January 3, 2011

So, here’s my day.

In the morning, I called my parents in Russia. They told me that it was snowing where they are.

After that, my husband called his parents in Ukraine. They also told him that it’s snowing.

Around the afternoon, my husband’s brother called from the United Arab Emirates. He said that it was a cool day – it was only +25.

At two o’clock, some relatives from the southern part of Russia e-mailed me, saying that it was raining.

I got a message from California, where they reported it to be very hot.

Then a friend called from St. Petersburg, letting me know about a snowstorm.

I received an e-mail from France, which said that they were also having a lot of snow.

Then my friend called, who travels all the time. My husband picked up the phone, and, passing it to me, said “I haven’t even ask where she is.” I took the phone, and said “Where are you – in Moscow, or in Toronto?” “I’m in Toronto, but tomorrow, I’m flying to New York. It’s snowing a lot in Moscow; Toronto is foggy, and as for New York, I don’t know yet.”

By the end of the time, I was completely confused.

I also noticed that, when I work hard all day trying to finish up paintings for my upcoming exhibition, the cat throws up all day. And I get at least twice as many calls as usual.

Good thing that tomorrow I’m submitting my work to the gallery.


  1. I don't know what we would do without a telephone but there are times when it drives you mad - time to switch it off!! I hate it even more when we are freezing in the UK and my friends from S.Africa ask us to send some snow so that they can cool down!!!!!

    I hope we are going to see some of your work at the exhibition, I am more than interested :)

  2. It's always the way, isn't it? You have urgent business and suddenly you're inundated with distractions. The moment everything calms down, the distractions disappear. I think it's called Sod's Law. :)

    Happy New Year.

  3. Olga,
    It is a big world we are living in...
    Congrats on finishing your painting and starting the exhibition.


  4. Es la vida. Do we get a sneak preview of some of your work for the exhibition???? Or after it, maybe????? Hope so.

  5. Olga, with so many loved ones checking in with you from all over the world, you were truly a global citizen yesterday! Congrats on your upcoming show. I'll keep my fingers crossed that we'll get to see some of your work here.

  6. Onnea ja menestystä työllesi....!
    Tietoihin maailmalta voit lisätä Kuusamo - Lapplandia pakkaset - tänään -30 astetta...!
    Hyvää ja alku vuotta 2011...!

  7. Cats do have a way of doing that don't they! I hope you managed to get everything ready for your exhibition and I am sure we are all very excited for you Olga. All the best, sure it will be absolutely outstanding.

  8. With people visiting my blog from countries all over the world, doesn't it make the world feel so local?! I loved how cute this post was - your busy phone line from all around the world! Good luck with the exhibition, and a hug from me to your poorly cat. :)

  9. Hi Diane,
    Hopefully after Orthodox Christmas calls will slow
    down. I did a huge job to persuade my friends and relatives e-mail me rather than call every time when they need me :)
    I want to make a post about the reception. I prefer to show you my paintings on the walls. I also want to take some pics from the group exhibition.

    Hi Sarah,
    Hooray! You are back and you are blogging! Happy New Year, dear friend.
    I think my cat starts getting nervous when he sees me running around the apartment, acting busy. He is very conservative, you know :) He likes things to always stay the same.

    Hi Wang,
    Our world is big with the weather differences and small with the possibilities to share the forecast :)
    By the way, what was the weather like today where you live? Heheh, just kidding.

    Hi aguja,
    It is true - It is life.
    I am thinking about doing a post with photos from the reception. It is shameful, but I took some photos of my paintings only at the last minute today. I am a typical artist. Even if I am ready there is always something that I forgot to do.

    Hi Angella,
    I didn't look at this situation from this angle. Now I feel myself busy and important:)
    Thank you very much for your kind words. I should do the post about the reception.

    Hi Eko,
    Se on hyvin kylmä. Sinun pitäisi jäädyttää.
    Thank you,Eko, I added you to my forecast list:)
    Happy New Year!

    Hi Dolly,
    Thank you,dear friend. I can feel your good vibes :) I really need it.

    Hi Bth,
    And in the 20th century they need to swim by Titanic, just to kiss their favorite aunt in the cheek :)
    Thank you. I will hug my cat for you.

  10. Wow! I kinda wish I had your life for two seconds. :)

  11. It's definitely groundhog day! The weather has been nuts lately and it's all I seem to talk about!
    Happy New Years to you Olga :-)

  12. hello there!
    I have just found you blog whose pictures I find very nice indeed!
    I'll come back for sure soon.


  13. Hi Tabitha,
    And you wouldn't even mind the cat :)?

    Hi Sara Louise,
    Welcome back! Happy New Year!
    My friends in France are staying there for a short time. I wonder is it really so different this year?

    Hi Ylenia,
    Welcome and and thanks so much for stopping by. It's always nice to have new readers.
    Thank you for your nice words about my blog.

  14. It really is a global village, isn't it?
    Congrats on finishing your paintings!

  15. You certainly have international connections. And your blog extends that reach even more!

  16. Hi Lydia,
    Yes, it looks like a global village. I like the term.

    Hi Paul,
    Before this post I didn't consider myself as a person with international connections. But now... :)

  17. Such a big world!! It's amazing.
    I went on your website. I saw your art. Oh my! You are talented. You do an awesome job! Congratulations!
    I hope you have a lovely night.


  18. Hi tywo,
    Thanks so much for the compliment about my works.
    I'm really pleased you like them!

  19. I was admiring your photos in your January 2nd post – they are stunning – the rain, the fog, all of them beautiful. I just wrote a post about Christmas being tomorrow the 6th for many people in Russia, the Ukraine and other countries. I’d love to see some of the paintings you are bringing to the exhibition. Have much success in 2011 – and inspiration for more paintings and photos.

  20. Hi Vagabonde,
    Thank you. Whenever other bloggers tell you words like that, it is always very much appreciated.
    Everyone needs it, but artists need it even more.

  21. Hi Passport with a purpose,
    It happens from time to time:)