May 30, 2011

A Tour of French Roofs and Windows with Dolly and Olga

A long time ago, I realized that I have an endless fascination with roofs. Please note that, at the same time, I am terrified of heights. Luckily, I don't need to crawl down the roofs, dying of fear - I can just photograph them from a safe distance. Over the years, I have gathered an extensive collection of roofs. However I hope my mother will never know how I managed to get a shot of some of them.

Thanks to the Internet, I have managed to meet this wonderful lady - Dolly's Art of Daydreaming

 We have decided to create a collaborative post about France. Not just about France in general, but about our specific impressions - in my case, of roofs, and, in her case, of windows. We also decided to add a few things of our choice. I think we have managed to put together an exciting walk, although that's really up to you to decide.


This weekend, a lot of different things happened. I learned so much new information, and interesting events just wouldn't stop happening. I took part in the Toronto event called Doors Open, so, in a short bit of time, you will see what happens inside a Masonic Temple; in a beautiful ruined hall that had seen the Queen Mother and John Lennon and Yoko Ono; the first tiny post office in Toronto; the view from the 54th floor of a famous bank designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.  


  1. Sigh...these are absolutely lovely Olga! If I win that Lotto :) I shall fly you over and we can wander around Paris with our cameras ok.

  2. Amazing photograph Olga. Hard to pick a favorite but I would have to say it would be the one of the two guys walking and the one is carrying his violin.

  3. Ольга, я согласна, что крыши - это очень интересно.
    В каждой стране, городе - они свои.
    В первый раз увидев Стамбул при посадке самолета, я поразилась, насколько дома этого города отличаются от мне привычных.
    Пост очень понравился. Даже находясь в каком-то месте, не всегда поднимешь голову, чтобы посмотреть наверх, а крыши Франции того стоят

  4. Going to Paris just before sleeping suits me... I may be dreaming of croissants and an allongé... :)
    Best of weeks to you, Olga!! XXX

  5. I had a most enjoyable walk through Paris with you and memories came back to me of this wonderful city!:-)

  6. Wonderful collaboration. Great idea!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hello Olga:
    What a wonderful sequence of most unusual and exciting images which we have so enjoyed looking at. But where were you indeed to capture some of these pictures?

    Already we are looking forward to 'Doors Open'. This is all such fun.

  8. This is a really interesting perspective of Paris! Fantastic photos as always, it's like I'm there.

  9. wonderful selection of roofs in this beatiful city! I appreciate that I have also a view from my window over a roof, a bit more modest but still with an interesting sculpture

  10. What a great idea. How exciting! You are always dreaming my dear dreamer :-)

  11. Ahhhhhh Olga what amazing and magic tour!!!!
    love love loooove your pictures!!!

    A big hug,

  12. A beautiful sightseen on this wonderful French architecture!

  13. Fantastic! What is it about rooftops - the allure - the detail, texturs and shapes. I adore them ... and also have a fear of heights.

    When I am next in Valencia, I must photograph some rooftops for you. I always walk with my head tilted to their outlines against the sky and am in danger of being mown down by cars and people alike, but still they fascinate. Thank you for this wonderful collaberation!
    ¡Me gusta mucho!

  14. GREAT roofs selection. I do also have a thing for roofs. ALways my head looking up!! kisses

  15. bonjour la France ! France is beautiful and
    your shots too !

  16. So many wonderful images Olga, not just the roofs and windows, France is such a beautiful mix of architectural contrasts ... I loved my walk, thank you. :)

    xoxoxo ♡

  17. Amazing photographs, Olga. Love all of that beautiful architecture. And I just had to chuckle and the laundry hanging outside of the window. :) Happy Tuesday!

  18. Je sens dans tes photos la France, sourire...
    bises Olga

  19. I think from the pictures you find the buildings and the people that inhabit them most enjoyable.

  20. Many types of roofs, and each is otherwise interesting. Really going to recognize the style of French or English. They are so diverse, charming. Also, the attic windows have their own charm. What conceal human lives. Thank you for the opportunity to visit and for your comments. Greetings! Peter.

  21. An enjoyable sequence of photos of a city I like very much, thanks :)

  22. Wonderful! I love Paris. I was there in april. I´m afraid of hights too... But I like your views!!

  23. Wonderful collection of roofs. I love looking out over Paris from the Sacre Coeur; that's got to be one of my favourite views ever.

  24. Wonderfull set of windows...but not Windows Vista.
    It´s all rigth. ;-))))
    And be carefully with heights...!!
    greetings at ground

  25. This is such a beautiful collaboration of rooftops and windows!

  26. I'm absolutely terrified of heights too, so I'm very impressed that you're able to take such good rooftop photos! Stunning, as always.

  27. Beautiful and wonderful array of fine frames for roofs. there are really precious. A very original idea. Lovely all the photos. I'm happy for the weekend has been so productive. Greetings.

  28. Hello Olga,
    amazing tour!!!
    Very, very beutiful photos!

  29. Ooooh - I LOVE this, it´s just like I was there with you! Great shots! :-)

  30. these are all interesting photos...i also take pictures of windows and doors a lot, haha!

  31. Hi Dolly,
    I'm glad our project has finally come to be realized. I visited your blog several times to have a look at the magnificent French windows, which I miss so much.

    Hi Randy,
    These photos were taken four years ago. We listened to those musicians, and when they started to disperse, I took these photos.

    Hi once in a blue moon,
    It's one of my favourite occupations as well :)

    Hi tattina,
    Эта одна из моих слабостей - фотографировать и исследовать крыши в разных странах. Иногда, умирая от страха, забираюсь на них и любуюсь видом с верху.

    Hi Lena,
    I'm glad you enjoyed my photos. All these views of Paris are some of the best things to calm down before you go to bed :) Sweet dreams!

  32. Hi Monika,
    I also love Paris. For me, one picture is enough to feel like I'm back in that place :)

    Hi Laura,
    We thought of this idea a long time ago. I'm glad we finally realized it, and that you enjoyed it.

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    Some of the photos were taken from the upper floor of a double-decker bus. Some were taken from a hotel window. Some from the balcony of Musee D'Orsay. And some from actual roofs!

    Hi Spangle,
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's a chance to refresh my memory :)

    Hi Ola,
    You're so lucky you have such a wonderful view. Even if it's modest, seeing it every day must be great.

  33. Hi Pet,
    Oh, I just can't help it! Dreaming of Paris is always pleasant.

    Hi Elena,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. A compliment from such an excellent photographer is so encouraging :)

    Hi Mauricio Sapata,
    French architecture gives room not only for artists and photographers, but also for dreamers fro all over the world :)

    Hi aguja,
    Yes, I'll be awaiting your post from Valencia. It would really be great to find out what sort of roofs and balconies there are.

    Hi Colores,
    I'm glad we have so much in common. I also love roofs and colours :) I also tend to walk around with my head raised.

  34. Hi Marty,
    I was so worried about how the French side of my audience will perceive this post. I'm glad you liked it!

    Hi Dianne,
    I'm not sure if it was a walk - maybe it was more of a flight :)

    Hi Sophia,
    The laundry outside the window was captures on Montmartre. Maybe it was the laundry of some artist :)

    Hi Jean-Philippe,
    Thank you! I really, really miss France :(

    Hi R. Jacob,
    It's really interesting to imagine who lives under those roofs.

  35. Hi Peter,
    The distinctive trait of French roofs is the balconies, which were inhabited by servants. In our time, who wouldn't love to live in one of those nooks?

    Hi Lindy,
    Paris is really a holiday that is always with you, no matter where you live.

    Hi Martina,
    I see we have quite a lot of people in this community who are afraid of heights. I'm glad to know I'm not alone :)

    Hi Talli,
    It really is an incredible view; I just love it. And I love the air around that place!

  36. Hi Gabriel Vecino,
    I try to be careful when it comes to height. I prefer it when somebody guards me at that moment :)

    Hi Lynda,
    Thank you; we really tried :)

    Hi hila,
    It's really strange - where does this fear come from? I have a friend who used to do rock climbing, but is now afraid to even stand on a chair.

    Hi Leovi,
    Just you wait - you haven't seen my roof collections from other countries :P

    Hi Antonio,
    Thank you very much. I looked over my own post a bunch of times :)

  37. Hi tinajo,
    I'm glad you liked it. Being with me is sometimes dangerous :) Especially when I climb roofs.

    Hi Krystal,
    More posts about roofs from different countries are coming. Stay tuned and safe :)

    Hi Pierre,
    Thank you! I miss France a lot.

  38. These are excellent Olga! I've never been to Paris but it feels like I have now. Do this again please, it was fun :^)

  39. I really, really, really want to travel right now. I get a bit of it on your blog, and it makes me hungry to leave the architecturally bland mid-west. Sigh.

  40. Your roof shots are amazing.

    I didn't even know roofs can look so good in photographs ♥

  41. Olga you have done an amazing job, your photos are fantastic. I will join you and Dolly on the walk around Paris :-) Diane

  42. Hello.
    Sharing a moment of peace.
    It is a joy for all.

    Thank you for the warmth of your heart.
    Have a good weekend...

    From Saga, Japan.

  43. Hi Olga, thanks for visiting and comment. About your question, I will say that the street was there with those colors, I just shot my camera. The blue hour is magic.
    I invite you to visit my new blog, there are only photography of concerts. I´m sure that it will like you:

  44. These are so beautiful!!!


  45. Wow. GORGEOUS photos! I looked at your paintings, too. Lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. ;)

  46. Hi Doug,
    You see, Paris is full of endless subjects for photography. I'm glad my choice appealed to you. Of course, I have lots more in my secret vault :)

    Hi Lydia,
    I understand completely, the urge to travel. Sometimes you want to drop everything and go see something new and experience new feelings.

    Hi Ann,
    I especially like the views from the roofs; not just the roofs themselves. I must be a real romantic :)

    Hi Diane,
    I hope I'll have that chance in real life - for us to go for a walk together. Doesn't even matter where :)

    Hi ruma,
    Thank you; I'm glad you enjoyed my roof series :)

  47. Hi Melina,
    Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your compliment.

    Hi Gabriel,
    Thank you for your response. Your photo looks like you took it while lying on your stomach. I'm glad I've found your blog.

    Hi tywo,
    Thank you so much. I was sure that these Paris roofs would appeal to a fairy :)

    Hi lbdiamond,
    Thank you. I appreciate that you've gone so far as to look at my paintings :)

  48. What a beautiful series of photographs – I would have a hard time picking one out. For years when I went back to Paris to visit my mother I did not have a camera because France was home and I was not a tourist. Now I wish I had taken more shots as I have very little. Yours are excellent.

  49. This post is a great delight to me and beautiful in every possible way a blog post can be beautiful! Excellent images! I want to see France so badly some day...
    Speaking of collaborations, I have enjoyed the youtube channel of a young man who sings multi-part acapella by himself. He has collaborated a few times with a young woman who has a large youtube following. I think you will love this French song they did. As of June 1, they have launched their own joint channel called CookiePine, where they will produce a new song the first day of each new month. :)

  50. Paris seems such a wonderful city, I hope I have the chance to visit it one day. These photos are truly amazing,a delight to the eye.Thanks for sharing them!Have a great weekend :)

  51. I'm so glad too of my favourite bloggers came up with this concept. I loved both of your blog entries. Wonderful stuff. :-)

  52. Thank you for this tour I loved every second, beautiful roof shots and I can understand your fascination.

  53. Hi Vagabonde,
    I think that France always gives you incredible feelings. Also, Paris is different for different people. I'd love to find out what kind of Paris is "your" Paris.

    Hi Lydia,
    Thank you very much for the amazing project that you have introduced me to. It contains the most important things - a purely human, tender, romantic sensibility without anything commercialized.

    Hi M@risa,
    If you get to visit it, Paris will definitely bring you many wonderful moments, which will eventually grow into wonderful memories.

    Hi Happy Frog and I,
    Promise that, when you go to Paris, you will take photos of three roofs that you have liked the most.

    Hi Henrietta,
    Thank you for visiting. I'm glad that my fascination with roofs intrigued you.

  54. Hi Olga

    When I first saw your posting about the French roofs, I did not read it at first. I waited until my daughter Madeline was here to view it with me. She is hoping one day to visit France. Your photos got the bug to bite a wee bit more!! We both thoroughly enjoyed the pictures! We had to many that we loved to choose a favourite one!!


  55. Hi Cheryl,
    When I fist visited Paris, I was without my family. I was very sad, and Paris didn't agree with me :) Right now, I'm crazy about it. It's one of the most impressive cities in the world. Your daughter will certainly find her own version of Paris.

  56. There's quite a lot of fun stuff to see in roofs. There are lots of cool architectural accents such as gargoyles, ornaments, weather-vanes, domes - the list can be endless. Of course, there's also the view you get when you stand on a roof, but even a ground-level view is quite satisfying.
    -Norbert Floth-

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