November 6, 2011

Golden November

This weekend had given us the remaining gifts of a golden autumn.

It was quite an eventful weekend. I got to see some friends, enjoy some nature, and also celebrate the birthday of my husband and my daughter (yes, they were both born on November 5th).

Since we had the chance to drive down countryside, here are some pictures:

I have decided that I don`t have enough friends from the countryside, because such beauty can only be enjoyed outside of the big city. Any volunteers?

I realized that there aren't enough pictures of food in my blog. So, here's today's breakfast:

And today's dinner:

When the sun visits the people who are getting ready for winter, it seems like nothing could be better than turning your face towards it, and spending time with the people you love.


  1. These country sides are so beautiful for me as very different from ours !

  2. Really beautiful images of the countryside in Autumn and your food looks wonderful too.
    A lovely way to spend the day, happy birthday wishes to your husband and daughter, mine was the 4th of November.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. The photos of the countryside are so beautiful. The food looks yummy too.

  4. Food is usually my favorite. Nom Nom. But your photos of the countryside are so inviting. I feel like I've gone on a short trip just soaking these in.

  5. Beautiful...Very nice image :) !!

  6. мало, мало еды, я согласна! Я, все-таки, абсолютный фуд-вуйаристофетишист. Лобстеры сезонные, я уже по ним скучаю!
    Завтрак до чего аппетитный, это Зайчиковые лапки его разрезают?
    Виды шикарные, это там, где край 1001 озера? Накатили вспоминания, до чего же там красиво! У нас был номер с выходом на тихое озеро, прямо на воде, и вот такой же вид был из утреннего окна. Всплеск воды, утка проплыла... Столько чистой, девственной природы. Особенно это чувствуется, когда плаваешь по озерам на теплоходе. Меня потрясли крохотные островки на один домик. А через тридцать метров - еще островок с домиком. Я представляла, как рыбак, скручивая спиннинг кричит соседу: "эй, Джон! Приплывайте с Салли сегодня к нам на ужин!" Очень кинематографично! :)
    За фотки спасибо, очень удались. И здорово, что во весь экран.
    (я там у себя тебя кое о чем спросила)

  7. Hi,Olga.
    The scene of the blue sky and the dazzling yellow leaves is dramatic! You sure are now enjoying your primetime. All of your photos are fantastic,but the most interesting of all is the photo of a cow!!!He is so cute.I love it.
    Have g great week ahead!

  8. J'aime ces images très bucoliques...
    Superbe !
    Belle journée,


  9. Hello Olga:
    How really strange that both your husband and daughter should share the same birthday. Belated wishes for November 5th.

    What magnificent countryside to be able to visit on a day out and how we should enjoy returning home to that very delicious, and colourful, dinner.

  10. so many beautiful, colorfull images ! wonderful landscapes and .... yes the food !!!
    Love the fence !!
    wish you a lovely week Olga

  11. Hienoa 'kuulakasta' syys-kuvausta...
    Maistuvaista kuvausta - jälkiruuaksi...!
    Syksyn Tervehdys...

  12. Congrats to your hubby and daughter - fun to have their birthdays on the same day! That food sure looks yummy!

  13. La campagne commence à sentir l'hiver, chez toi. Mais, hmmmm, moi je sens la bonne odeur de la cuisine. Devant un feu de cheminée, je me mettrais bien à table!...

  14. Happy birthday to your husband and daughter.

    Those food photos are fab, and the food looks mega yummy!! A real celebratory meal.

  15. yes, I was also yesterday at the countryside and I was envying people of such views! Great shots!

  16. Wow, what a wonderful countryside do you have around you. I'm not surprised that you are looking for friends there. I wish I'd live there, if only to have you as a cook too :-)

  17. WOww this pics are so intense!! we are enjoying a golden November ,too!! but yours looks simply perfect!! filled with gorgeous wide landscapes and comfy food!! what else? perfect!

  18. Beautiful autumnal scenes... the countryside, the cows, the food too :-)

  19. Великолепные осенние пейзажи, спасибо за прогулку и настроение!

  20. I loved traveling along with you via these beautiful images. All were spectacular, but I especially admire the two with close-ups of fences and the second image of the white cow!

    I am hungry and I want your breakfast and dinner. Now! Heavens, what beautiful food and presentation. :)

  21. Beautiful, beautiful countryside! We have the similar reed-like grasses, foxtail, or burnets. I like the field of wild flowers and grasses in the countryside or in the mountains, which I think is very close to the primitive landscape without any human development. Your breakfast and dinner are nicely dished up! I’ve gotten hungry. These must have made people happy with a hint of love sprinkled in your cooking, and yourself, Olga, as a cook, as well.


  22. I can feel the crispness of the fall air warmed by the sunlight. Picturesque fine dining as one comes inside to feast on the beautiful comfort foods and feel the warmth of an inviting home.

  23. I love the first photo. The yellow and the blue of the sky are amazing!

  24. It seems you live very well in Toronto, Olga. Beautiful fall scenery, in the city or outside; happy celebrations with relatives; delicious food. C'est la belle vie! -- your friend, Veronique

  25. My father and I also shared a birthday it made for an extra special day. Your food photos made me hungary-shame on you!!!!

  26. How fun that your daughter and husband have the same birthday-makes it easier to remember. ;) Looks like a wonderful trip to the country and a delightful dinner. Wonderful photos. =)

  27. Hi Olga, can I come to dinner please? That looks scrumptious! Your photographs are wonderful, particularly that first one. Belated birthday wishes to your husband and daughter , I hope they had a wonderful day.

    Many thanks for your lovely comments, so sorry I am just getting back to you now. Have a good week, love Linda x

  28. Olga, I wish many happy years to your husband and your daughter!!!It is unbelievable that they were both born on the same day!! You gave a perfect gift to them, this fantastic travel, these special foods and your love!!Be all together happy!!! kisses.

  29. You continue to amaze me. Today my favorite is a toss up between the calf and the melted cheese over mushroom dish!

  30. I'd like a piece of that breakfast thank you very much! :)

  31. What great selection of photos but I particularly love the top one with the yellow leaves. Your meals look very yummy :) Diane

  32. Wonderful country scenes, with yummy food to follow! Yes, this post is for me and it brightened my day even more.

  33. Странно, я никогда там не была, но я это видела - эти поля, перелески, берега, поросшие камышом... Видела и слышала писк синичек (почему-то именно синичек!), упругий гул ветра в елях и треск сухой травы, ветер срывал бархат камыша и уносил в высокое синее небо. А я сидела на бревнах за домом, подставив лицо не по-осеннему теплому солнцу, и наслаждалась остановившимся временем... Вам удалось сфотографировать мое дежавю, Оля:)) Вот только такого завтрака и обеда (или все-таки ужина?) я не видела:))

  34. These photos are magical. What beautiful country scenery! :) Happy birthday to your hubby and daughter. That's cute they share a birthday. I'm glad you had a fun time celebrating. xoxo

  35. Hi Wong,
    These are really beautiful places in Canada. The landscapes are always different, even around Toronto.

    Hi Dianne,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes for my husband and daughter. I also would like to wish you a happy belated birthday. I wish you an endless inspiration :)

    Hi Randy,
    Thank you very much. If anything, there is a great deal of diversity and beauty in Canadian nature.

    Hi Angela,
    It was an extraordinary weekend. The sun was shining, although the air was quite chilly. Thank you for the compliment.

    Hi MarinaBel,
    Thank you for visiting, and for the kind words about my images.

  36. Hi Ирен,
    Это зайчиковые лапки. Ты угадала :) Детские совсем,да ?
    У меня двое знакомых имеют дачи на таких островках. Оба известные в Торонто коллекционеры. Одна бабуся выгружается с большущим семейством и плывёт на нескольких лодках к себе на остров. Другой, совсем дедуся,плывёт на лодке с собакой. Хотя, у него тоже есть жена и совсем юный сын. Они так рассказывают про свои коттеджи, что заслушаешься. Я же не понимаю, как можно жить без электричества, с жирными комарами в обнимку. Они на разных островах живут, но , действительно, как ты и сказала, иногда кричат соседям :)

    Hi Tomoko,
    This weekend, it was enough just to raise your head and look up at the sky. You could find many interesting and beautiful things.

    Hi Pierre,
    Je vous remercie. Ce n'était pas `t difficile de prendre de telles photos ce week-end. Le temps était magnifique.

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    It`s not just my husband and my daughter who were born on November 5th, but also my cousin, and two of my friends. And now, also one of my blogging friends! I must be destined to live with Scorpios :)

    Hi Marty,
    I know which fence you are speaking of. It had such a wonderful colour that I wished I could saw off a piece of it to bring it with me :)

  37. Hi Eko,
    Syksy tuo niin monia eri värejä, että haluan vangita ne kaikki:)

    Hi tinajo,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes. We went to our favourite seafood restaurant. You can call it a safe bet :)

    Hi Richard,
    Dès qu'il y est une grille sur mon jardin, je vais tout ce gril. C `est vrai que l'hiver approche progressivement, en laissant quelques morceaux de beau temps.

    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for the wishes :) It`s our favourite restaurant, which always has good quality seafood. The only disadvantage - it`s always crowded.

    Hi Ola,
    As soon as good weather appears, we head to the countryside, because the views are so beautiful.

  38. Hi Pet,
    Sometimes, I also find myself thinking that it would have been so wonderful if the people I met through blogging lived somewhere nearby :)

    Hi Colores,
    This weekend really was perfect. Sometimes, things like that just make you realize the joy of life more clearly.

    Hi Nat,
    I`m really glad you liked it. The cow is great, isn`t she? :) However, she was very shy, and quickly ran away from me.

    Hi Nadya,
    Два дня, действительно, прошли в разъездах, празднованиях и встречах с друзьями. А виды, из за солнышка, так и просились, чтобы их запечатлели. Я только и делала, что пищала - как красиво ! и заставляла мужа тормозить.

    Hi Lydia,
    Sometimes I really regret not being a Renaissance woman - I wish that, in addition to being able to paint, I could also compose poetry on the subject of Canadian nature :)

  39. Hi Yoko,
    We have places right next to Toronto wish such wild nature that you wouldn`t believe you`re still in the city.
    One of these photos was taken while I stood on a stone and tried very hard to keep balance, because it was impossible to get closer to that lake. Good thing there is zoom :)

    Hi R. Jacob,
    It was a perfect weekend. I also managed to see a performance by one of my friends. This added a cultural flavour to this natural weekend :)

    Hi Fabio,
    The first photo was taken easily - I just needed to raise my head :)

    Hi Veronique,
    To be honest, sometimes there isn`t enough of the cultural surroundings we could enjoy in Moscow, but this is made up for by this magnificent nature.

    Hi lilylovekin,
    How interesting that you were also born on the same day as your dad. This means that your mother gave him a gift for life :)

  40. Hi Sandy,
    Yes, this day is really special - not only were my husband and daughter born on that day, but also my cousin, and two of my friends :)

    Hi Linda,
    Thank you very much for the wishes. Because of blogging, I can enjoy showing our Canadian nature in all its glory.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes. I think that any birthday person would be happy to hear such wonderful things from different countries :)

    Hi 1-2Punch,
    I`m glad that our tastes are compatible :) The only thing different is, I don`t eat meat.

    Hi el-mundo-en-colores,
    And with freshly squeezed orange juice and freshly brewed coffee, it`s mmmmm....:)

  41. Hi Diane,
    The photo was taken very easily - I just had to raise my head. But I think that, by the end of this week, there will be no leaves left :(

    Hi aguja,
    We`ve been lucky this year with sunny weekends. Oddly enough, there`s absolutely no sun during the week. I feel very lucky that I have such an opportunity to take all these photos.

    Hi Tisa,
    Мне тоже Канада однажды приснилась, когда мы ещё жили в Москве.
    Синицы пищат и ещё похожие на них, но более крупные синие птички пищат и шныряют по балкону. Надо тебе Канаду посетить непременно :) Если уж она начала звать. Мы, ведь, на ты, да?
    Я видела у тебя пост про кофе. Но, я хочу вдумчиво его прочитать, а сейчас сильно занята. Наверное, сегодня - завтра всё решится и я с удовольствием прочитаю твой последний пост.

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. It`s a very practical and economical thing to have two birthday people on the same day :)

  42. the food looks so goooood!; enjoy the fall, its a wonderful time of the year. I miss it a lot!

  43. Very beautiful pictures series!
    Congratulations Olga!

  44. Oh my, I'm STARVING now! Gorgeous photos. You always make me miss home.

  45. Hi Jorje,
    I`m glad you liked it. These are really beautiful places in Canada that I really like to visit with my family and friends.

    Hi Antonio,
    In Canada, there are many places that are just begging to be painted or photographed.

    Hi Talli,
    I`m sorry that I am making you homesick. I always felt jealous of the people living in London, because they are near so many cultural things.

  46. Gorgeous photos - almost like being on holiday - a mixture of great views and lovely food.

  47. Beautiful photos....thanks for sharing!

  48. Hi Sharon,
    I actually need this holiday very much. Canadian weather and nature can give it to me :) I'm glad you enjoyed my post. I really always want to share Canadian beauty with the rest of the world.

    Hi Romance Reader,
    Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it :)

  49. HI Olga, your photos are beautiful and make me really want to know the wonderful places that you photographed...

  50. pretty photos! And thanks for visiting :)

  51. Оля, я у себя добавила фото про синюю бутылку и в комментах постаралась объяснить, что оно означает:)

  52. So lovely! How I wish we had four seasons too! As it is, we just have summer and rainy season. It's November and it's still freakishly hot (with thunderstorms here and there).

  53. I need to hang out with you because whatever you're eating, I want to eat!

    Thanks again for the picture. I love that bleached wheat color that shows up so much in the fall. An underrated color, I think.

  54. Hi Mary,
    Thank you very much for visiting and commenting, and for being my follower. It`s true that what we have here in Canada is beautiful places and opportunities to take in beautiful scenery.

    Hi Craig Smith,
    Thank you for being my follower. I would love to read your blog.

    Hi Tisa,
    Спасибо большое! У тебя дар разыскивать интересные фаkты:)

    Hi Tisha,
    It`s so interesting that it`s still hot in November where you live. We have already pulled out the winter clothes, and we`re getting ready for a real cruel winter :)

    Hi Lydia,
    I`m glad that you have the same preferences about food. I hope someday, when you`re in Toronto, you`ll visit me, and let me show you all my culinary talents :)

  55. Remember remember the 5th of November as we say in England (with reference to Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot). How interesting that both your daughter and husband have the same birthday :)

    I enjoyed your photos, so very Canadian.

  56. Olga, photographs from a trip to fall nature to me like that! The landscape is similar to that in our country. Only the other buildings. Thank you for your nice comment. Peter greets you.

  57. Oh Olga, i really understand it, its almost winter here in Portugal, and im already missing the sunny days

  58. Hi Dolly,
    This rhythmical sentence is very funny. I'll keep thinking about it from now on :)

    Hi Peter,
    By the way, in these places, there are many immigrants from Europe :) And the landscape has something European about it.

    Hi Sergio,
    What? Winter in Portugal? Not possible!

  59. нет, это все жутко кинематографично! У меня руки чешутся на такую историю - как плывут две семьи на лодках на свои островки, а уж вечер закатный, и от воды мистический туман поднимается, а в домиках уже комары на изготовьи, и вокруг никого, и уж ночь наступает, тут все закручитвается и начинается...
    Поутру лодок они своих не находят, и как выбраться не знают, а вещи вокруг них убийственно-загадочные происходят... И туман, туман...
    Сфотай, а?

  60. Hi Ирен,
    Ты всё описала так натуралистично :)
    Я за прошлый год видела тут два тумана только. Наверное, надо подальше выехать куда-нибудь, чтобы их поймать. Теперь буду стараться.

    А ты чего не бложишь ? Скучаю.


  61. Hi Ирен,
    Да, у бабуси ущё была очень старая большая собака, которая за зиму отвыкала от воды и боялась забираться в лодку. Но на середине пути, она, видя свой дом, выпрыгивала и плыла к берегу. Трогательно, а ?

  62. Сумасшедше, образ собаки меня занимает сильнее всего! Она ведь может учуять то, что человеку не под силу. В тумане, в полной изляции на островках, странные вещи, однако, происходят...
    Вижу - вот только проступили призрачные очертания дома, пес с лаем бросается в водную ртуть, плывет и скрывается в туманных кущах. Слышен лишь плеск весел. Люди доплывают до острова, выгружаются, ничего не подозревая, хозяин свистит время от времени, но пса нигде нет.
    Ночью пес появляется в спящем доме, странный, лохматый, хозяина сторонится, скулит и все время смотрит в сторону озера...
    Не бложу, затаилась и коплю. Хочется завернуться в кокон и там переработать ощущения, чтобы ничего не потерять.
    Туманы твои посмотрела, на озере они офигенские! У меня есть знакомый реж, который мечтает заснять художественно туман на Оке, и под это дело просил перенести место действия.