November 30, 2011

And Hope For All The Best!

I would like to wish you a happy first day of winter. Today, we have gotten the chance to witness our first bit of snow. It stayed only for a short time, but it reminded us that we are about to enter a few months of seeing it frequently.

Goodbye, hot summer days!

(The image isn't mine)

It's time to take out our winter sweaters.

(The image isn't mine)

It's time to decorate the house for Christmas.

And hope for all the best!


  1. Оля, КАКИЕ фото!!!
    Пронзительные, невозможно прекрасные!
    Вот это окно на белой стене - это так созвучно!
    Гуд бай лето, говоришь? Ну-ну, посмотрим))

  2. Beautiful, beautiful shots, Olga. You even manage to make winter look glamorous (and I DON'T like winter!) As you said, let's hope for the best! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. I see how he met the cold autumn. Snowy autumn is interesting. We still wait for the winter. Nice photo-reportage. I send greetings to you. / Peter

  4. Ruska-Lumi - kaunis yhdistelmä.
    Pakkasta jonkin verran...!
    Jouluista maisemaa.
    Kaunista kuvausta.

    Meidän 'Kaamos-Lumi' on liukas-sohjoinen.
    Kahden pimeän välissä harmaa-päivä...!
    Terveisin Eko

  5. Brrrrrr!.... Mais ces paysages de neige sont magnifiques! J'aimerais les voir de près, car la neige me manque ici, sur la Côte d'Azur.

  6. Ой ой ой, Ольга, как у вас красиво и атмосферно!!! Я без слов!

  7. Gorgeous pics - and I want a little snow too, would make it much brighter and cleaner looking! Have a great, great day! :-)

  8. The trees in that first picture look sensational! What a lovely collection. Sadly (or not) there won't be any snow where I am.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  9. The shot of the Canada Geese is wonderful. What a bit of snow does for an image!

  10. love your photos. no snow here yet. everyone is wondering if there will be any for Christmas...

  11. It's always sunny where I am but we got the December chills. I'm definitely saying goodbye to November. Not my favorite month for this year.

    Cheers for the best!

  12. Brrr, they made me feel quite chilly, your photos. We haven't started Winter proper here yet, it's still fairly mild, but everyone feels a bit down in the dumps.

  13. Ольга, прекрасные фотографии, отлично передающие атмосферу первых дней зимы!

  14. Glorious photos! You have reminded me that, even though we all complain how cold winter is, this season really is beautiful.

  15. Hi,Olga.
    Beautiful photos!The first snow is so exciting. I never tire of seeing snow-scape. Japanese maple leaves in my garden now are at the peak of red.

  16. I can't wait for the snow ! ! !
    Bring it on . . .

  17. iT is just a beginning:) I am not a fan of winter in the city -thanks God here it was the hottest November since many years and I hope for a continuation of this as long as possible:)

  18. These photos reminded me of the excitement when I woke up to find the first snow blanketing the world. Even a light dusting of snow makes the usual world into a wintry wonderland. I especially like the 1st, 6th and 7th images. The weather turned to the chill suddenly yesterday here in Nara, but is going to be warm again next week. I wonder when I’ll see the first snow. Stay warm, Olga.


  19. Gorgeous shots! I want some snow too, but it doesn't snow where I live. Happy December 1st to you too, dear Olga :)
    Can't believe it's almost Christmas. How time flies!

  20. As always lovely photos. Have a Happy December Olga.

  21. The winter is magical and the snow give me pure energy and with its power seems that my bad thoughts become clean...your pics are fantastic like always! Hugs & welcome winter...:)

  22. Beautiful snow shots, love the funny pig and sweaters too.

  23. I've laughed with your pig. It must be the snow that brings the fun out of you :-)

  24. hee hee your photos and story always give such wonderful emotions. I can feel the cold but in a beautiful way. It also feels like the first day of winter in actually snowed one day in Vegas last year. It was quite a sight! =)

  25. Такого снегопада,
    Такого снегопада
    Давно не помнят здешние места.
    А снег не знал и падал,
    А снег не знал и падал,
    Земля была прекрасна,
    Прекрасна и чиста.

  26. Это первое, что пришло мне на ум. Такая чистота, такая новизна, что растет уверенность - теперь все будет хорошо!:))

  27. Your photos captured the cold of the day perfectly, stay warm as the snow piles up!

  28. As we hunker down here in Florida for the winter, I will keep those pictures in mind!

  29. Love the amaryllis, there is a story I once read at Christmas about an Amaryllis, and a ship lost at sea, I have never been able to find it again, but it could be a great tradition to read every Christmas.

  30. Hi Ирен,
    Мы в прошлые годы как могли продлевали лето в поездке на Карибах. В этом году не получится :(.
    Спасибо за добрые слова о моих попытках запечатлеть канадские моменты.

    Hi Veronique,
    I have no options other than to learn to love winter. In Moscow, it was the same story - winter was long, even longer than in Canada. Thank you for the compliments about my photography.

    Hi Peter,
    Fall was just wonderful this year. It was dry and warm. By now, I`d like to see some real winter :)

    Hi Eko,
    Ainoa etu talven Kanadassa on se, että se ei ole niin kauan kuin Moskovassa:) Haluaisin joulua ja lunta tulla jo.

    Hi Richard,
    S'il vous plaît ne me taquiner en mentionnant l'endroit merveilleux où vous vivez, avec un temps magnifique:)

  31. Hi patatinka,
    Даже в Хай Парке иногда такая настоящая проскальзывает канадская природа. Со всей её дикостью и необузданностью. И красотой, в тоже время.

    Hi tinajo,
    I thought it would be very snowy around your place by now :)

    Hi Duncan,
    I know that, where you live, snow is practically impossible, so, visit my blog, and you will see it in abandon :)

    Hi Adrian,
    Our Canadian geese should have flown away by now. But, since it was warm, they stayed a little longer.

    Hi Petra,
    I always wish there would be lots of snow on Christmas and New Year's Eve. Just like on the old-fashioned postcards.

  32. Hi Chyrel,
    November is not a favourite month among many people. Since my husband and my daughter were born on this month, I have decided that it will be my favourite.

    Hi Sarah,
    I know that, in France, weather brings a lot of surprises this year.

    Hi Nadya,
    А какой утром шёл пушистый снег! Он таял. Хочется уже мороза.

    Hi Spangle,
    I have gotten used to the cold. However, I`m glad that, in Canada, it ends sooner than in Russia.

    Hi Tomoko,
    I agree that snow is a very exciting thing. However, over here, sometimes it turns into a little disaster.

  33. Hi Rick,
    I also await snow, and real winter :)

    Hi Ola,
    November was amazingly warm, dry, and pleasant this year over here.

    Hi Yoko,
    What an interesting experience. Thank you for sharing it with me. I`m looking forward to seeing your photos about your city with snow :)

    Hi Marisa,
    Thank you very much. I wish you a happy winter too. Without colds, flus, and only with fun :)

    Hi Lindy,
    Thank you. I wish you a happy winter too. I`m sure that it`s warmed where you live than it is over here.

  34. Hi ne mora ne bionda,
    When the snow covers the ground, things become more cheerful.

    Hi Gillian,
    I`m glad you`ve enjoyed my finds - the pig and the sweaters :)

    Hi Pet,
    I`m a very funny lady in general. At least that`s what my family considers me :)

    Hi Sandy,
    I`m astounded to hear that there is no snow in Vegas. I thought Vegas had everything that the human imagination was capable of conceiving :)

    Hi Tisa,
    Вот я сегодня целый день это стихотворение про себя и повторяла. Спасибочки!
    Вё будет хорошо и после этого ещё прекраснее.

  35. Hi lilylovekin,
    This snow was so beautiful that I thought I wouldn`t be able to capture its allure.

    Hi R. Jacob,
    Now I know what you don`t have in Florida!

    Hi 1-2Punch,
    Amaryllis make a big impression on me. Such a grandiose flower!

  36. There is really nothing more beautiful than snow gilding the branches of trees. Gorgeous photos!

  37. Cara Olga,
    le tue foto mi scaldano il cuore. Che posti meravigliosi....

  38. OOOOOOOh!!!Olga, you have snow!!!So beautiful photos!!! Kisses and have a good month!

  39. Hello Olga. I have been a few days without going into the computer ... I was not in the mood.
    Me mother died last Saturday ... I am visiting my friends, to forget a little and think about other things
    Beautiful photos. Has not snowed here yet, but it is very cold.
    Have a nice weekend ..

  40. oh poor flowers covered in snow lol

  41. beautiful winter shots and a funny pig !!!
    wish you a wonderful weekend

  42. Beautiful pictures. You definitely have an eye for catching the perfect shot!

  43. I'm not the biggest fan of snow, but your photos are so beautiful, you make me like it. And that's a big deal. :)

  44. Beautiful photos Olga, I don't mind snow when it is in a photograph. Otherwise I am very allergic to snow :) I wish you a wonderful month of December.

  45. So in an effort to fight this desire to escape to a tropical island,i try to think about the positive of Winter !


  46. Gorgeous photos. So beautiful. I keep looking at these photos.

  47. Hi Talli,
    You`re absolutely right. The trees look extraordinary under the snow.

    Hi Mary,
    Thank you very much. We are awaiting real snow eagerly.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    Thank you. I`m not sure what I would like more right now - Greek weather or Canadian weather :)

    Hi Laura.M,
    Once again, my condolences about your mother`s death. It`s so difficult to accept when your parents get older, and even more difficult when they pass away. I hope you will feel better soon. Time will heal.

  48. Hi Randy,
    Thank you very much. I hope there will be real snow soon.

    Hi A Lady`s Life,
    Yes, flowers and snow - just like berries - always look unusual.

    Hi Marty,
    Thank you for your visit and for your compliments about my photography. I love this pic too.

    Hi floweringmama,
    Thank you. Actually, I always take several shots, and a variety of compositions.

    Hi Jennifer Fabulous,
    With the right winter clothing, winter becomes a fantastic time of the year, even when it`s really frosty.

  49. Hi Dolly,
    In a Russian hat and fur coat, and in real snow shoes, even you can feel comfortable :)

    Hi Paolo,
    In fact, at this time, my husband and I used to go to a tropical island for a week :)

    Hi Romance Reader,
    Thank you very much. To be honest, I also tend to look over my photos several times when they`ve turned out well.

  50. The snow creates an entirely new feeling to photography ...