March 31, 2011

On the way to the Art Expo

The short period of time I spent in New York consisted of moments, moments, and moments. These moments started with the man I mentioned in my previous post, who stopped us along the way to Manhattan. He did so with the question "Are you already lost or not?"

Early next morning, we were having breakfast at a diner before going to the Art Expo. We saw two tall, beautiful women come in and sit down at a nearby table. From their conversation with the waiter, we could tell that they were regulars at the diner, and that they were dancers from the nearby night club. At 9 o'clock in the morning, they ordered quite a substantial meal from the dinner menu.

Since the Art Expo was very near to our hotel, we decided to walk there. On the way, we came across a very interesting shop. Above and below, you'll see photos of it. It was closed, and the windows were quite dusty, although they somehow look slightly better on the photos. In the middle of the shop, we could see a man in work clothes, standing, drinking coffee, and daydreaming.

What struck me the most about the shop were the objects and the colours.

  Having walked a few meters away from this mysterious shop, we suddenly noticed the distinctive smell of horses. I was a little self-conscious about taking photos, so I only have one. They were just coming out of their stable. It was also quite a surreal experience, because they were all rolling in line, one after the other.

Finally, we made it to the Art Expo. It was still morning; in the beginning, there weren't that many people. However, it filled up before we knew it, and indeed, it became so crowded that it was a challenge to take any photos at all. I'm glad I had the chance to snap some good shots while I had the chance.

These are Chinese painters, whose appearance at the Art Expo was a distinctive occasion. All the times before, you could only see representatives instead of the actual artists from China. I learned this information from a gallery manager who has worked at the Expo for many years.

We were walking along the aisles when in walked this beautiful lady in red. I automatically pressed the button on my camera, without any further intentions. Curious? Read on.

This is my friend from Russia, with her collection of art dolls. Her name is Elena Gromova.

This artist is from Kazakhstan - Andrey Noda. I have known his works for over ten years, from exhibitions in Moscow. It was wonderful to finally meet him in New York, and find out what an interesting person he really is, and how excellent his sense of humour.

The name of this artist is Lia Sadagashvili. She and her spouse have lived in New York for a decade. She is originally from Georgia. Again, I was familiar with her paintings since my time in Moscow, and seeing them in New York was a very exciting surprise.

I have met Anna Kornycheva for the first time. She is also Russian, and lives in Montreal.

The above three artists have made to the Art Expo for the first time this year. In Russia, they are already well-known and established. You can see more of their work here  and here

I call this "The Breakfast of Sculptors".

Now the identity of the intriguing lady in red is revealed. I was surprised to see the talented actress and painter Jane Seymour appeared at the Art Expo.

I find it impossible not to admire her.

We had the unexpected opportunity to speak to several American collectors. One of the most memorable conversations was with a charming collector named Carl, who told me about his extensive collection. To my shame, I wasn't familiar with the names of a new prominent American painters. If you're reading this, Carl, please take a moment to e-mail me their names. I would really like to know them. Believe me, it would take a short time for me to become familiar with them, because of my curious nature.

As an artist, it was important to me to visit this exhibition. The atmosphere was busy and energetic. I was happy to find it so lively, and to see people purchasing works of art. Their interest was so encouraging. I would recommend visiting the annual Art Expo if you happen to be in New York at that time.

Another thing I was pleased about was the fact that purchasing one ticket allowed for an entry throughout the three days.


  1. Dear Olga
    Nice pictures! Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you a good night. Best regards from Switzerland Yvonne

  2. Chère Olga, ton voyage dans l'expo est fantastique... J'aime vraiment ton regard et tes commentaires, ils sont très pointus et extraordinairement bien détaillés, j'aime tous les artistes que tu nous as présenté, ils sont vraiment excellent !
    Merci et encore MERCI, je vois avec tes yeux, mais c'est un petit bout d'expo super !
    Amitiés Jean-Philippe

  3. Nice pictures and excellents comments. I liked so much.
    Kisses from Brazil

  4. Olga:

    The street scenes with that amazing earthy curio shop and the horse & carriages for Central park area was lovely to see. The all the artist at the expo was a thrill to see all of their works and yes of course "the lady in red' too and see didn't need red to stand out either,-- there is something about New York and its artistic vibe that saturates my soul, and when I come back to the West, I have an inner contentment at least for awhile.
    You are wonderful for sharing and at such great photos hope Carl emails you,


  5. Dear Olga. Your portraits are very good photographs. They show a lot about the people that you are photographing. It is like getting to know them somehow deeper, not just a quick picture. You are very good on that (I think I told you that already the last time that you posted some portraits and I will continue to do it if you don't mind).
    And, yea, I had just been - around Christmas - in NYC, but I wish I was there again. Furthermore the NYC that you are showing, the one you see with your eyes, is a very special one. Thanks.

  6. Wonderful post, wonderful read. I especially enjoyed your impressions and thoughts.

  7. Olga, merci pour cette histoire passionnante. Je pense qu'hormis l'immense chance que tu as eue de pouvoir visiter une exposition internationale aussi intéressante, tu as vécu des moments magiques. Des moments que tu n'oublieras jamais. Tu as pu cotoyer des artistes et des gens hors du commun, et tu as éprouvé des sensations presque irréelles.
    Je t'envie beaucoup.

  8. The little shop looks interesting, what a shame it was closed! The work of these artists is really great but I especially loved the work Andrey Noda. Amazing. You should show us some of your work Olga, I'd love to see :)

  9. In a word I find you "Interesting".

  10. Ms. Olga - what a beautiful post. You provide so much wonderful information; I really enjoy the information. I loved the picture of the horse and buggy with the tail end of the fedex van. What a fun contrast. What a beautiful blog you have.

  11. You really took us on a journey of your day with your wonderful photos and text to accompany them. An absolute pleasure to peruse. The photos of Jane Seymour are gorgeous, as are all the other photos of course. I am so glad that your trip to New York has been so fruitful and enjoyable.

  12. such a variety of colors and must have had a wonderful time soaking it all in Olga!!!

  13. Lovely pictures, Olga. Thank you for sharing them :D The work of these artists is very interesting, indeed!

  14. I liked all the art... but the art dolls are my favourite!! Your friend Elena is amazingly talented, isn't she??
    I can't wait to see more of your shots from NY!

  15. I must say Olga, I have never been exposed to this much art, probably in all of my life. I have never been to an art gallery. Thank you for allowing me to take part in the Art Expo. Which again, I never knew a thing about.

    I liked Elena's dolls. Especially the fourth one from the left.

    If you ever get out to Banff, AB, they too have horses and carriages. The NY carriages seem more grandeur, and the ones in Banff are more western/cowboy-ish.

    Jane Seymour will always be very sexy and glamorous to me.

    I love your photos!!


  16. What a fabulous exhibition! So much talent being exhibited under one roof. Marvellous.

  17. Dear Olga,
    great images!!!
    Can I write in German?

  18. Many aid, encouragement, kindness...
    From all over the world...

    Thanks to all of them.
    Tears of the heart will accept them.

    From Japan, ruma

  19. Hi Yvonne,
    Thank you for your comment. Feel free to write in any language, and you're always welcome in my blog.

    Hi Jean-Philippe,
    Je suis content que vous avez apprécié mon petit reportage sur l'exposition. J'étais tellement excitée, et j'ai apprécié chaque moment. Je suis reconnaissant pour votre commentaire.

    Hi Gisa,
    More posts about New York are coming. I'm glad you liked the way I described these events.

    Hi Joanny,
    I know that there are so many interesting things in New York each day. It made me feel privileged to experience some of it, and I'm glad to show it to you.

    Hi Pet,
    I'm so grateful to you for your comments about my photos. I don't feel serious on the subject of my photographic achievements. My goal is to capture the moment and share it. I'm glad it resonated with you. It's very encouraging.

  20. Hi Laura,
    I'm still in the state of excitement after New York. I'm glad you enjoyed my little moments :)

    Hi Richard,
    C'est un plaisir pour décrire un événement intéressant que vous avez visité. Ces moments ne sera jamais le répète, et c'est formidable de les partager. J'apprécie votre commentaire.

    Hi Brenda,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the works of Andrey. He is an extraordinary person. So much positive energy emanates from him. We have gotten an invitation to visit him :)

    Hi R. Jacob,
    Thank you. Interesting is what I aim for :)

    Hi DeanO,
    I'm glad you like my blog. I'm convinced that each person sees everything in life differently. It's great when two people can enjoy seeing the same thing, though.

    Hi Happy From and I,
    Thank you for your lovely words. Isn't Jane Seymour wonderful? You could really feel her presence in the building.

  21. Hi LauraX,
    Yes, it was such a wonderful experience taking in all these talents. I cherished every moment.

    Hi M@risa,
    The works of these artists give a lot to the soul, I find. I'm so glad I got to see them.

    Hi Lena,
    Thank you. Lena really is a talented artist. However, she didn't create all these dolls; she is an owner of the gallery.

    Hi Cheryl,
    I'm glad you enjoyed traveling through the exhibition with me :) It was really quite a concentrated amount of art and talent in such a space.

    Hi Sarah,
    I'm still processing my impressions. My feet don't hurt anymore, but I have yet to organize the thoughts in my head :)

    Hi Meglena,
    Yes, of course, feel free to write in German. I will be glad.

    Hi ruma,
    I hope everything is fine with you. I hope you know our family really feels for Japan right now. Thank you for your visit.

  22. Olga this was a pleasure to read from start to finish and so inspiring too. I too love exploring a city by foot, and know exactly what you mean by "moments" to me they make my travels. What a shame you couldn't go into that curiosity shop! and you have a special gift for photographing people in portraits. How wonderful for you to meet so many artists all in one place!

  23. Hi Dolly,
    You should definitely visit NY as soon as you have the opportunity to go there. Thank you for your lovely words about my photos. I know for sure that I don't deserve them :)

  24. So many wonderful images here in this post and in your photos - love the huge bubbles in Central Park!

    Thanks for visiting my blog which has allowed me to find yours. I'll be back.

  25. Hi Deborah Lawrenson ,
    Feel free to stop by whenever you like, I will try to keep it interesting, I promise!

  26. I would have thought I was in heaven to have been to this gallery! I have had a relationship with art now for many years although I still don't understand what it is that makes me feel how I do! After all, it's canvas, paint, colour? but wow can it pack a punch, make me laugh, mesmerise me, hook me in completely, confuse me, repulse me, make me not want to leave....
    Thank you,

  27. Hi Vicki,
    I completely agree with you. It is complicated when you communicate with art. Did I say - "communicate?" :)