November 23, 2011

Five Simple Rules For Living With Cats

If you have a cat, then you may know that the first rule of living harmoniously with him is to understand that he has a tail. If you forget about the tail even for a moment, it will definitely turn up under your feet. The cat will run off with a scream, and you will spend the rest of the day (if your cat has been with you for a while) or even week (if you have acquired the cat recently) feeling like a heartless criminal, unworthy of taking care of such a noble creature.

The second rule of living with a cat is to remember that he is everywhere. You might be moving your plants into different pots when the phone rings. The cat won’t miss that moment. If he spent the last little while just sitting there, watching you spill some soil onto the newspapers you’ve spread on the floor, he’s going to leap into action and start spreading it around as soon as you look the other way. That’s the best case scenario. Worst case – he’ll use the soil and the newspapers in the way he thinks fits them most. The owners of cats will understand the significance of the words “newspapers and soil”.

The third rule of living with a cat – finding out as soon as possible what products he loves as much as you do. Because, as soon as you walk in the direction of the fridge, the cat, who, just moments ago, had been sweetly asleep under a ray of sunlight, responds like a warhorse to the call of the trumpet. If you cut a little slice of your favourite cheese and brought it towards your taste buds, you will definitely hear a loud and demanding “MEAW” before you’re able to enjoy it. While I eat olives, the cat gazes at me from below with sorrowful eyes, continuously. His facial expression reads approximately “Are you eating? Are you enjoying yourself? Meanwhile, here I am, a hungry little cat. Nobody will even give me a taste of olives.”

If we have a cantaloupe in the house, it’s enough for me to even think of cutting it open. The cat – who was happily occupied with a fly before he read my mind - runs towards me and starts meawing, “Of course you should cut it open! What are you waiting for?”

The fourth rule of living with a cat – never be nervous. Not even a little bit.

Any unusual behaviour will provoke the cat into a mild frenzy. If you are in a hurry, and are trying to pick up your things, the cat will choose to run in the same rhythm as you, shuffling under your feet and nearly getting kicked at every step. Which nobody would willingly give him. Because there is a fifth rule of living with a cat – love him no matter what.


  1. Ma che bel micione paffuto e sano! Bellissime foto! Ciao e serena serata! : )

  2. I am scared of cats and dogs.... I wish I weren´t....

  3. Che gatto meraviglioso ! Mi viene voglia di fargli tante coccole. Come sempre le tue foto sono bellissime

  4. We had a cat a few years back, knew as soon as you went for the popcorn popper, that he was getting a snack! We have one in the house now, Tiny, and if you allow her, she will sit at the table, on a chair, while you are having your coffee. I swear she thinks she is sitting there visiting right along with you. She'll even come out of hiding, when she hears the fridge open. Hubby calls me a cat-lady. I just love the personality of cats!!!

    Your kitty is gorgeous!!!

  5. Ольга, отличная инструкция любимцу кота! :)
    А ваш - красавец, рыыыыженький :)

  6. So true, all of it, Olga. I think the essential rule about living with cats is to know that the cat is the alpha in the house. As long as you are aware of that, and act accordingly, everything runs smoothly. ;-) Love your cat. That picture of him "sitting" on the bed is hysterical! -- Veronique

  7. Ha ha ha ha! Okay I understand of this cat you speak of. But, seriously Olga, you are going to eat olives in front of him. You need to share w/ him next time!;) I'm a little nervous by nature - you should see the Paso Doble with Jean Luc(my cat) and I! Jean Luc does a lot of picture number 2. I love that one. Fantastic post! =)

  8. I loved this post, Olga. It's all so true -- and the pictures of your cat are just wonderful! Your cat is so beautiful and looks like quite a character! We have three cats in residence at the moment -- from a huge 13 year old red tabby to a 4 year old black Bombay to a frisky Siamese mix who is just a little over a year old. And there's never a dull moment. Your last rule resonates most of all!

  9. Your cat is so fat :P but he's very cute!
    Looks nice :)

  10. I know that second rule, there really can be anywhere in the house !

  11. Gorgeous photos of your cat Olga dear, he is beautiful. My cat that I had for fourteen years always liked to sit as your cat has in photo two, so cute.
    I have three cats at present and yes three tails so I have to be careful where I am stepping. I have accidently stood on a tail a number of times and also tripped over a cat, sending me flying in an ungainly fashion trying get my balance.
    Mine also like the sound of the refridgerator door opening and appear from nowhere, eyes staring in a hungry way as if they are starving. I can also have any one or more of these cats on my bed at night but I don't mind as I love all of them, they are great company and give me so much.
    xoxoxo ♡

  12. Wow, この猫の表情はなんと愛らしいのでしょうか。飼い主に大事に大事に飼われているのですね!栄養も満点です!!Thank you for sharing this such cute cat!

  13. Вот это ХАРИзма!
    Наглая, рыжая, отменная морда!
    General expression, smug and superior, always gives impression of knowing more than you, and usualy does, especially about missing steak that was defrosting on the work top.

  14. So right !
    Great cat !!!
    Best regards from France,


  15. what a cute one! I especially like the picture on which he is sitting:)

  16. haha, these are so true, you are obviously a very experienced pet of numerous cats. Each one of these rings a bell with me. What lovely photos

  17. Рыжий, честный, влюбленный:)) В свою хозяйку. И хозяйка в кота:)) Взаимная любовь так и чувствуется! А мой любил оливки, то есть косточки от них:)) Смотрел такими умоляющими глазами: дайте косточку, можна две. Нет? Тогда откройте холодильник и дайте оттуда сырое яйцо, ну дайтеее:-))

  18. Recuerdo de pequeño mis padres tenian una gata y cuando criaba nos llenaba la casa de gatos, tenía que ir dando los gatitos por el vencindario.
    feliz semana.

  19. Great pictures even if I am a dog guy!

  20. Haha, you just nailed it! I never had a cat but I like my friends' cats and always play with cats, even if they are stray.

  21. Belle foto :) Hai avuto un abile e simpatico modello :) Che poi io adori i gatti s'è capito :)
    Felice serata :))

  22. Love and understand all the cat rules. Your cat is a beauty.

  23. good description. and beautiful pics!!

  24. They made me smile your rules with cats. and this phrase much more ..... If you cut a small piece of your favorite cheese and brought it to their taste buds, which will undoubtedly make a loud and demanding "miauuu" before you are able to enjoy it.
    Now I want to know how you call that beautiful cat you have ... that sure is the king of your house:))
    I have no cat

  25. Great post Olga...lovely shots and a wonderful description of living with a cat....


  26. that's a gorgeous cat. They are wonderful .:)

  27. Hi Cristina,
    Il mio gatto vi manda baci. Grazie per i complimenti per la sua bellezza incomparabile.

    Hi Colores,
    It`s too bad you`re afraid of cats and dogs. I also used to be afraid of dogs. Until I realized how to interact with them.

    Hi Tania,
    Thank you very much :) We both appreciate it.

    Hi Mary,
    Il mio gatto richiede sempre attenzione. E per essere accarezzati. I `m non contro di essa, io lo coccola molto.

    Hi Misty Meadows,
    It`s funny that the cat loved popcorn. I think animals that are loved will soon learn to speak :)

  28. Hi Nadya,
    Ужасно он у нас зависимый и любящий, чтобы на него всё время обращали внимание. Ходит за мной, когда не спит и требует ласки.

    Hi Veronique,
    Which one of your pets is the king of the house? How do they get along? I hope everything is well with you, and the children have had a chance to calm down after the event.

    Hi Sandy,
    My cat is obsessed with anything to deal with olives. How could he tell, while sleeping in the bedroom, that I am eating his favourite treat in the kitchen?

    Hi Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    Stories about pets never get boring. They always have something special. And it's true that things will never get dull with pets.

    Hi Fabio,
    He's not fat! He looks the way a spoiled house cat should :)

  29. Hi Wong,
    This cat is my first pet. So many discoveries with him every day.

    Hi Dianne,
    Hahaha! Three cats in the same house! How do they get along? This cat is the first pet I've had in my life. The experience of having him is so new and unusual.

    Hi Tomoko,
    My cat is very active. He is quite large, but we don't consider him fat. He has a balanced schedule of sleeping and running around the place throughout the day and night. To be honest, I wish he could just sleep while I'm working :)

    Hi Ирен,
    Да, харизма у нас приличная. Так как мы взяли его из приюта годовалым. то, в буквальном смысле, покупали кота в мешке. Сейчас он нас всех залюбливает постоянно и мы его тискаем с пристрастием.

    Hi Pierre,
    Thank you for the compliments about my cat. Some people consider him far. We think he`s just right!

  30. Hi Ola,
    On the picture where he is sitting, he was very sleepy :)

    Hi Jenny,
    This is my first pet. We have adopted him when he was one years old. At first, we thought we couldn`t handle taking care of him, seeing as he was very wild. Now we love him and he loves us too.

    Hi Таня,
    Как твой кот тоже оливковый маньяк? Ничего себе новости! Если они что возлюбили, то это надолго.
    Мы любим нашего сочень сильно. Взяли его из приюта. Ужас,что за животное поначалу нам досталось. Сейчас - сплошная любовь.

    Hi Ricardo,
    I `contento que podría traer de vuelta los recuerdos de su gato de la infancia :)

    Hi R. Jacob,
    I don`t differentiate between my love for cats and dogs. I love them both very much.

  31. Hi Ekaterina,
    In Canada, there are no stray cats or dogs. If they appear, they get taken in a shelter. Which is where we found our cat.

    Hi chaillrun,
    Sì, mi piace molto per scattare foto del mio gatto. Ho appena don `t sapere se lui s` felice o no:)

    Hi Gillian,
    It wasn`t always easy for me to understand cats' rules, because it's the first pet in my life.

    Hi Petra,
    Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked my favourite model :)

    Hi Laura.M,
    Our cat gives us a lot of joy, but also a lot of worry. I never thought that there would be such a creature in my life :) I love to take photos of him, but he moves too fast.

  32. Hi Trevor,
    I'm glad you liked my description. In reality, it's fun living with a cat :)

    Hi Jenette,
    Thank you for visiting and complimenting. I will tell it to my cat :)

    Hi A Lady's Life,
    Cats are wonderful creatures. They are mysterious and unpredictable.

  33. мне сложно представить, что эта рыжая харизма когда-то представляла из себя жалкий вид в приюте. Есть в жизни справедливость!
    Хочу, чтобы за мной тоже ходила такая харизма и беспрестанно требовала ласки.

  34. а можно почаще харизмы, пожааалуйста! как она ест, играет, смотрит в окно...

  35. Оля, сейчас скажу такую жалость: уже давно нет нашего Бонички (Бонифаций), ушел и не пришел, не потому что старенький был, нет. Он был в расцвете сил. Представляете, нашлись такие особи младые (лет 12-13), подстрелили из рогатки... Ой, тяжело писать((( Лучше вспоминать, какой он умничка, хорошенький и воспитанный кот был. Нам принесли его совсем манюсеньким котенком. И он с младенчества был умным и воспитаным!

  36. Smiles escaped my lips to see such nice captures of a beautiful cat. He is posing nicely for you in the second photo. I’ve never had a cat but only a dog. A dog needs more attention, while a cat takes care of himself more and is kind of aloof – that’s my impression. Now I understand the cat rules. Have happy days with him, Olga.


  37. This made me smile! Wonderful! I WANT YOUR CAT! What gorgeous photos. I now have serious cat envy.

  38. Good morning Olga, I am still playing catch up after completing our olive harvest so lots of material for me to read and enjoy here this morning. I absolutely loved this post, still miss our cats terribly, yours is a handsome chap and obviously loved the photographer's attention!

  39. Such a beautiful cat! I love your photos...

  40. There are rules for living with dogs also. These animals have it made!!!

  41. What lovely photos of a beautiful cat. I had cats all my life but had to leave them behind when I married Nigel - he is allergic to them, particularly short haired :((( Diane

  42. Aww, what adorable photos, thanks so much for sharing!

  43. Hi Ирен,
    Видишь ли, наше высочество не всегда хочет фотографироваться. Он смотрит с подозрением на камeру и иногда в фокусe остаётся только хвост.

    Hi Таня,
    Ваш котик в раю. Где нет жестокости, даже случайной.

    Hi Yoko,
    It`s not easy, living with cats. But it is very interesting. I`ve never had a pet before. At the moment, it`s a bit of a challenge, but I also get a lot of joy and fun.

    Hi Talli,
    I`m not surprised that you are jealous of our cat. Right before he appeared in our lives, I also liked to cuddle and pet other people`s cats.

    Hi Lindy,
    I`m glad you have finished harvesting. I think that every person who`s ever had a beloved pet will miss them very much.

  44. Hi Nat,
    I`ll pass these compliments to my cat. He loves attention :)

    Hi lilylovekin,
    I`m sure that there are lots of rules for living with dogs...but they must be more consistent :)

    Hi Diane,
    Allergies are a major concern for anybody considering getting a pet. I have many friends who can`t keep pets for that reason.

    Hi Romance Reader,
    I`ll say hello to my cat from me...he is very romantic!

  45. That is one heck of a cutie you have their.

  46. Oh, your kitty is much like my wonderful and dearly-missed orange-and-white cat, Bleecker. He was the sweetest cat I ever had (shhhh, little Willow is asleep on my lap and she would not like that comparison). Your pictures are wonderful! So is your commentary, which could have been written by a cat if a cat chose to write! Hey....what is this with cantaloupe? Does your kitty like cantaloupe? Amazing! I will have to remember to offer some to ours.

    This is my chant to my beloved cats: Kitties are the very best of everything that ever was, and ever will be. ^.^

  47. There are no stray cats or dogs in Finland either, so I have to compensate in Moscow :)

  48. Clever eyes!!!Very beautiful colour!!She is a star!!Congratulations for the photos!!!kisses from Greece!

  49. Oh Olga what a purrfectly purrfect post to read on a wet and windy Irish night. Purrfect for curling up with a cat :) Deniska looks absolutely gorgeous I so want to give him a scratch by his ears. Every word you said above is so true!

    I was cat sitting last week, two cats from next door who stay with Auntie Dolly now and then. I know from past experience that a) the only reason I could possibly be going into the kitchen for, is to feed them b) to move my largest plant outside the flat into the hallway or it will be pulled over in the night c) all over plants to be kept in the shower cubicle with the doors closed or the cats will do a spot of gardening when I am not looking.

    BUT this visit I found out I also need to keep the empty wine bottle with peacock feathers in it, in the shower too or the feathers will be mysteriously chewed!

    A really lovely post and sorry I am late to the parade X

  50. Hi Randy,
    Thank you for the compliments. I will pass them to my cat :)

    Hi Lydia,
    Cantaloupes are the fruit that, if they appear in the house, the whole family want it, including the cat. He just loves them :) I will definitely take a photo of him greedily devouring a slice. The cantaloupe needs to be really ripe :)

    Hi Ekaterina,
    Around our house in Moscow, there was a whole gang of stray cats that we used to feed.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    I`m glad you liked our pet - a spoiled, but very sweet cat.

    Hi Dolly,
    I always keep in mind, when making a post about Deniska, that you will read it, and be happy :) I don`t know a person who loves cats as much as you do.

  51. How true and how well you know me dear Olga. I came back tonight for a quick peek at the photos again. You are right, photos of cats make me so very happy. Your Deniska makes me think so much of my late Murphy Harold, different colour but the same size and look about him.

    I have just been asked, by another neighbour in the building, if I can look after their tabby kitten Juno when they go to Portugal for a week. Of course I said yes, yes, yes!

    So all the plants and breakables will need to go back into the shower cubicle again :)

  52. Oh, sweet! And such dear photos!