May 17, 2011

Quiet thoughts about the weather

The whole time that I’ve spent in Toronto so far after returning from Saint Martin, it has been rainy and overall quite gloomy. No, there were a couple of sunny days, when I went out to take photos of blooming trees. Lately, the forecasts have not been inspiring. And, as it often happens with uninspiring forecasts, it gets confirmed each day. The gray skies and the constantly pouring rain brings up the thoughts that this state of affairs will never end, and that sunshine has forgotten about Toronto.

At first, I thought of getting mad at the weather. Then I changed my mind. Now I’m waiting until we can come to an agreement, and the weather might allow me to visit one of my favourite places in Ontario – the Royal Botanical Gardens. When that time comes, I will definitely exhaust you with my photos of flowers!


  1. I can relate to your rainy weather. Makes all your happy memories of Saint Martin "sunnier."

    So . . . is everyone jealous of your fantastic tan?


  2. Hi Olga

    Please send rain to Alberta. Desperately needed! Love the shots of the flowers and young love! Looking forward to your botanical pics!!


  3. Lovely shots! Kisses my dear friend!

  4. Hello Olga,
    I love this sequence of photos - I felt walking in this beautiful park, flowers, love, people lounging ...
    That's more than photography - art!

  5. Действительно, иногда просто надо поменять отношение к чему-то. Дождливая погода к радости не располагает, но можно в дождливый день обрести спокойствие.
    Фотографии замечательные, особенно красивы люди!

  6. Dear Olga,
    thanks for your comment.
    Very beautiful photos!!!So much joy of life!!!
    The real life is so beautiful.

  7. I seem to have passed that age of romantic with my wife ... the weather is so unpredictable.
    Olga, a sweet series !

  8. I love these pics.
    You take wonderful people candids!

  9. Ces photos d'arbres en fleurs et d'amoureux sont magnifiques, Olga! Vraiment, c'est le printemps, la saison des amours, et tous les espoirs sont permis.

  10. Hello Olga:
    It is rather reassuring to learn that Canadians are as taken up with the weather as the British. But then, it is an important element of all our lives for it so often determines what we do, and when.

    However, you have made up for the grey skies over Ontario with these lovely spring-like pictures which are a joy to look at.

    Since returning to Budapest two days ago we have enjoyed wall to wall blue skies. We hope that they reach you soon.

  11. Siellä on täysi kesä.
    Hieno kesäinen kuva-sarja.
    Onnellisia ihmisiä ja aurinkoa...
    Mahtavan väristä kukka loistoa...!

  12. We also need rain in a big way it is soooooo dry here. Lovely photos and the blossoms are beautiful. Diane

  13. It seems to be a very romantic place - after all, we are having spring:)

  14. A beautiful selection of photographs, thank you for the 'walk in the park' ... I love outdoor wedding photos, especially in the sunshine.

    xoxoxo ♡

  15. What a wonderful set of photos!:)The weather is so unpredictable these days...after the weekend it turned cold and rainy here again too.
    Wishing you a good day :)

  16. Oh, I think it would be hard to be exhausted by pictures of flowers. I could look at them for ages. And these ones are gorgeous. I particularly love the third one down!

  17. Such beautiful photos as ever. It is such a pleasure to come to your blog when I have a rare spare few minutes these days and see what you have been up to. Lovely! :-)

  18. Hello.
    The calm atmosphere embraces your excellent works.

    The prayer for a great peace of mind ...

    Good Day.
    Dear hug, From Japan.

  19. what a beautiful serie of images !
    love all of them !

  20. Lovely spring -like photos! I have friends in TO and they've been moaning about the weather and how rainy it's been. I hope things get better soon!

  21. Hi Rick,
    Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to demonstrate my fantastic tan, under the layers of warm clothing that I am forced to wear :(

    Hi goodnufrach,
    I'm terrified of your unfortunate weather circumstances. I send rain and good vibes in your direction.

    Hi Gisa,
    Thank you, dear friend. This year, springtime is unusual.

    Hi once in a blue moon,
    Yes, love is in the air, and love is everywhere.

    Hi Antonio,
    Thank you for your encouragement. I'm not never sure I deserve it. But it's a great boost for me.

  22. Hi tattina,
    За десять лет нашего пребывания в Канаде, первый раз случается такая дождливая и холодная весна. Дождь идёт каждый день. Уж лучше попытаться его полюбить:)

    Hi Pierre,
    Thank you; I'm glad you liked it.

    Hi Meglena,
    I'm glad we have the same opinion on beauty in real life. It is the very purpose of my photo sessions all the time.

    Hi Wong,
    Romance really can be found in everyday life :)

    Hi Laura,
    I'm sure they were all aware that I was taking photos. I'm not so good at blending in :) And they were posing a little bit.

  23. Hi Richard,
    Lorsque, si ce n'est pas au printemps, faut-il commencer la chasse pour les couples romantiques à la photographie:)?

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    Thank you for the well wishes for the weather. We really need them. In ten years that I've lived here, it's the first time that the spring is so cold and rainy.

    Hi Eko,
    Pyrin ottamaan kuvia kauniista asioista arkielämässä. Toivon sää muuttuu paremmaksi.

    Hi Diane,
    I'm sorry that you have this dry weather. Looking forward to your new photos about your gardening.

    Hi Ola,
    It's true that you really need to look on the bright side of life. Spring has finally arrived :)

  24. Hi Dianne,
    I love outdoor photos, and I enjoy being a bit of a paparazzo if there's an opportunity :)

    Hi Nikki Kendall,
    I hope you're right. I feel renewed already. Enough with the rain!

    Hi M@risa,
    Isn't it great to feel the many possibilities that good weather will give us, including photography and outdoor sport.

    Hi The Blogger Formerly Known As,
    I'm also a little bit addicted to "easy-peasy" flower pictures. I can't get enough of them :)

    Hi Pet,
    "Flower girl" is my second name for this season :)

  25. Hi Happy Frog and I,
    I wish you all the best, and success in whatever you're busy with.

    Hi ruma,
    Thank you! All the photos are from High Park, right next to where I live. It is a truly special and relaxing place.

    Hi Marty,
    Thank you for the lovely words.

    Hi Talli,
    It seems that all the good vibes that my blogger friends have sent me are finally working. I can see a small patch of blue in the sky :)

  26. WOW, what a beautiful place! You captured it so well. I want to see your photos when you visit the Royal Botanical Gardens :)

    I can relate, It's always so disappointing when I want to go out with my camera and it's raining!

  27. Lovely words and wonderful shots, specially the flowers.
    A gift for you, with love:
    Enjoy the poems of Neruda in Spanish.
    A warm hug.

  28. Hi Young at Heart,
    Thank you for visiting, and for your lovely words :)

    Hi Brenda,
    I'm glad that you're enjoying my posts. It's very inspiring for me. It gives me a boost to continue trying to photograph even in the rainy weather.

    Hi teca,
    Thank you for this link. Neruda was one of the poets who was accessible in Soviet Russia. I don't know whether the translation was good or not. But I can describe him with one word - "passionate".

  29. I really like the candid shots of people that you excel in Olga. It is hard not to let weather affect us. As I type this the wild wind outside threatens to blow the trees in the churchyard (so close it seems I can touch them) into my window! But luckily no sign of the famous Irish rain today :)

  30. Hi Dolly,
    I love rain. Isn't it the best topic for the decent conversations :)?
    I am really glad that you liked my photos!