December 5, 2011

To toss or not to toss?

Twice a year - before Christmas and before Easter - I clean up my home, and conduct ritual disposals of old items. I have to admit that I don't part with them very easily. Depending on how I acquired them, I think about it, even if I don't use this thing, it carries a lot of memories. The most horrible moment is when I feel so sorry for that object that I put it back in the closet and fail to use it for another half a year. What can I do about this habit?

Do you part with objects easily?

The photos below are from stores - please don't think that it's all my stuff.

The best recipe for the time when you are throwing away your stuff:


  1. I am like you. There are some things that I find hard to part with. I try to whenever I buy something new.

  2. I find it rather easy to get rid of "things," - unlike my husband or my son, who keep EVERYTHING! I must admit that it might be difficult to let go of some of the objects you posted above, however. Smart of you to mention they weren't all yours. You don't want to attract burglars (can you tell I have been a bit shaken off by recent events?!)-- Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. полезное дело - освобождаться от хлама. Душетерапия, однако.
    Чеширский кот - совершенно феноменальный.
    Даже не знаю, хотела бы я поставить его возле кровати? :)

  4. Il y a antiquités et antiquités, objets et objets. Ceux que tu nous présentes sont extraordinaires et méritent d'être bien en vue. Sans doute faut-il les sélectionner pour les garder au regard. On dit souvent: Une chose pour chaque place, mais aussi une place pour chaque chose!

  5. The same, we clean up our homes just before the Chinese new Year !!!

  6. This is kind of a sensitive one because like you I do a bi yearly cleansing of things unused and this year somehow, I gave away my sons 3 retro "onepeice ski suits" that he and his wild and crazy friends wear when they go up snow skiung. Needless to say I have been scouring the thrift stores to try to replace them!

  7. Oh, I accumulate things nearly for ever. But getting new ones is as rare as disposing of them, so I guess that compensates somehow.
    Nice pictures.

  8. ¡Que bonito!, me gustan esos detalles Olga,
    que tengas una feliz semana.
    un abrazo.

  9. I had a HUGE clear-out this summer in my garage. Got rid of masses of stuff that was fit for the bin, but kept some things that had memories. It was very therapeutic.

  10. I have a huge separation anxiety with some of my stuff but I just had to let them go like a bad break-up.

  11. like you-I try to get rid of useless stuff twice a year, usually I am very selective:)

  12. Most of the time, I part with things VERY easily. My dad jokes about it and says that I´ll probably throw away most of their stuff when they pass away one day - and the truth is I most likely will. I never save anything just because it was someone specials, I have to like it to save it.

    Clutter makes me stressed so I try to be without too much stuff. :-)

  13. Olga I find it very difficult to get rid of things. All my 'stuff' has such memories and I feel if I throw things away I will be throwing the memories out as well!!
    Lovely photo as always. Diane

  14. I find it very difficult to part with things as most hold lovely memories for me. When I do give something away I usually find that later I wish I had kept it. So now I put some things away for a while in a cupboard, then rotate the items.
    Great photos Olga dear.
    xoxoxo ♡

  15. love the man with the clock, love the typewriter.
    how strong are the reasons and memories that are attached makes all the difference. I have a problem throwing out stuff to do repairs around the house.

  16. I have to be moving house before I can get to grips with a good clear out.

  17. Magníficas imágenes.Enhorabuena por este blog.Un saludo enorme.

  18. Love that last one! :) I have to say, due to all my moving around, I do tend to part with objects quite easily.

  19. I love all these photos. The one that struck me was the hands with the tie around them. Interesting. After watching the show Hoarders - it cured me of hanging on to things. =)

  20. I don't part with things easily. I try to cleanup too but just end up with bigger piles of clutter. I loved your pictures today.

  21. I tend to hoard and identified with your 'feeling sorry' for objects.

    Those roses are beautiful ... and I love the desk? top with character.

    I enjoyed the photographs. There is nothing better than browsing interesting objects.

  22. Lovely photos as usual! Great coffee pic! And I have so many of those little 5 in 1 dolls! Don't know the official term for them! Me? I horde. Like a squirrel. Terrible!!!

  23. I love the photos! Some very unique and ecclectic items.

    I can't say that I have a very difficult time with letting some old things go. Maybe it's something I've acquired through the years. After all, during two moves - one to California from Texas and the second back to Texas - I moved with only my kid and what could fit in my car. Nothing more.

  24. Beautiful photos dear Olga!!I would never toss the typewriter!! I love it!!It is a useful antique!!!Kisses from Greece.

  25. What wonderful items you have taken pictures of. I am terrible at throwing things away and once I do, my husband goes behind my back and keeps the item!! Our garage is over flowing with useless items.

  26. Very beautiful pictures festival!!!
    A hug dear Olga

  27. Hi Randy,
    I also try to throw away some valuable stuff, such as old magazines :) It`s hard.

    Hi Veronique,
    Your story about the burglary in your house still has me shocked. Especially because the animals were in the house. Despite anything, I feel optimistic that you will be able to recover some of your things.

    Hi Ирен,
    Кот этот из фильма Миязаки. А похож на Чеширского кота очень.
    Я очень уважаю людей. которые расстаются с вещами легко. Я раньше сама была такая. Что-то во мне поменялось.

    Hi Richard,
    Étonnamment, ma maison isn `t rembourrés avec des choses ... mais le sous-sol est. I don `t aiment quand il ya beaucoup d'objets en face de mes yeux. Cependant, je ne peux jamais marcher par des magasins d'antiquités.

    Hi Wong,
    I think that it`s a very good tradition :)

  28. Hi 1-2 Punch,
    As soon as I throw something away, the next day it turns out that I need it. I have to replace the darn thing :)

    Hi Pet,
    Maybe because I never inherited anything from my grandparents, I adore antiques. If there`s anything I would never part with, it`s antiques.

    Hi Ricardo,
    Gracias por su visita. I `m alegra que haya disfrutado de mis imágenes.

    Hi Sarah,
    It`s really therapeutic. But how can you throw away a shoebox full of old letters that you will never actually re-read?

    Hi Chyrel,
    I have collected a large amount of old magazines on fashion and photography. It's a shame to get rid of them, although they do take up a lot of space.

  29. Hi Ola,
    I am also extra selective. Therefore, my basement is cracking at the seams :)

    Hi tinajo,
    One of our friends was recently going through her father's stuff while he was moving to a residence...we actually acquired some of the stuff :) I bet you wouldn't say no to a few vases and leather wallet :)

    Hi Diane,
    Stuff with memories is impossible to throw away. I have several things that were given to me by friends who came to visit me in Canada. Oh my God! I will never use them.

    Hi Dianne,
    I have a shoebox full of postcards. What can I do with them? It's not a useful thing in a household :)

    Hi R. Jacob,
    To be honest, our children would have gotten rid of all this old-fashioned stuff in three minutes.

  30. Hi Lindy,
    Lol, you are from our tribe. The squirrels that bring everything into the drey :)

    Hi Maria,
    Gracias por su visita. Realmente agradezco sus elogios.

    Hi Talli,
    I can't imagine you with a pile of old magazines under your bed :)

    Hi Sandy,
    My daughter told me about that show. I don't think I have come to resemble those special people because, after all, I do need space.

    Hi Gillian,
    Maybe this is a tendency of artists and crafters - thinking that something will come in handy in a future project.

  31. Hi aguja,
    I also really liked those roses, which is why I decided to take a photo of them. I find them a little decadent :)

    Hi Jenette,
    These little dolls are called matryoshkas. They are classic Russian souvenirs. Not a single one of our friends could avoid having them after our trip to Russia :)

    Hi Angela,
    Our biggest move was from Moscow to Toronto. It was 11 years ago. Somehow, we managed to bring our Russian books, as well as some other stuff.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    I adore antiques. My husband is the only person who can stop me buying them all the time :)

    Hi lilylovekin,
    I can completely understand you and your husband :) In our family, sometimes we take a deep breath, and throw away a big pile of stuff, some of it useful.

    Hi Antonio,
    Thank you very much for your visit. I appreciate your comment.

  32. I try to keep my stuff. I put them away and then rediscover them and its always a pleasant surprise.
    I have two typewriters one like the one you displayed here and the old movie 8mm projector
    I have a samovar from the 1890's
    Things inspire me and one day I will do something with them if God wills.:)Everything has a story.

  33. yes, coffee is always the answer.

    I'm actually good at throwing out stuff I don't need, I can be quite ruthless about it. But when it comes to books, well, let's just say I'm a bit of a hoarder in that category.

  34. ой, а пофилософствуй, пожалуйста! Что могло поменятться, чтобы вдруг начать привязываться к вещам? Сентиментальность? Экономность?
    Странно, я пока в себе такого не наблюдаю, наоборот, как-то огульно выкидываю все подряд.

  35. Gracias Olga por tus palabras!!
    Los humanos somos coleccionistas de cosas... tenemos las casas llenas de muchas cosas inútiles que no usamos... y seguimos comprando....Y luego nos de pena tirar los recuerdos
    Un buen post para pensar...
    Un beso.

  36. Olga,
    What an interesting subject you posted!!
    I always cannot make a quick decision about whether I should throw away them or not.
    In case, I think, it is better to keep them for a while, and as a result they have stayed in my house for decades occupying precious space. The last time when I made a big disposal is twenty three years ago. We moved from Tokyo to Nara. To make the decision, I need to move. I really need a good advice!
    Best wishes,

  37. А я практически ничего не выбрасываю. Всякие такие памятные и сокровенные вещички выбирались и приобретались мною очень взвешено:) Но я не Плюшкин, нет. Таких вещей и вещичек у меня не много, можно сказать мало. Такая вот я;-)). Есть еще такая категория вещей, как подарки. Вроде бы тоже памятные вещи, но тут уже бывает по всякому... Но опять же почти не выбрасываю - раздаю. Может, помните, Оля, есть мультик такой "Каникулы в Простоквашино"? Там кот Матроскин говорит просто крылатую фразу: "Чтобы продать (*читай: выбросить*) что-нибудь ненужное, сначала надо купить что-нибудь ненужное". Вот стараюсь не покупать ненужное:))
    Оля, а если серьезно, вот нашла описание, как избавляться от ненужного -

  38. Таня-Тиса, а как же одежда? Раз в два-три года гардероб обновляется полностью, кроме принципиальных верхних вещей, а детский гардероб так и дважды в год! Их раздаешь, что не удается пристроить - выбрасываешь. Игрушки, переработанная канцелярия, журналы-буклеты... Что-то морально устаревает, вроде покрывал-скатертей, какой-то посуды. Накапливаются стройматераилы, со времен ремонтов оставшиеся. Сначала их кидаешь на антресоль, потом понимаешь, что они там только место занимают. У всего ведь свой срок - краску нельзя больше двух лет держать. Я регулярно перетряхиваю аптечку, там просроченные лекарства-витамины и прочее. Всякие крема-лаки, не все успеваешь использовать, есть же срок годности! Не знаю, у меня не получилось бы сразу приобретать все на века, потому что предназначение некоторых вещей - сиюминутное, ситуативное.

  39. I have the same problem Olga! My mom can never understand why I hold on to certain things even though I don't use them.

    The flower shot is beautiful. I loved seeing all the different objects in that store. I wish I had a legit typewriter like the one you photographed. Mine is a little plain.

    I hope you're enjoying the holidays! :)

  40. Hi A Lady`s Life,
    It`s a wonderful idea - putting things far away, and remembering them later :)

    Hi hila,
    I don`t even mention books. Books are a sacred thing. Despite the fact that they are dusty and heavy - because I choose them so carefully - I would never part with them. I still remember those books we had to leave in Moscow :(

    Hi Ирен,
    Я не знаю как это происходит у других людей, но некоторое время назад я выбросила пару стареньких дизайнерских лифчиков с кружевами. Лямочки растянулись. Буквально через неделю я познакомилась с владелицей кукольной галереи и начала из любопытства учиться делать кукол. Тут я узнала, что выкинула сокровище.
    Я верю в сентиментальность. У меня хранится коробка маминых писем. Так как, читать их и один-то раз - подвиг, то хранятся они именно как сентиментальное.
    Я не верю в экономность вообще. Часто она перерастает в скупость и не ждёт пощады.

    Hi Laura.M,
    Tu eres toda la razón que seguir comprando. No por necesidad, sino por la terapia de compras:)

    Hi Keiko,
    You`re absolutely right on this subject - when you move to a new place, all the unnecessary things get thrown away. Ever since I started creating dolls from time to time, I never know what I`ll need for my next project.

    Hi Таня,
    Это любимая фраза моего мужа. Какие слёзы проливаются им над любимыми вещами! Всякое барахло летит в мусор со скоростью света. И ещё с большими сожалениями расстаётся с компьютерными книгами, предварительно рааказав историю покупки каждой из них.

    Да, у нас всё проходит те же стадии, но с бейсментом.
    Я очень люблю пространство. И парадоксально, очень люблю всякий антик. Либо хорошо сохранившийся, либо красиво постаревший.
    У нас очень много места и в Москве, и здесь, занимают книги и журналы. Но у меня рука не поднимится выкинуть журналы по чёрно-белой фотографии десятилетней давности. Ты ,я - Плюшкин?
    Помнишь как он верёвочки хранил - если три раза она вокруг пальца обернулась.

    Hi Brenda,
    Another squirrel :) I think that, sometimes, we keep things not just to use them later, but also out of sentimental considerations.

  41. да, нужен здоровый баланс. Есть памятные/важные вещи, которые не выбросишь ни под каким предлогом, это даже не вещи, а часть тебя.
    Но и нельзя давать им тобой овладевать, поддаваясь на уговоры "авось пригодится". Вот это "авось" я терпеть не могу. Уж лучше выброшу, а потом пожалею, чем буду вечно спотыкаться об нее взглядом и чувствовать, как она сжирает мое внутреннее пространство.
    И кстати, я жутко сентиментальная!)
    Я вот ношу с собой в сумочке детские записочки ко мне.

  42. Я очень легко расстаюсь с вещами, даже слишком, наверное. Мои дети иногда меня ругают за это. Но то, что связано с сентиментами, с летством моих детей - бережно храню.

  43. Dust and junks accumulate while living. I’m rather decisive which to keep or to part with but books are difficult to decide. I still keep most of them on the bookshelves in the storage. I donated some of children’s books to the nearby elementary school’s “class library”. Maybe, are you in the process of cleaning in anticipation of moving to your new home?

  44. I gather them in one place. Leave it there for a week and then return on them one by one. I always end up giving half of them to other people. The other stays with me :)

  45. Hi Ирен,
    Да, у меня тоже всякие Дашины рисуночки всегда при себе.
    Я всё, что не нравится отправляю в бейсмент. На эти выходные грядёт грандиозный выкидывательный процесс. Начиная с телека, который мы уже пять лет не смотрим и заканчивая старыми сумками. О, боже, зачем они ещё там пылятся. Прямо стыдно стало. Считай. что ты меня вдохновила.

    Hi Нила,
    Всякую детскую ерунду я тоже нежно перекладываю с места на место. Хотя, сама же дочь говорит иногда - выкинь ты уже всё это.
    Она, между прочим, взяла с собой из Москвы комиксы, которые я ей рисовала, когда она была маленькая. Теперь обхохатываемся над ними.

    Hi Yoko,
    For me, books are a sacred thing. it is absolutely impossible for me to part with any of my books. Even if I've bought them impulsively. You are right, we clean before moving :)

    Hi Kill The Cat ,
    Welcome to my blog. Thank you for the comment.
    It is because you are such a young person :) Stuff with memories is impossible to throw away.

  46. How amazing is that because I am in the midst of a Big Sort Out myself :) I have moved my kitchen table which is realy my drawing table, closer to the window and have started in that corner of The Garret, with my art supplies.

    I like my things in order and right now I must have 8 piles of college projects on various surfaces.

    Do you find it takes awhile to sort? If you are like me, you get sidetracked easily by an image, or old letter etc etc :) By Easter I might be done :) maybe ...

  47. Hi Olga, your photos are really great

  48. You might be right. :) I'm still young and it is very hard for me to let go of my things. I am 21, and I still can't let go of some things in my high school. I wanted to but I'm afraid I might forget some memories in high school. :)

  49. Hi Dolly,
    I hope that your art projects are going well, and that you have plenty of inspiration. Studying in college must be very interesting, isn't it? Don't even start with me about art supplies :)

    Hi Sergio,
    Thank you very much :) I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    Hi Kill the Cat,
    Recently, my friend visited me in Toronto. She brought our treasures from the high school days, and I found mine. Tell me that we grew up!