May 19, 2011

Oh, those sizes!

Oh, those sizes! The sizes of our jeans. The sizes of our souls.

Here’s a story that a friend of mine told me:

Her daughter went off to Spain as an exchange student. She was staying with one pleasant lady whose children had long since grown up and moved to various countries. The lady was getting lonely, and it was evident that she didn’t enjoy living on her own. When my friend’s daughter arrived there, the lady just poured her heart and soul into her.

When my friend decided to visit her daughter in Spain, it turned out that there was a local holiday coming up, which carried the practice of wearing traditional dresses and garments.

The lady that the daughter was staying with was deeply preoccupied with flamenco dresses. In her youth, she was a professional dancer. She had a whole collection of dresses. All the dresses that had been sewn for her throughout her life were carefully stored away. She took them out and started showing them in chronological order. As the “years” went by, the sizes of the dresses steadily increased.

Finally, she took out the biggest dress yet, which she was planning on wearing that year.

My friend convinced her to try it on right then and there. The lady, with obvious pleasure, decided to indulge her. When she appeared in her latest flamenco dress and black leather shoes, with castanets, neither her age nor her size were at all relevant. And once she started dancing, my friend and her daughter just felt their jaws drop.

Have a sweet weekend!


  1. good music and beautiful food, ah the good life~

  2. Oooo, you're good.

    Great post, Olga. Perfect prologue and set up . . . I watched the video twice. Amazing art direction, set design, production value, the lyrics.
    It gave me so many ideas. Her performance, the detail -- that wrinkled paper taped to the wall . . . the beat rippling on 500 water glasses (do you know how hard that was to shoot?) . . . the choreography on a room full of white powder . . . throwing white dishes against the wall . . . her performance . . . the drummer tucked in the back hallway. And then your decandent series of sweet caloric temptations. You're good. No, you're mean! I truly loved this post, Olga. Wow. Well done.

    More please.

  3. The very goodness. I like a delicacy. I should not eat, I am overweight. At my age anymore. They look so pretty. Ham, Ham ... Olga, the weather so bad for you? Here a few days before frost in the morning and now all summer. It's weird .... I photograph a lot of flowers. It's a rewarding topic. Soon I'll be some of the city. Thank you very much for the post. Many greetings to you. Peter.

  4. Szép történet, tetszik a videó és isteni sütemények!
    Buon week end a tutti!

  5. Great story and wonderful looking "sweet" treats

  6. I love Adele and I would love some of those desserts.

  7. Huhu... Kyllä ovatkin 'makeita'.
    Näistä kuvistakin katsottuna 'maistuvat'...!
    Hienoja kuvia 'Makeista-Herkuista'.

    Kyllä oli 'maistuvainen' videokin. Video-taidetta...


  8. Hello Olga:
    Now, this really is too naughty for words. First, on reading this, we became very conscious of the need to watch weight as one becomes older and resolved, instantly, we should not be like the Spanish woman, for whom size did not matter once she started to dance, as we do not dance in National costume or otherwise.

    Then, of course, the resolution flew out of the window as soon as we saw the very tempting and delicious cakes. We are now off out for coffee and cake, so weak willed are we!!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Ne te fais plus de soucis, Olga! Habille-toi en djellaba et tu pourras manger toutes les belles pâtisseries que tu nous proposes.
    Et puis, je vais te faire une confidence: moi, j'aime beaucoup les femmes qui ont un peu d'embonpoint.

  10. What a fantastic story. Love those photos but they make mouth water. Have a great weekend. Diane

  11. that's a fantastic story!

    I adore adele, her attitude, her music, her beauty and most of all, her accent.

  12. This is great. I adore Adele, she's so talented, with a strong personality and she's beautiful. I have so many girls and women coming to my shop worried about their sizes and their looks, it makes me sad. Most of the times you can see they have wonderful personalities but they are like caged in this idea of how they should look. I say we are what we are, and we're beautiful because we're all different. We have accept who we are and work with what we have and feel in harmony. I know it's hard when you are insecure, but it's not impossible. Great post.

  13. The colors of the deserts look very edible. A word comes to mind, vibrant!

  14. Olga, you are a sweet! And I wish I had Adele's voice too.

  15. Ah, these sweets are so enticing. Adele has an amazing voice too. Have a nice weekend!

  16. What a wonderful post - so true and so full of fun. Size nor age matters, just who you are. Adele is right and her voice great ... and living in Spain, once those women dance, they dance. When one's soul is in what you do, it shines through.

  17. Great post - lovely story, amazing video, yummy photos.

    I don't worry too much about my weight. My dearly beloved loves me at the weight I am which is a couple of kgs more than I would normally be, but he likes the squishy bits, so that's fine with me. :)

  18. That is all rich!
    Passing to say hello and wish you
    a happy weekend.
    a hug.

  19. Fabulous, inspiring story

    Hope you have a sweet weekend too

  20. love the story! and the photos are gorgeous as always.

  21. I absolutely LOVE Adele! Rolling In The Deep is my new Fave song....I can not get enough of it! She rocks!

  22. Hi once in a blue moon,
    I'm glad you enjoyed this post. Good life indeed!

    Hi Rick,
    This video, when I first saw it, made a big impression on me. Sometimes, too many images, one going into the other, somehow don't give the impression of an overload.
    I think that good + mean leaves no room for boring :)

    Hi Peter,
    I'm glad you liked my post, but I'm sorry you can't enjoy my sweets :) The weather is finally smiling at us. I will take my chances tomorrow if nothing changes.

    Hi Erika Nagy Farkas Dudás,
    Thank you very much for visiting. It's a pleasure to receive such a compliment from such a wonderful photographer.

    Hi DeanO,
    I personally like this story very much. It brings up pleasant feelings, because it was told to me by a pleasant person.

  23. I absolutely adore that Adele song, and I'm glad she has plenty of self confidence!

  24. Hi Randy,
    Now I know your secret. You like the combination of good music and good sweets :)

    Hi Eko,
    Aina kun näen jotain lahjakas, vaikka en tehnyt sitä:) Olen iloinen ja inspiroiva.

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    Who in their right might could turn down frivolous cake and a decent cup of coffee?

    Hi Richard,
    Les femmes rondes sont vraiment sexy. Ils ne sont pas seulement les grands modèles pour les peintres, mais aussi savoir comment profiter de la vie:)

    Hi Diane,
    You're speaking of my wonderful pastries, but what's on my mind is your onion pie :)

  25. Hi hila,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the story. When I heard it, I could see it before my eyes.

    Hi bobbi,
    You're a philosopher. And you're absolutely right about everything. I also have an unrealistic image of myself, and I even try to bring it to life :)

    Hi R. Jacob,
    This is how people become addicted to beautiful cakes :)

    Hi Pet,
    May I wonder, why do you need Adele's voice? To sing in the shower?

    Hi Doug,
    I barely dragged myself away from taking photos...It was starting to resemble a guilty pleasure. It's not like they would let me eat them :(

  26. Hi aguja,
    I'm a little jealous of anyone who can dance flamenco. When I retire, I'll definitely learn :)

    Hi Sarah,
    Same Russia, there's a saying that "men prefer meat to bones" :)

    Hi Ricardo,
    Thank you for your visit. I appreciate your words.

    Hi The Blogger Formerly Known As,
    Thank you. I love this story myself, although it popped in mind quite unexpectedly.

    Hi Angella,
    Thank you. It's a good story, right? :)

    Hi Nikki,
    When we were walking around in Saint Martin, we could even hear Adele from the open doors of a casino :)

    Hi Lydia,
    This self-confidence is what gives her even more charm and attractiveness.

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    Thanks for sharing!

  28. A beautiful story. I love the flamenco and the types of music is what excites me most, especially live. When someone sees or hears good flamenco dancing or singing live is sure to thrill. Your photos are very sweet and attractive colors that appetizing.

  29. Конечно, размер души гораздо важнее размера тела, да еще если размер таланта не маленький - то держитесь все!
    Я вижу этот ролик первый раз. Адель великолепна.
    Спасибо за историю тоже!

  30. A very wise story. What kind of madness are we all buying into that women can't allow themselves to change shape as they get more mature?

  31. I loved this post, I love Adele and I'm learning to love my new shape as I age. Thank you for loving me also.

  32. Great story, I love it! :-)

    Thanks for your kind words - I appreciate them a lot. You have a lovely blog yourself! :-)

  33. Hi Olga,

    She have a excelent voice, in Portugal she is very famous, her music are all day long playing in the radios =)

  34. Hi Nelson Souzza,
    I'm very flattered that you enjoyed my blog. I really enjoy visiting yours.

    Hi Leovi,
    Yes, indeed, flamenco in real life - particularly with skillful dancers - can put you in an alternate state of consciousness.

    Hi tattina,
    Я рада, что история понравилась. Я обожаю даму, которая мне её рассказала.Вот уж кто пример для подражания. 8 детей, исключительно хорошо выглядит и обладает прекрасным чувством юмора.

    Hi Deborah,
    It's too much pressure, living with the awareness that your size is something important for everyone that surrounds you.

    Hi lilylovekin,
    Same here! I know some people who really suffer due to a combination of aging and a bigger size, but I think that inner beauty is the important thing.

    Hi Lindy,
    Thank you very much. I hope you're enjoying all the advantages of summertime.

    Hi tinajo,
    I'm glad we've found each other in the blogosphere :)

    Hi Sergio Pontes,
    I really love her voice. And her attitude to life.

  35. Olga,
    What a fantastic post on many levels. Of course, I wish your friend had taken some photos of those flamenco dresses! They sound divine.

  36. Olga! I love this post. The story, song and especially the images of sweet cakes, so so sweet ..
    Greetings! A hug from Spain

  37. Great post Olga. It's important to be true to yourself whatever that is. Hope you had as lovely weekend as I did :-)

  38. Thank you for stopping by! I really do appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment...I read each and everyone of them. I hope your day is a good one and that you will come back again soon. Take care. Nelson Souzza :)

  39. Great post!! True beauty emanates from the soul. Brava!

  40. Adele is magical. I haven't seen this video although I've heard the song hundreds of times. It touched me immediately. I got breathless when I saw the water in the glasses and the pile of broken plates. The story touched me too, it's so hard to approve the changes in us as we get older. So I think it's important that we have the soul food along the way and don't get stuck with bad thoughts about ourselves. Now I'll watch the video again! :) Happy week to you Olga and thanks for this.

  41. I love Adele. Her music is beautiful. I listen to Rumour almost everyday!
    Oh, I'm glad society hasn't shaped every body! I feel sad for my sister when she wakes up to an apple. Once, I made pancakes and asked "why do you only eat an apple in the morning?". she replied "I'm trying to lose weight" Then she returned to watching t.v..I'm convinced that she is only trying to look like the ladies she sees on there.


  42. I love Adele... And I love dessert! I have dessert everyday... Only way to keep my womanly hips!! ;)
    Have the best of weeks, Olga!

  43. What a brilliant story. And a big thumbs-up on Adele!

  44. This is such a beautiful and inspiring post! I love that quote from Adele. She is an amazing woman and I totally agree with her point of view.

    Your friend's story is beautiful.

  45. Hi Ingrid,
    I myself would have loved to see this amazing collection of dresses. Despite the fact that my friend is a photographer, she's too shy to ask to take pictures of them.

    Hi Úrsula CoCo,
    As you see, so many people (you can even tell by the comments in this blog :) ) love flamenco. Hello from Canada!

    Hi Happy Frog and I,
    I'm glad you had a good weekend. We had some family events, and everything went really well.

    Hi Nelson Souzza,
    Thank you very much. I appreciate your attention to my blog. Visit again!

    Hi Charley Appenzellar,
    I absolutely agree. It never happens in reverse.

  46. Hi Susanna,
    The older we become, the more we change outwardly. I guess we can't be at peace with that because, in spirit, many people remain young.

    Hi Paolo,
    Thank you for being my follower. Welcome to my blog!

    Hi tywo,
    I'm sorry that your sister rejected your pancakes. I think that so many people work on the image of celebrities that we have no chance to expect the same from ourselves.

    Hi Lena,
    I confess I don't really have a sweet tooth. I like desserts from an aesthetic point of view. Regardless, my womanly hips desperately need excercise :)

    Hi Talli,
    I'm glad you enjoyed this story. In real life, there are some pleasant surprises.

    Hi Jennifer Fabulous,
    It's true, Adele confirms that beauty radiates from within :)

  47. Olga that was a truly beautiful story. I can just picture the lady, probably wearing black most of the time, then putting on this beautiful dress that brought back her youth, her past, her soul. I really liked this story and will reread it again.

  48. Hi Dolly,
    I love this story too. It only can happen in real life, because it's difficult to make something up like that.

  49. I have found a secret meaning of this post. If someone is skinny like me but still wants to have a gorgeous voice (seems that quite many female singers with impressive vocals have more fat that I could possibly hope for), that said someone should eat food like on your photos. Did I solve the mystery right? :)

  50. that's a nice post.. and the goodies in the photos.. oh my! the first 2 are my favourites!

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