January 23, 2011

After the Party and Today's Photos


  1. It is so colourful. I love vivid.

  2. Magical pictures, love this post, also the song. Diane

  3. love the lines of different colours. very colourful and appealing shots.

  4. You captured some fantastic angle shots of this structure. Exciting like being trapped inside a box of crayons,,, love the video, wish that I wrote that song, a real nice beat and her voice is energetic, makes you what to get up and be happy and dance dance dance.


  5. The vibrant colors are such a lovely contrast to the bleak tones outside. ;)

  6. After a busy morning, I sat back, chilled out and focussed on colour and sound.
    Very uplifting ..... and upside down!

  7. Hi Temujin,
    Thank you for visiting. These colors attracted my attention even though it was so cold outside.

    Hi Diane,
    Would you dance to this song? I danced a little in front of my computer :)

    Hi Life Ramblings,
    The lines are really a contemporary sculpture in the Distillery District where I am having the group exhibition now. Yesterday it was so cold there. But the sculpture was very bright and shiny under the winter sun.

    Hi joanny,
    Yes, I danced too :D Why not, indeed?
    This structure is a huge sculpture. I wanted to keep it anonymous and abstract. And it is looks like crayons.

    Hi Charlene,
    I love these unexpected, surprising splashes of colours in the middle of the cold and winter.

    Hi aguja,
    I am so happy that you liked the combination between my stripes and the stripes in the video. just a little upside down :)

  8. finally back from my holidays, I discover all your latest créations !
    I like these beautiful colors and your pleasant concept !
    I liked also your video !! :))


  9. Hi Mahon,
    Welcome back! I am looking forward to see your new creations. I am very curies :)

  10. So saturated with color! I love them. Color really makes you feel happy, doesn't it?
    Thanks for reading my poem. I'm so glad you liked it!

  11. What wonderful colours! Thanks for the photos.

  12. Thanks Olga what vibrant stripes of colour. A sculpture you say? Must be fabulous!

  13. I love the colors, Olga. really nice.

  14. Adoro questa sequenza di foto, così colorate e vive! Brava! Ciao Cri

  15. A brilliant kaleidoscope of colour!

  16. I love Paloma Faith!
    And I love the photos... You put a very large smile to my face, Olga! Thank you so much!

  17. I adore the colors!!
    Have a graceful day.


  18. Hi Lydia,
    The poem was truly wonderful. It's one of the poems where you can feel a history and a personality behind the words.
    Thank you for complimenting my photos!

    Hi Talli,
    You're welcome :) When the weather is grey, you really want some colour in your life - preferably the brightest colour.

    Hi Tommy Andre Nekkoy,
    Thank you for your compliments :)

    Hi Dolly,
    The sculpture is actually pretty strange. It's huge and metal - only part of it consists of the colourful pipes, which have attracted my attention. Taking photos of them in the freezing weather was real fun.

    Hi David,
    I'm glad you liked the photos. Whether consciously or subconsciously, I am searching for colour these days.

  19. Hi Cristina,
    Mi piace fare una sequenza di foto. Sono contento che ti sia piaciuto.

    Hi Paul,
    When the holidays are over, I tend to wish for springtime colours right away :)

    Hi Lena,
    I didn't expect this type of energetic song from Paloma Faith - usually, her songs are more lyrical and sadder.
    I'm so glad I could put a smile on your face!

    Hi tywo,
    Thank you; I hope you have a graceful day too! I always look for bold and vivid colours.

  20. Great composition of lines and colors with these balloons, I love.

  21. Hi Leovi,
    I am happy that you like my experiments :) Your abstract compositions with glass are dazzling.

  22. Great colors! Love the florescent tubes especially! xo style, she wrote

  23. fabulous pictures, love this post, also the song...thanks for the journey!

  24. Hi Style, She Wrote,
    I also love these bright colours. Although I really love all colours. Just give me a colour :)

    Hi Lila Check,
    I'm glad your blog managed to send you on a little journey. When I look at your blog, I also feel happy.