January 5, 2011

Marry Christmas to all Eastern Orthodox People!

Marry Christmas to all Eastern Orthodox People!

You might not know this, but the Russians have two New Years. The first one is on the same day as everybody else’s. It’s an official holiday, which we celebrate with the rest of the world, or anybody who lives by the Gregorian calendar. Our other New Year is the Old Style New Year, and it’s one of our most favourite Russian holidays. It takes place on January 14th. This tradition originated in 1918, when the international calendar was introduced in Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church still celebrates all the holidays according to the old calendar. Hence, we also celebrate Christmas on January 7th.
In our family, we have also used this calendar disparity as an excuse to celebrate two Christmases. The more holidays there better, no? If you don’t approach them too formally, of course. By which I mean, if there aren’t any obligations to do things a certain way. Then you just have another opportunity to socialize, relax, goof around, and eat something special. You can enjoy the sight of the holiday decorations. Make some delicious food, and have it without feeling guilty. Open a bottle of champagne. Hooray for the holidays!

You can read very interesting, full of historical and personal details post about Eastern Orthodox Christmas in the Recollections of a Vagabonde blog.


  1. I just finished writing my comment to your last post and saw you published a new one. My last post is also on the Eastern Orthodox Christmas and its history. My father celebrated it. I hope I did not make any mistake, please go and read it and let me know. Thanks here is the link: http://avagabonde.blogspot.com/2011/01/merry-christmas-again-and-happy-new.html

  2. Great to know - two excuses to get drunk

  3. I just saw your comment on my blog. You are welcome to feature my post on your blog, and С Рождеством Христовым to your too!

  4. Well, another happy Christmas to you! (I'll be back next week to celebrate New Year with you!) :¬)


  5. Hi Vagabonde,
    Thank you for the permission to feature your fantastic post on my blog!

    We,Russians, don't need an excuses to get drunk.

    Hi mapstew ,
    Thank you! C Рождеством Христовым!

  6. Hei Olga..!
    Kauniin sininen talvi-kuva..
    Tervehdys Loppiaisen vietto tunnelmissa Lapplandia - Kuusamo...
    Joulu ja Uuden-Vuoden juhlat päättyvät Loppiaiseen...!
    Hyvää alkuvuotta 2011...!

  7. Olga,
    Looks like talking trees in winter...
    Very nice colors vivid blue tones and white...


  8. It's King's Day in Spain today, which is like another christmas, in which the three king's bring children presents.

    In our house we give presents only on the 25th December. However, we buy a traditional king's cake (called a Roscon de reyes) and generally spend the day eating and relaxing.

    Happy Christmas to you again!

  9. Spangle is right. We are celebrating here in Spain today - my husband and I (sounds very royal!)are off to lunch at our daughter's apartment, where our grandson will be excited to know what Los Reyes have brought. He did write to them and is expecting a reply.

    Ans so to wish you a Happy Christmas for tomorrow .. may your celebrations be bright and merry!

  10. WooHoo! Party time is here again! *hic*

  11. Beautiful picture, and a very interesting post.
    My next door neighboor is from Russia, so then I may expect some celebration these days.
    Greetings, Berit.

  12. Hi Eko,
    Kiitos kohteliaisuudesta. En voi ottaa luottoa. Tämä kuva ei ole minun. Kiitos käynnistä blogissani.
    I hope everything is correct:)

    Hi Spangle,
    How interesting! Does it mean that you have a national holiday today? Have a good time! I will Google this King's cake. Thank you for visiting.

    Hi aguja,
    It sounds very royal indeed:)
    Have a good time with your family!
    I had a call from the gallery. They want some more paintings. So, I am in front of my easel. My daughter is cooking today.

    Hi Steve Finnell,
    Thank you, I'll check it out.

    Hi Sarah,
    I know that in France you have a special phrase about the one part of the figure after holidays :)
    Thank you for visiting, my dear friend!

    Hi Bare bilder - Pictures only,
    Thank you very much for popping over to my blog and for leaving very nice words. I appreciate it very much.

  13. Well Olga another Merry Christmas to you and another Happy New Year coming up next week. I am very interested in knowing more about the Gregorian calendar, have read of it in my history books, but in search of more info will journey over to Vagabonde's Blog! Always great to find another vagabonde thanks!

  14. I love the idea of getting to celebrate Christmas more then once, sounds fab! :-)

  15. That is so interesting! I guess you beat us to talking about Russian Christmas traditions! Thank you for sharing the knowledge :-)

  16. Hi Dolly,
    I'm glad that you found my post interesting. I've always found these historical time disparities very complicated.

    Hi Happy Frog and I,
    Thank you for your lovely words. We had a great time at our Christmas dinner last night. There was fluffy white snow outside, and everything was perfect.

    Hi Passport with a purpose,
    Thank you for following me and for commenting. I really enjoyed your blog as well.

  17. Happy Christmas to you! I have a lot of friends which are celebrate this again!
    Be happy!
    Wonderful photo!

  18. Hi Wind,
    Thank you very much for your nice wishes and comments! i hope you have a wonderful 2011!

  19. Grasias por el comentario.Un paisaje precioso con los colores mágicos.. Un abrazo
    ¡¡Feliz año 2011!!

  20. This is like a christmascard - well done

  21. Hi Jose Alba,
    Gracias por visitar mi blog. Mejor wishws para usted!

    Hi Tommy Andre Nekkoy ,
    Thank you and, please,visit again. I will try to keep it interesting :)