May 27, 2011

Blogging for Fame and Fortune

Since I’m relatively new in the world of blogging, I try to read any materials I can find on the subject; anything that might help me avoid falling flat on my face (having slipped on a banana peel, of course). After all, falling flat on my face in front of so many people from all over the world isn’t quite the same thing as falling flat on my face in front of the neighbours’ balcony while they are busy watching the Victoria Day fireworks. What was I talking about? Oh right – blogging.

I have come across a book with a rather promising title – Blogging for Fame and Fortune by Jason R. Rich.

Yes, yes! Now I know exactly what I want. Although some people still insist that all we need is love. I’d like to ask them a question – and then what? What is the next step? Fame and fortune – that’s what. All to be achieved through blogging.

So, what must I do, then?

“For your blog to ultimately achieve success, you'll want to carefully and thoroughly define your target audience and then cater to that audience's wants, needs , desires, interests and personality.”

Oh my! Already, it`s not easy. So many different kinds of people get in touch with me. They have different interests, lifestyles, and experiences. What does the book have to say on the subject?

“You can more narrowly define this audience by focusing on just male or female golfers, golfers who earn a specific income, golfers who live or play golf in a specific geographic region, people who are members of a private golf club, golfers who are retired, or golfers who are left-handed, for example.”

I wonder if there are any left-handed golfers among my readers. But what does this have to do with anything? Oh, right – fame and fortune.

“Doing your market research. Approach your research from different angles. First, focus on the blog idea or subject matter itself and to whom it will appeal. Next, research your competition: what approach are other bloggers taking?”

Seriously, what market is there for my story about my grandmother’s cat? I need to find out. I feel like fame and fortune are getting closer with every breath I take.

Next point – my competition. The question is – who do I consider as such? Everybody who owns a camera, or everybody who writes about art? Or maybe I should even include everybody who shares their thoughts and memories. I have to get this done – find and identify my competitors. Would anybody like to volunteer?

“Giving your blog a catchy name or title.”

I must admit, I really like my title. Although I’m not so sure as to how catchy it is. I didn’t think strategically, and now it’s too late. It seems that my shot at fame and fortune might be in serious jeopardy. Do you find my blog title catchy? Please tell me you do.

“Finding your blogging voice and attitude.”

Attitude? Right. Of course, if somebody gives me attitude, I can give mine back. Although it seems that my attitude reserves are depleting, as the years go passing by. If I were still a teenager, things would be different.

"Your blog's voice should also give your audience a firm indication of what they can expect from your blog in terms of its content."

I don’t even know what to say. I might be risking my reputation here, but my voice and attitude will probably change depending on the subject and circumstances. I can just see the ship with the name FAME AND FORTUNE painted on the side sailing away in an unknown direction.

“Keeping your blog new and fresh.”

The ship just changed its course and is now headed back to the port. I can GUARANTEE you that this point will be fulfilled. Taking my own (admittedly short-term) experience as an example, I can tell you that consistency and novelty are two of the most important traits in blogging, or almost any project for that matter. If you’re tired and have no ideas, you should let your readers know that you’re tired and have no ideas. Lest they think that you have fallen into a sewer or accidently drunk your grandfather’s ear medicine. Just remember not to put something like “I’m off to Hawaii for four weeks; the keys are under the doormat.”

As should be expected, this book also contains some important warnings.

“Building a positive reputation as a blogger or as an internet celebrity, for example, could take month or years. However, one simple mistake or misunderstanding could destroy your reputation overnight.”

I hope that this post will help you blog long and happily. I also hope that it won’t serve as that ominous mistake that the author talks about. Because my intentions have been nothing but positive. And even the sudden, mysterious wish to achieve fame and fortune through blogging is going to dissipate in gratitude to every single person who reads my blog.

I wish everybody a great weekend! In Toronto, it's same old, same old - quite rainy. However, we're planning some interesting events.


  1. Hello Olga:
    And until we read this we thought it was simply a matter of opening up the computer and typing - something!

    Clearly we were wrong. Wrong with no target audience in sight, wrong about a catchy title, wrong about a defined subject matter, wrong....this is all becoming a little depressing.

    But, OLga, be assured that where your blog is concerned, and from our viewpoint, you have it exactly right. We love it. And isn't Fame and Fortune just the tiniest bit vulgar?

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend and keep dry!

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  3. I really like the title of your blog too, Olga. And your pictures are stunning!

  4. i must admit the whole fame and fortune is a huge turn off for me, i am just here to enjoy the pretty pics or kind words that others share...

    and yours are fabulous~

  5. Friends want to no-frills, honest, simple and you.

  6. I've always felt your personality and "voice" in your blog. I think you've got it down just fine. Love those pictures. Pink petal fairyland, oh my.

  7. I think you need to keep on doing what you are doing. Your photos are incredible and you are very kind and helpful to other bloggers. All I hoped to get when I started blogging was my self confidence and discipline back in terms of my writing. What I have actually got out of the whole experience is some amazing friends, a whole new outlook on my writing and what I want to do with it and pretty much a new lease of life. What more could anyone want?!

  8. Beautiful pics and interesting post! :-)

    Thanks for pointing her out, that was sweet of you! I´ve headed over her way as well to say ´hello´! :-)

    Have a great Friday! :-)

  9. Interesting post and amazing pics!
    Kisses from Brazil

  10. Ha ha. I love your blog as it is please do not change. My blog as you know changes from cooking to travel, to home and garden, I have some fantastic followers and I enjoy all their comments. Why make life complicated!

    Love these photos. Diane xx

  11. Your voice is unique and makes for a great blog, Olga. I remember the first time I saw your blog, the title really grabbed my attention, made me think a bit. Who knows if there's any fame or fortune to be had, but keep blogging away, plenty of people are checking out what you do and enjoying it.

  12. Yes, Olga your title is catchy. Whenever I see the word Nuance anywhere I think of you right away! And your voice is heard by us all, loud and clear so don't go changing it at all. I happen to think that the blogs I like to read the most, are by people I would like to meet most. People who have such interesting things to say, whether it be art, photography, travel, wine, music, food... Like we wouldn't want a conversation with someone who had only one topic to converse on. And I don't like golf LOL

  13. Olga, what wonderful field of green and colors ...
    But I have thought about achieving something through Blogging ! very interesting thoughts you have shared ... as of now, it is just sharing my thoughts and photography !

  14. Well, I think I failed on most of those marks. Hahaha! ;) Good thing I'm not relying on my blog for fame or fortune. Sigh.

    I honestly think a person who blogs with those intentions, however, will not find them. While I do believe blogging can become a career, it should be a passion first and foremost. It should be something you love to do for free, before you start trying to make money off of it. But that's just my opinion...

    I personally adore your blog. I love the title, because it tells me a lot about you. You're incredibly talented, sweet, and quirky. The perfect qualities! I can always distinguish your blog from all the other ones I follow. Plus, your photos are STUNNING. xoxo

  15. Olga, I read carefully this post and the strategy by that author could actually refer to any strategy of sale:) So personally I belive he (?) invented nothing new...

    I would rather advise-blogging should be fun, otherwise it is jus another obligation:)

  16. It´s rainning flowers, allelluyah, it´s raining flowers...AMEN!
    greetings Olga

  17. And now you are a master on irony! And what about a good advertising campaign? And sex? That should boost the number of followers :-)
    Now I can see how badly I must be doing all, with only like twenty followers. You've got much more, tell us the secret :-)

  18. Fame and fortune don't interest me at all ... I like blogging as a way of communicating my feelings, sharing things that I like and the wonderful friendships I have made from people visiting and then visitng their amazing blogs...I am in contact with some lovely people, I see so much of their world this way, places I would never get to visit in person.
    Your flower images are beautiful dear Olga and I love the cat.
    Have a great weekend.
    xoxoxo ♡

  19. Please don't stop what you are doing. I love your insights on the world of art.

  20. beautiful photos with this spectacular snowy flowers. I think with artistic photos is very difficult to achieve fame and fortune unthinkable. I think that is reserved for other types of blogs, including much publicity and earn much money. Greetings.

  21. The further I read the more I laughed! But I did discover that I am an audience for your grandmother's cat posts ... and I appear to be the opposition also! Whoops!

    I can't enter that world of 'how to' as I tend to veer off into some undergrowth somewhere and muse on fallen blossom .... and I would so want to 'follow that cat'!

    I hope that your blogging remains just you developing your skills naturally, as I am sure that it will, your being too much an idividual (as I suspect we all are) to do otherwise.

    Oh yes! And what happens when you arrive at 'Fame and Fortune' I wonder??? Mmmm.

  22. I think if you try too hard with blogging for fame and fortune, then your posts will sound fake and pretentious, which will lead to no one reading anyway. I never set out to achieve fame and fortune with my blog, after all the chances of that are rather slim!

    I love the diversity of your blog and the title too. So if it isn't broken, don't try and fix it!

    Like someone has already said, I love your photos and would love to be able to take photos of the same quality as yours. Great Post.

  23. I couldn't help laughing out loud at some of your comments on the book... I love your blog just the way it is...
    Pink snoooooooooooow!! Yay!! Thank you so much for posting these!!
    Have a great weekend, Olga! XXX

  24. The photographs are gorgeous. Denis is so cute.

    As for some of the quotes on blogging, I've tried reading articles online to become a better blogger but I've never really agreed with some of their advice. I find it's better to learn on my own. The quotes do have some good points though!

    It's such a shame it's been raining so much in Toronto. Hopefully the rain will clear up soon. Have a great weekend! :)

  25. Blogging for fame and fortune???? I blog for fun, read your blog for fun and because I've grown to like you. Also you have gorgeous photos!

  26. I think that this was a fun post – fame and fortune! Unless you have a political blog I don’t think that will happen too quickly, but you were kidding anyway. Your posts are always interesting and your photos splendid.

  27. what a fun post
    glad to see there are other bloggers out there that aren't in this for a get-rich-quick scheme

    whatever happened to communicating as a purely social thing, not as a thinly veneered commercial transaction

  28. Fabulous pics. It's always good to hear tips on successful blogging.

  29. Dear Olga
    That's really a very interesting post! So nice pictures!
    A good start in a happy new week wish Yvonne

  30. Lovely.........
    Have a sweet day,


  31. Gorgeous photos, as usual.

    I try to just blog for fun - it's my outlet! If people like reading it, it's the icing on the cake!

  32. I'd like to know if anyone who started out with the idea to write a blog to become rich and famous actually did. Seems like most of the stories we hear people started blogging for the fun of it and acquired fame and fortune by accident along the way.

    Love the cherry (?) blossom snow.

  33. Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    I'm sorry to have accidentally revealed some unsavory aspects of blogging to you :( In reality, the most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing :) Fortunately, I stayed dry during the day; all the rains were at night.

    Hi The Blogger Formerly Known As,
    Thank you for your kind words. I always try to make interesting photos. For me, it's just an exciting hobby. I don't take it very seriously.

    Hi once in a blue moon,
    It turns out that we're in good company - of people who are just enjoying blogging.

    Hi Paolo,
    I'm glad I made this post. I found out how many people feel the same way :) Thank you for the encouragement.

    Hi Lydia,
    Thank you for your comment in regards to my blog. It was a lovely and magical moment when I found that spot with the cherry blossom. It was very relaxing.

  34. Hi Happy Frog and I,
    You're absolutely right. Blogging disciplines your writing, and it can generally help your creative process. I never would have written down so many short stories in my free time otherwise :)

    Hi tinajo,
    I was astounded that you have so much in common, and so many relatable experiences in recent times.

    Hi Gisa,
    Thank you! I enjoyed your last post very much.

    Hi Diane,
    I also love my readers and followers. They always give me so much inspiration and useful feedback.

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for the encouragement. I feel the same about your blog. It's so interesting to hear updates about the girls :) That's the best part of your blog.

  35. Hi Dolly,
    I'm with you on the subject of interesting people discussing interesting topics. It's always a pleasure to know such people and the things they say.

    Hi Sérgio,
    I'm glad you enjoyed my "flower snow storm".

    Hi Wong,
    You're absolutely right. Sharing photography and thoughts is the most interesting part of many blogs :)

    Hi Jennifer Fabulous,
    I agree with you about feeling passionate about what you're doing. You can always tell when it's genuine. On the other hand, I have nothing against people who are able to make money with their blogs. Why not?

    Hi Ola,
    You're absolutely right; he didn't invent anything new. He just summarized some quite obvious ideas for people who are starting to blog for money.

  36. Hi Gabriel Vecino,
    Thank you for your visit. I prefer a rain of flowers to a rain of water :)

    Hi Pet,
    I'll definitely think about your suggestions :) My secret consists of my irresistible charm and charisma. Of course.

    Hi Dianne,
    That's just about what I'd expect from you :) I can hardly picture a poet like yourself doing something like selling kitchen appliances through blogging.

    Hi R. Jacob,
    What a lovely thing to say :) I have lots more insider information about the art world to share with the general public.

    Hi Leovi,
    It would be really interesting to know more about those successful bloggers who write about art and manage to make money doing it. Can't be that simple...

  37. Hi aguja,
    I myself wonder what happens when you arrive at fame and fortune. I would love to explore that personally.

    Hi Spangle,
    Thank you very much. More exiting posts are coming :) It's really amazing that we have this community in which the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy blogging.

    Hi Lena,
    I took these photos for your especially, because you have mentioned them in your previous comment. I meant to be funny in this post :)

    Hi Brenda,
    I really love your blog. Although you're such a young person, you have a very individual approach to your posts.

    Hi lilylovekin,
    I really appreciate your comments, and I feel the same about your blog. I have no serious plans for blogging for fame and fortune :)

  38. Hi Fernando Santos,
    Thank you for visiting and for your compliment. Come back whenever you like!

    Hi Vagabonde,
    Of course I was more than a little sarcastic :) It's great that, in this community, people prefer blogging for fun. I do too.

    Hi Kel,
    I feel the same. I'm glad I had the idea to make this post, because now it is more easily apparent.

    Hi Gail,
    I usually read all the latest books on the subjects that interest me lately, whether I agree with them or not. I think maybe something might be helpful for making better posts.

    Hi Yvonne,
    I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Sometimes it's useful to summarize somebody's experience. I hope you have a great week!

    Hi Pierre,
    Thank you very much. Have a great day :)

    Hi Talli,
    There is a special joy in doing something sincerely and to find like-minded individuals.

    Hi Sarah,
    It is really a cherry blossom. I'm glad that I managed to capture this moment between bouts of rain. I agree with you about blogging as an expression of individuality rather than a desire to make money.

  39. Well the rules all sound pretty complicated! I'm ashamed to say I just write the nonsense that comes out of my head. I never plan it, I don't rewrite or craft it, it's just a stream of consciousness that comes out and is down, the end. :) I should probably be a little more nurturing.

    Ha! NO I shouldn't.

  40. Hi The Vegetable Assassin,
    You should't :)
    Your,what you call nonsense,is nurturing enough for me.

  41. I love your blog! You have fame, can fortune be far behind? Oh well...

  42. Hi Angela,
    Thank you,dear friend. I hope everything will be as I imagine :)

  43. Hi Olga,

    Thanks for following. Glad you liked 120 Socks Blog. Looks like yours is a treat! Will be back to read more once day calms down. In the meantime - will follow now. Have a great Tuesday!

    Also if you are on Twitter, link up with me @120Socks and I will link back - good way to remind people of blog posts - thanks

  44. Will do tweet now linking to your intro post!

  45. Hi 120 Socks,
    So glad you like my blog! That's a big compliment coming from you because your blog is just incredible. Thank you for linking to my intro post on Twitter.

  46. Lovely post ^^

    I don't know why but it inspired me to post one of my old poem (to Логово). Have no idea why. My mind wonders in all directions, I don't know what "to focus" is like ^.^