January 19, 2011

Some flowers and Yello-Kiss in blue for you.


  1. These flowers are beautiful and wonderful picture, delicate and colorful as I like. Congratulations for your blog, pictures and, above all for your wonderful pictures of their beautiful colors very vivid. A nice glance. Really good! Good day. Hello Cristina from Italy.

  2. Hi Cristina!
    These flowers are for you!
    Thank you for being my follower and for your encouragement.

  3. such a gorgeous artistic shot... enjoyed the song too!

  4. Beautiful buqet! Brings a bit of spring esp that it is snowing again outside my window! Greetings!

  5. The tulips are beautiful, I would never have thought of putting that colour with orange but somehow it works :) Great song, Diane

  6. A brilliant blur! And, of course, a stunning color! Congratulations on the picture! :)

    (sorry for my bad English)

  7. This is such a gorgeous setup. The colors are brilliant…thanks for sharing such a wonderful image.

  8. Wow, those flowers are beautiful. You have such a great artisitic eye.

  9. Oh, so nice to stop in to visit today..! The perfect shot of color and playful song I needed to start my day! Thank you.


  10. Hi food for thought,
    I'm glad you liked the photo and the song. I also had the idea that it might be a good combination.

    Hi Ola,
    I also want there to be more of a spring mood; I'm more in the mood for flowers than for ice.

    Hi Diane,
    I have to admit that I spent some time experimenting with many colours yesterday. I found this colour combination to be the most energetic.

    Hi Ursula CoCo,
    This is the first time I've tried to photograph against the window. I'm glad you liked the result.

    Hi Charlene,
    Thank you for the compliment. I have a passion for colours. Whenever I have flowers at home, I try to experiment with photographing them.

    Hi Angella,
    I'm glad you liked it. I think many people need a bit more colour right now.

    Hi Maria,
    Thank you for stopping by. Yesterday night, I listened to this song three times in a row :)

  11. No comment in this comment :) Especially flowers, Great post Olga, Very NICE. Visiting your blog in the morning, it was a good start for today's day :)

  12. Grand design in this composition I love the orange canvas with light and shadow. The song a delight.

  13. tulips in different colores are my favorite flower - well done

  14. Hiya Olga those are just amazing colours, pure joy at this time of year. And I like the song too, you do find some good ones!

  15. I love the colors! So beautiful.
    Your comments make me dance with joy. Thank you.
    I hope your week keeps going well.


  16. I love tulips before they've fully bloomed. Gorgeous!

  17. Lovely tulips Olga....nice colors.

    greetings from Holland, Joop

  18. Hi Andras,
    Thank you for your compliment! I have a weakness for colors as may have noticed.

    Hi Grigore Roman ,
    Your comment makes me smile :) More comments, please.

    Hi Leovi,
    It was quite natural to compose this photo and a song. Thank you for appreciating this combination.

    Hi Tommy Andre Nekkoy ,
    I share your love to tulips. For me tulip is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

    Hi Dolly,
    Despite of the fact that I have more ice photos I decided to post something colorful. Maybe because now I have some lovely flowers at home. I was so surprised and excited to get them. I felt like I might share them.

  19. Hi Wong,
    Hooray! You have noticed it! That was the effect that I intended to achieve.

  20. Hi tywo,
    So glad you like the photos. I still feel I have to learn many things about photography.
    It is really my pleasure to visit your blog.

    Hi Lydia,
    Thank you dear friend. Tulips are on my top five list of favorite flowers.

    Hi Joop,
    I believe that in Holland you have the most beautiful tulips on the world :)
    Thank you for your lovely words.

  21. i love tulips and that is so wonderfully captured.

  22. Hi Life Ramblings,
    Thank you very much. I think we can be Tulip Club members :)