June 9, 2011

George Clooney, Alice in Wonderland and More

 Ever since I saw the production of the Ionesco play, The Chairs, I have been a big fan of the Theater of the Absurd. In that play, there are many invisible characters, and three that you can see, but the only genuine protagonists are the chairs.

In turn, Albert Camus used the concept of the absurd to try and express the imperfections of our world. According to him, the absurd doesn’t aspire to anything; it doesn’t have a particular set of values, or a sense of self-worth. It’s a sort of clear vision of the world without any metaphysical hope.

Here is where I am going to naively debate with the greats, by saying that the absurd – in all its forms – is just something that defies easy classification. This often means that the absurd can be something funny. And wherever you can find laughter, you can also find hope.

I’m not sure how you feel on the subject of Alice in Wonderland, but I think that a healthy dose of absurdity never hurt anybody.
As Alice said, “"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?”

And I definitely agree with that.



  1. Hi Olga,
    It's opportune that I should read your 'absurd' post as I've been thinking along this line for a few days now. There are ridiculous things in this world (to my way of thinking)that are made 'normal' and acceptable only because it is the way it's always been. Concepts such as Santa must seem totally absurd to little children. I used to struggle with the Tooth Fairy concept in my otherwise ordered and predictable world.
    Think you've started me thinking again!


  2. I like the fisrt photo, is very nice

  3. I haven't read Ionesco since high school...this brought back a lot of rusty memories of the Theatre of the Absurd!

  4. Hello Olga:
    We have long since subscribed to the view that much of life is absurd and that none of it should ever be taken too seriously. But then we embrace a Peter Pan approach to it all!

    That said, we recognise how fortunate we are and that for many life is far from absurd but a constant struggle against appalling odds.

    The Martini clip is so good! We loved it!

  5. The opening image is brilliant. A true Alice.

  6. Alice in Wonderland - great book, love the Martini advert too.

    We definitely need the absurd to balance out the weight of the non-absurd.

  7. felice, felicissimo fine settimana a te :)))

  8. Las imágenes muy buenas.
    Pasaba a dejarte mis saludos
    y que tengas un buen fin de semana.
    un abrazo.

  9. I quite enjoy theatre of the absurd, as well. I've seen some really good plays in London.

  10. I loved this! It's interesting to think about - I liked reading the different ways that people described it :)

  11. I love the pool shots. Nicely done.

    I'm a big fan of the Theater of the Absurd.
    And there are so many wonderful Alice quotes that make "too much sense."

    Have a nice weekend.

  12. Девушка - просто чудо! Сколько свободы и естественности!
    Если уж на то пошло - вся наша жизнь - сполошной абсурд.
    Перевернув ее на 180 градусов, мы могли бы войти в русло естества - свободы. А рамки, в которых мы находимся - убивают нас.

  13. The Alice quote is great. We definitely need absurd things in our lives, makes life much more interesting.

  14. Hi Vicki,
    In my understanding, children take things on faith; especially fictional tales. It's more of an adult thing to ask silly questions like "How does the chubby Santa get into the house through the chimney?"

    Hi Sérgio,
    I'm glad you liked the first photo - it is my favourite too. Thank you for the comment.

    Hi Lydia,
    I haven't read him for a long time either. I think I should get around to it, because I have a feeling I missed a lot the first time around.

    Hi Pierre,
    Thank you for visiting! Hope your day is also great.

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the clip with Clooney. After I watched Burn After Reading, I started noticing that he's not just a great actor who can portray so many nuances, but he is also a person with a great sense of humour.

  15. Hi Adrian,
    Thank you. I'm glad you like my version of Alice.

    Hi Sarah,
    I relate to your notion about balance. In reality, when the absurd is overwhelming, it's a bit scary. Clooney is great, isn't he?

    Hi chaillrun,
    Grazie per la visita. Apprezzo il tuo commento.

    Hi Ricardo,
    Me alegra que hayas disfrutado. Tener un gran fin de semana también! Gracias por su visita.

    Hi Talli,
    I envy you a little. I'm sure that there are so many interesting plays in London at any given moment :)

  16. Hi Krystal,
    I also love to read about other interpretations and versions of the theory of the absurd. However, I think that critics in the past have tried very hard to make it more depressing than it really is.

    Hi Rick,
    Imagine that - what added to the absurdity of the situation is that there was also a tipsy old man sitting in that fountain, who yelled "Why won't anyone take MY photos?"

    Hi tattina,
    Девушка - просто чудо. Абсолютно верно подмечено, что она очень естественна. Я получила огромное удовольствие от съёмки, хотя она и была спонтанной.

    Hi Tim,
    I think that the subject of the absurd in my post agrees with your assertion in your last post, on the subject of films being so bad they're good :)

  17. Absurd is contrary to reason. But what things are reasonable? Absurd is also something outlandish that comes out of the ordinary in this regard, I wish that my photos are absurd. Anyway I think my pictures are closer to the absurd reason.

  18. Love the first shot :)
    I'm a big fan of the Theater of the Absurd too!
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Carroll's Alice is one of a kind, I have always loved the book, read it several times. Camus is a very different, but he is so honest with himself that you cannot help but liking the guy,but I am sorry, I haven't seen or read The Chairs. After reading what you say I will have to!

  20. What an interesting post. I do love Alice in Wonderland...and Peter Pan too! I like all George Clooney's adverts, they can be so droll.

  21. Great pool shots...very well executed...
    Have a good weekend....


  22. Sometimes, a dose of absurdity increases the awareness of oneself as I find it ! but never too much !

  23. What an universe, i love your theater, Becket and ionesco , their reflexion about the impossibility to really speak to each other, and Alice in his desperate search of absolute, and the sparks which one seems a killer, thanks!

  24. Hello Olga,
    Very nice pictures of these girls into the water. Very funny so with their clothes on.
    Well done!!
    Thanks that you've visit my blog. Great!!

    Greetings, Marco

  25. Um, GOSH. Your photographs are absolutely amazing!

  26. I loved the whole post but particularly the first photo which is both stunning and compelling. Just exquisite.

  27. Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes..... a truly and brilliantly absurd post, Olga. Congratulations! I loved every bit of it and.... have you read Ionesco's The Rhinocerous??? Or seen it performed? Theatre of the Absurd is very special to me. I always identified with it in my teens and wondered why others could not see the absurdities in life.

    Many thanks!! it has been, on the whole, a Sunday of great posts that have made my day, together with sunny weather.

    I am aguja, but it will only post as anonymous.

  28. Sorry, it has come up with aguja anyway .... weird ... surreal even1

  29. Hi Leovi,
    I was afraid to tell you, but there's definitely a very appealing aspect in your photography that I would call absurd :)

    Hi M@risa,
    The first shot is my favourite too :) A healthy dose of absurd, and a whole lot of spontaneity.

    Hi Pet,
    When I was a student, I found Camus very depressing. But it was more because of the critics' interpretations than his actual thoughts. I'm going to re-read him soon.

    Hi Dolly,
    I've always found it interesting, how differently each person interprets Alice In Wonderland. For example, for my daughter, Alice is a feminist heroine. I think that Clooney, like fine wine, just gets better as time goes by :)

    Hi Trevor,
    I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Despite its spontaneity, it's very sincere :)

  30. Hi Randy,
    Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

    Hi Wong,
    I absolutely agree with your assertion. Thank you for commenting.

    Hi orfeenix,
    In one moment, many things can get mixed up. Philosophical terms and impressions. And it turns into this post :)

    Hi Marco,
    Thank you for following me :) It's very encouraging that you enjoy my photos. I will try to keep it interesting.

    Hi Corrine,
    Why, thank you! Glad to hear they make such an impression.

    Hi Happy Frog and I,
    Thank you for your compliments :) Some amazing models I've found.

    Hi aguja,
    I have enjoyed absurdity since childhood. Although everyone insists that I was very organized. Thank you for the tip about The Rhinocerous. I haven't read it yet :)

  31. Lovely photographs of Alice in the pool, is that beautiful daughter?
    I have been thinking about this post and if we do analyse everything we do in our lives right down to the smallest detail, what we do is absurd, how we work, how we live to survive and what we survive so we can live ... asking why are we here, what is our purpose for which there is no definite answer ...that is absurdity. We should take each day for what it is and make the most of it as amongst all of the rubbish there is happiness,laughter and hope. :)
    xoxoxo ♡

  32. By the way I was thinking of the absurdity of the girls in the pool fully dressed,that was the point you were making. Funny because about a century ago women and girls did sea bathe fully clothed for the sake of modesty and away from prying eyes. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  33. Eat, shelter, love, sleep... all real. It is when some force us to believe in absurdities dreamed up in their imaginations that the real absurdities happen! But you are aware and question them thank God. Oops, there I go again!

  34. Hi Dianne,
    I didn't think about this situation from this point of you. But it's true - people used to bathe in their clothing. It's not my daughter on the photos - it was a completely spontaneous situation. All these unexpected, absurd situations can be found in High Park.

    Hi Stafford Ray,
    Absurdity can be interesting and funny. It's not at all as gloomy as the critics described :)