November 20, 2011


The calendar is stubbornly indicating that it is November.

Every day is new, and it brings new duties, responsibilities, joys, and impressions. The memories of the past summer are reserved for long winter evenings. That’s where they belong. Except for a few short moments – for the duration of an elevator ride – when, all of a sudden, you can see tree branches before your eyes, swaying in the wind, bent down under the weight of peaches. Or, sometimes, it may seem like springtime rain is knocking on your window, and you expect the smell of fresh grass to follow.

Without even putting much effort into thinking about it you can feel an almost physical presence of the things that surrounded these warm moments.

The days have gotten much shorter, while the light is strange, and leaves too soon. It slips away from us. Hides behind the corner. In the morning, it doesn’t want to get up, and it pulls the blanket of grey clouds over itself. You can go out to High Park with your camera, as I did recently, and say firmly, several times, “I would like it to be sunny!”

The sun will appear briefly, when your walk is almost over, and you are standing in front of your door. You are about to touch the doorknob, in order to slip into the warm building. And then you feel a ray of sunlight touching your shoulder, telling you not to be upset.

It was a great summer!


  1. How can you ever move away from the beauty of High Park?

    I love the beauty of old clocks!

  2. omg! color is faiding... beautiful photos, though. I like the second to last one particularly. Greetings from afar,

  3. Hello Olga,
    What a wonderful series!
    The clock trees, the river, the flowers, the dog ...
    A photography class, an art class!
    A hug, I'm your fan

  4. Wonderful November images. I love them.
    (We've got beavers, too.)
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the last shot! Chows are so cute.

  6. Love all the photos especially the old clock and the dog. Thanks for visiting blog and leaving a message.

  7. Оля, чудесная подборка фотографий. Они изысканные своей простотой и элегантностью: ничего нельзя отобрать и нечего добавить.Класс!
    Да, летом я скучаю по снегу, зимой тоскую по нежному теплу. Один год мы пошли спать в радужных 20 градусах, а проснулись к нулю. И больше термометр не рос. Осень обошла нас стороной.
    Поднимаю каппучино за много теплых лет впереди. Cheers!
    Интересно, а как бы было жить в постоянном лете, Гавайи, например?:))

  8. Very nice old clock,
    There is a lovely série too...


  9. красота то какая! Спасибо!
    Чудесна возможность испытывать разнообразие и всегда его хотеть. На Гаваях хорошо, но мне бы стопудово хотелось на Крисмас в Лапландию)

  10. The arrows are in the old clock, which means all again soon blossom and new green leaves. But the winter is good too!

  11. It sure was a great summer - and now I hope for a great winter, however not that snowy as it seems. My boys want snow but I´m OK with the unusual warmth of this season. I would hope for some snow to Christmas though, but actually doubt that this year...

  12. Ce n'est plus l'été...
    Mais ces couleurs d'automne sont tellement belles!...
    Bonne semaine, Olga!

  13. I find November a very tiring month what with the shortening days, miserable weather and heavy financial demands. The year starts falling apart and it takes a while to get used to the new order of darkness, rain and cold.

  14. Olga, thank you, thank you!!! all that are so beautiful!!! you have a very beautiful town and a fantastic park!!! I can not understand your little sunshine's days, because we have sunshine, during all our long day!! I remember my lovely grandpapa, with your old clock! He had one like this and I hold it!Kisses from Greece.

  15. Wonderful
    Thank you for sharing

  16. the nature pictures are stunning.. but the clock is so out of memory lane and the cappuccino so inviting !!

  17. and even the dog has autumn colors now:)

  18. Love that dog!

    It was a great summer, wasn't it? It does seem a chill is setting in now. In three weeks' time, I'll be home in Nova Scptia! I can't wait!

  19. What a summer it was. I miss it already. Lovely shots Olga. Perfect gold tones for the fall. I bet you know which picture is my favorite ;-) -- Veronique (French Girl in Seattle()

  20. Какой чудесный будильник, и собакис рыжий, и пенка на каппучино...
    В осень есть своя прелесть, это время подумать, подвести итоги, составить новые планы, понежиться под теплым пледом.
    Хорошей вам осени, Ольга!

  21. Since there are only two seasons in the desert- it's nice to see what the 4 seasons look like...
    through your thoughts and lens. Beautiful words and photos. =)

  22. I like the caress of the sun's rays on an autumn day:))
    Beautiful photos, Olga.

  23. Wonderful words and images as usual, Olga. That dog is too cute for words :)
    I hope you have a great week!

  24. Olga, I love your photos..they give me so much peace of mind

  25. You know I really fell in love with that battered old alarm clock! It is so full of character....

  26. I agree with Jenny. That is an antique looking clock! I like it.

  27. Gorgeous Autumn/Fall images, such lovely textures and colours dear Olga. I love the old clock and your writing is always amazing.
    xoxoxo ♡

  28. Hi R. Jacob,
    Don`t put salt on my wounds! :) I`ll visit as often as I can.

    Hi Jorge,
    I`m a little jealous of you. You must always have good weather. Thank you for your comment.

    Hi Antonio,
    In my art class, right now, there are autumn colours - they are beautiful, but a little sad :)

    Hi Rick,
    Beavers have appeared here recently. You can immediately sense their presence by the evidence left from their teeth :)

    Hi Randy,
    Yes, they are very cute. And very friendly.

  29. Hi Helen,
    I`m glad you liked my photos, despite the fact that the autumn theme is a little sad.

    Hi kopeechki,
    Теперь весь наш пезаж до самого снега будет очень и очень минималистичен.
    Ты знаешь, когда мы были с дочкой на Сент Мартене, то задали вопрос - как это жить в месте. где всегда тепло. Ответ был таков - скучно. Они приезжют зимой к нам в Канаду, представляешь ?

    Hi Pierre,
    Thank you. I find that these pictures are calm but a little melancholy.

    Hi 1-2Punch,
    Yes, indeed :)

    Hi Ирен,
    Кристмас - это святое. Хочется белого Рождества. Причём всегда!!!!

  30. Hi Duncan,
    This alarm clock is the star of my collection :)

    Hi Yuri,
    Yes, winter is good. I enjoy it very much. We`re waiting for it.

    Hi tinajo,
    I agree with your boys. I am also waiting for snow. Right now, the landscape is a little monotonous outside the window. Grey-brown tones. There is a certain charm in that, but snow is definitely more exciting.

    Hi Richard,
    Les couleurs sont vraiment belles. Ils se ressemblent, il ya moins de variété, mais les tons sont toujours luxueux.

    Hi Sarah,
    November can be different over here; this year, it is really lovely. I hope your November isn`t too bad!

  31. Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    Winter is quite long over here. Just recently, I was looking through my photos from Greece, with a lot of nostalgia.

    Hi BranNewStudio,
    Thank you for the lovely words :)

    Hi Anni
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog. What day is without cappuccino? :)

    Hi Ola,
    I'm so glad you noticed that the dog also has this colour. That's why I chose him!

    Hi Fabio,
    I love this breed of dog. They are beautiful and friendly.

  32. Hi Pet,
    I've always been envious of poets...not sure if I qualify as one.

    Hi Talli,
    In Nova Scotia, there will probably soon be amazing winter weather. Looking forward to your report; take as many pictures as you can!

    Hi Veronique,
    Your favourite picture...let me see :)

    Hi Nadya,
    Сейчасу нас всё в одном тоне - листва, собаки. И даже мой кот:) Вам тоже волшебной осени!

    Hi Sandy,
    You can't imagine how much joy I get from looking at your photos of the desert and reading your posts. For me, it's like a different planet, and you are an insider :)

  33. Hi Laura.M,
    I already wish for winter, snow, Christmas :)

    Hi Marisa,
    Thank you. The dog was really wonderful. He posed very patiently :)

    Hi Mary,
    There is definitely calmness right now in High Park. Nature is awaiting winter and snow.

    Hi Jenny,
    Can you imagine how many people were woken up by the clock, to go to school or to work? :)

    Hi Tomoko,
    I also love old clocks. Regardless of whether they are functional or not. They always show a moment frozen it time.

    Hi Dianne,
    Thank you very much for noticing the variety of textures. It is the main attraction in High Park right now.

  34. Despite the lack of sun your photos are stunning. Even the chow has its winter colours on :) Diane

  35. Здравствуй, Оля! Хорошее осеннее настроение сквозит на твоих фотографиях. Хотя будильничек выглядит уже даже по-зимнему, все равно в природе еще много ярких красок:) Мне очень понравились сухие былинки, безлиственные ветки деревьев на фоне серого неба или их отражение в воде, рябь волн на реке - графика природы. Но есть и классическая живопись. Одни только ягодки как хороши! А бобры, смотрю, продолжают работать, не боятся осени!:)) Спасибо, Оля, за прогулку))

  36. Hi Diane,
    I`m glad you noticed that the chow is in winter colours :) I hope you get well soon. Take care of your cough!

    Hi Tisa,
    Настроение хорошее - это правда. Ко мне возвращается моё чувство юмора. А вместе с ним и общественная жизнь. Одно жалко, что сезон носовых платков здесь уже открылся. А как обстоят дела у вас?
    Бобры у нас появились только в этом году. И уже погрызли кучу деревьев. Как они мигрируют в пределах такого большого города, представить невозможно.
    Спасибо за добрые слова о фотографиях! Это вдохновляет на подвиги :)

  37. oh my, that dog is adorable! it's getting warm on my side of the world, I'm getting jealous reading all these winter posts because I love winter.

  38. Hi, Olga! I think I know how you feel about your November from your writing. Weather really affects our emotion and it is quite different between your place and mine. Our summer is miserably hot and humid (really sub-tropical) and our November is just comfortable autumn though sun sets early and abruptly. Our autumn foliage would peak in a week or so. I see beautiful late November of muted colors through your fabulous photography as always. Have happy days ahead.


  39. Ой, Оля, у нас тоже открылся "сезон носовых платков". В понедельник младшего сына отправили их колледжа домой с (пардон) соплями и температуркой, а вчера старший начал чихать. А погода, можно сказать, чисто ноябрьская - листьев на деревьях почти нет, солнце по утрам вынуждено пробиваться из-за тумана аж до обеда. Вот чувство юмора только и может спасти:)) Всего хорошего!

  40. I love November and even if this wants to say that the time passes and therefore another year, must be happy because is coming Christmas! Have a nice day...

  41. Hi hila,
    I also really love winter. Particularly when it is snowing. Winter opens up all of its beauty for us. However, in Canada, it can get very long :)

    Hi Yoko,
    November is really very special. It's only one step away from winter. I already anticipate it, because there will be the holidays, snow, and many winter activities.

    Hi Tаня,
    Передавай своим мальчикам горячий привет из Канады. Пусть поправляются! Остаётся надеяться на лучшее, когда приходит этот сезон. Так радуешься праздникам и так неприятно, когда все эти вирусы гуляют.

    Hi ne mora ne bionda,
    You are absolutely right. When Christmas is coming, I wish I could hurry time. I have always considered November a special month :)

  42. Looove those November colors and gorgeous pictures!