January 26, 2011

My Moscow

I would like to show you my Moscow. It’s a city that will always have a special character. Living in Moscow is like living under a volcano.

One of our friends wanted to move to Canada, but he changed his mind at the last moment. He explained his motivation to stay by saying that, in Canada, he will not have enough adrenaline on a daily basis. When he was driving us to the airport, he was speeding and breaking so many rules of traffic, to the extent that I got enough of an adrenaline rush to last me for the next five years.

Moscow is different for everyone – some people love it; others don’t. There is a Russian expression that goes, “Moscow does not believe in tear”. If you have survived in this city, you could survive almost anywhere.

In Moscow, on my favourite boulevard in the center of the city, you can see the following people at the exact same moment – an extremely done-up young woman, a little old lady, and a highly intoxicated gentleman, who is bathing in the fountain, right in front of everyone.

If you ask somebody for directions, and they don’t respond, it’s likely that they are in Moscow for work-related reasons, and they don’t really live there. Many citizens of Moscow love their city, and would be glad to show you the way to any place.

I love Moscow, but I prefer to miss it and enjoy it from afar. It’s more like a solid friendship than true love. This city has shown me the best things it is capable of. It has often been very unfair to me, but, overall, we have come to some sort of an understanding. We have shared too many amazing moments together!

Every time I visit it, I recognize this city less and less. We seem to be drifting farther from each other. I feel like that special Moscow atmosphere is gradually being replaced by something else. The famous grandiose architecture is still there, life is bustling, but the spirit is becoming something different. Unfortunately, it’s not just me who notices this – my good friends who live there tell me the same thing.

Maybe, just as it is impossible to go back to your childhood, it is impossible to go back the same city you remember from the past.


  1. What a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing your photographs.

  2. Beautiful story! a good selection, especially the pictures of people. Very nice :)

  3. I will do a story about my city, I would like to share.

  4. Fantastic photographs it looks like an enchanting city with the stunning architecture -- certainly a country of very strong people and survivors. It seems many places are changing -- I believe more so then in the past, while you are correct to say we change and adapt to our new homes and always feel strongly attached to the old -- for the nostalgic past, however, I think it is a change that is happening everywhere -- the world is changing.

    We have nothing as lovely like the city of Moscow where I live.

  5. Olga thanks so much for sharing this with us. It really is a beautiful city, the buildings and architecture are quite stunning. I would love to see it, but there is little chance of that ever happening. Meanwhile I will enjoy your tour and appreciate with you. Diane

  6. I really enjoy seeing these pictures.
    Beautiful city and I would love to visit there some day.

  7. Wow by just looking at your pictures, I see that Moscow is a beautiful place! Alot of historical sights as well!!! Lovely pictures!

  8. Bellissima città. Ci sono stata quest'anno e ho avuto la sensazione che fosse stupenda ma ....triste. Sul mio blog ho messo un video(foto) su Mosca.

  9. Stunning photos.. Moscow is amazing incredible architecture and so colourful. Thanks for all the pictures. Carla

  10. Hello, Olga!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Your is a great place to travel, too!
    And I have never been to Russia, so I am happy to discover Moscow through your eyes, although I am definitively not a city girl!!
    Beautiful and highly heterogeneous pics!!

  11. What an incredible post. It has opened my eyes to a city that was only a name and it is important to me that it is someone whose past and childhood it is who is showing it to me. I feel privileged that you are sharing and showing us sights that we would never ever see. Thank you.

  12. Stunning architecture. I enjoyed every minute of strolling through the Moscow skyline.

  13. Gorgeous, vivid pictures. Thanks for posting Olga.

    I think I feel very similarly about New York City as you do about Moscow!

  14. J'aime ce qui se dégage de vos vues .EB.

  15. Extraordinary series of pictures of Moscow with some beautiful frames, All are precious and do not know which to choose a favorite.

  16. very nice pictures - I want to go there one day

    well done

  17. Really good pictures!!!Moscow is a vibrant city, i´m interested in.
    Best regards and thanks for your lovely comments...

  18. It is beautiful! Such gorgeous scenery! It looks happy!
    In Nigeria, they say "people suffer with smiles" which means we are happy and content with whatever we have. I love Nigeria, but I prefer to miss it too.
    I hope you are having a great week!


  19. Olga those photos are stunning, you captured the people of Moscow at work & play perfectly. The churches are so beautiful, if/when I go to your city I know I will spend most of my time in them! I can imagine the icons in them, the peace, smell the incense. You also described the expatriate's dilemna so well, it is such a universal theme isn't it. Thank you for showing us your city.

  20. What a beautiful city! I am reading a book on Moscow now and really hope to visit one day! Enjoy! xo style, she wrote

  21. What a beautiful city with such history and stunning architecture. The churches are so lovely and colorful. Sometimes these cities are easy to love but not easy places to live in. I was raised in Paris, France, and, as you, when I go back I see many changes. Your pictures were taken in summer I guess, because now in January, it must be quite cold. I have been to St Petersburg, but not Moscow. Maybe one day…

  22. The photos as really great, Moscow must be a wonderfull city =)

    Best Regards

  23. Thankyou Olga for sharing your Moscow with us in such wonderful photos. This is a city I would really love to visit one day given the opportunity, meanwhile I enjoy seeing it through your eyes.

  24. Beautiful city.

    Nice legs on the girl with the mirror too.

  25. Questo reportage è stupendo! Molti argomenti, monumenti, natura e persone. Una bella estate da ricordare, immagino! :-) Le foto sono molto belle! Brava e complimenti! Buona giornata Cri

  26. This scenery reminds of Dostoevskii Fedor Mikhailovich.

    The general who smokes. . .
    Yes. He appeared in the novel.

    Thank you.

  27. Thanks! for a great photo tour in Moscow.
    Best Regards

  28. hi. for someone who has not been to Moscow yet, it truly looks like one amazing place to visit. there is one line though that made a mark in this post - "If you have survived in this city, you could survive almost anywhere."

  29. did you shot all of these? really superb pics!

    i like how you described your admiration for Moscow, you like it from afar just like a solid friendship but not true love.

    though i've never thought of going to Russia before, this post challenged me to change my mind.

  30. wow.... moscow is sooooo beautiful, love the colours, the building and the capture

  31. The city looks so much better and nicer than it did when I was there in 1977. Maybe, just maybe, I should consider going back. Although, at the time, I said that I would never set foot in Russia again, even if they payed me 10 million euro!

  32. Thank you for the trip to Moscow...with your absolutely stunning photographs.

  33. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am so glad I came back to visit. Moscow is beautiful and I have never seen photos of it before. I guess you can say that I don't know anyone who has visited.

  34. What a lovely city. I love all of the architecture! :)

  35. ...traigo

    desde mis


    CON saludos de la luna al
    reflejarse en el mar de la



  36. interesting lifestyle! seems very peaceful to me. :)

  37. A thoroughly generous collection of photos !!!

    Thanks so much for putting this long montage together for us...

    I went to Moscow only once, when I was ten years old. But it is the sort of place one never forgets. Thanks for all the memories... !

  38. Hi DeanO,
    Moscow really is a beautiful city. I feel honoured that I could show at least a part of it that I love so much.

    Hi Ursula CoCo,
    It's a great idea, to show even the most famous city from your own point of view. I'm looking forward to seeing your project.

    Hi Joanny,
    It's my pleasure to share this with you. All these pictures were taken in 2007. I'm sure things are different now, but there might be new things to see.

    Hi Diane,
    I'm positive that Moscow and St. Petersburg are must-see places. The more time you spend there, the more you discover. Things are very intensive, and you never run out of things to see.

    Hi Mai,
    I've only shown a couple of subjects. There are so many other things - fashion, museums, attractions. Of course, I would recommend visiting Moscow.

  39. Hi Nativa,
    I'm glad you liked Moscow architecture. Moscow also has a unique botanical garden, many delicious places to eat, and a whole lot of museums.

    Hi Francesca,
    I'm so glad you enjoyed my tour of Moscow. I think that anyone who loves photography will have lots of opportunities to take unique and beautiful photos.

    Hi Carla,
    Our feelings are mutual - your blog is beautiful, and I always enjoy it. I anticipate your new posts.

    Hi Noushka,
    The most wonderful thing is that, even if you're not much of a city person, there are lots of places in Moscow that might interest you. There are many beautiful nature locations, such as a big botanical garden.

    Hi Aguja,
    I also delight in the pictures you post of the place where you live. That's the advantage of blogging. Thank you for your compliment.

  40. Hi lifeshighway,
    I completely agree that Moscow architecture is stunning. At the same time, in the center of the city, there are some very cozy spots; it makes you feel like they just belong to you.

    Hi Lydia,
    I've always been interested in the relationships between cities and people. I feel that this subject is as interesting as the relationships between people.

    Hi Elizabethbaysset,
    Thank you. I tried to show my personal point of view, and also the view of a former insider.

    Hi Leovi,
    I feel the same about your photos; it's hard to choose a favourite :) I love them all.

    Hi Tommy Andre Nekkoy,
    You'll have so much to work with when you take pictures! You should definitely visit Moscow if you have the chance.

  41. Hi Julia,
    I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. Although I have lived in Moscow, I felt like I was seeing it for the first time.

    Hi tywo,
    I must admit that, when I visited in 2007, the city appeared quite happy. Unfortunately, due to recent events, people once again feel unsafe. I still love Moscow, and I would definitely recommend it.

    Hi Dolly,
    I remember you telling me that you love Russian icons. That means you definitely have to visit Moscow, because the most amazing collection of icons is in the Tretyakov Gallery. It's a fantastic place, and the last time I spent so many hours in that gallery.

    Hi Style, She Wrote,
    I'm so glad that so many people are interested in Moscow. Every person has their own version of this city. I'm glad you enjoyed my version.

    Hi Vagabonde,
    Although I haven't traveled that much, I feel that a person should have a dream to visit a certain city. That's the way I felt about Paris. Luckily, I already got to see it twice. I really recommend Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  42. Hi Sergio Pontes,
    Moscow is grand. There is definitely a lot of room for a photographer.

    Hi Lindy,
    I'm so glad you liked it. I get the same pleasant feeling when you share moments from your life. Maybe I also imagine them, but I enjoy the beauty and the harmony that are present in your life.

    Hi Pepe Le Pew,
    Moscow is the city of beautiful women's legs. You couldn't escape from them if you wanted to. Even heavily pregnant Russian women prefer to go out in miniskirts.

    Hi Cristina,
    I have a dream; it would be great if several photographers created a report of the same city at the same time, but independently of each other. Thank you for your compliments.

    Hi ruma,
    You're absolutely right. I always feel that I'm next to characters from Dostoyevsky's works when I'm in Moscow - I even feel like one of the characters.

  43. Hi Mariann,
    Thank you very much for your kind words. It's my pleasure to show you a bit of life in Moscow.

    Hi bing,
    Compared to my experiences living in Toronto and visiting other parts of the world, I really think that Moscow is challenging for both the people that live there and for visitors. I still think that it is very much worth seeing.

    Hi Maria,
    Thank you. All these shots were done by me, only the three-years-younger version :)

    Hi Lily,
    Thank you for your lovely words. I wish I could make my own guide to Moscow, to show the places I love most.

    Hi ladybird,
    Partially, this post was made for you. It's good to hear that you enjoyed comparing your memories to my photos from 2007.

    Hi Carol,
    Moscow is so wonderful that, no matter how many photos you show, there are special moments that can't be captured.

  44. Hi Loree,
    Welcome to my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I also love to visit your blog.

    Hi Brenda,
    Moscow architecture is essentially Russian. If you compare it to St. Petersburg, which is more influenced by the rest of Europe, you would see that they are quite different.

    Hi Jose Ramon Santana Vazquez,
    I am so flattered by your comment. I credit this post to the beauty of Moscow primarily, and to my photographic talents secondarily :)

    Hi Gabriel,
    The thing is, these beautiful cities, which have been built for centuries, can grant you the feeling of peace.

    Hi Owen,
    It's so interesting that you have also experienced Moscow - I would be curious to know what impressions it gave you.

  45. Hi Olga,

    I just got a severe attack of the bolshaya russkaya toska... I lived in Moscow twice... I do miss it big time... Summer in Moscow is one of those things that always gets to my heart... The colours, the light... Thank you so much for posting these... XXX

  46. Hi Lena,
    I know that it is almost impossible to live in Russia and avoid the concept of the bolshaya russkaya toska :)

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  48. Hi I.B.G.,
    I am glad that you are being my follower. Feel free to stop by whenever you like.
    I'll visit your blog. Thank you for the invitation.

  49. Great photos. Artistic and loving eye can see very special details. Brava, Olga.