doug,
    I'm glad you have picked out some favourites, because these photos simply illustrate the subject of "one". They don't contain any artistic value for me :)

  37. Water never outflow on the same river !
    Bye !

  38. Hi Staive,
    Maybe it is because nobody tried? :P

  39. Your friend seems like a very interesting person. Lovely shots as usual :)
    Have a great day!

  40. Hi M@risa,
    She is amazing person! Unfortunately we both are so busy all the time:(