March 1, 2011

Spring time!

When I found this video, my delight was endless, because the colours in it are so spring-like. They inspire recklessness that's forgivable only in the spring.

Every winter and early spring, I am faced with a question of utmost importance. What manner of incredible headgear will I wear when the frost will take away the option of going out without one?

A beret? I used to love berets, until the moment Monica Lewinsky dishonoured them, just as she did with blue dresses. Goodbye berets. Although some people can fearlessly wear both blue dresses and berets. Even the fiancee of Prince William (what's her name again?).

A knitted hat? Every year, knitted hats seem to undergo strange mutations. I tremble in fear when I see them sprout little faces, horns, or ears. Whenever I see this type of creative knitting in front of me, it’s hard to focus on the actual human face that’s wearing it. I just see the owl or the koala bear.

My daughter wears a hat with a pig’s face on it. I’m not quite so brave.

I don’t even want to think about fur hats. I remember them as objects of pride and prestige, worn by my aunts in Russia. I couldn’t possibly go back to the times when actual dead animals were positioned on the head. However, if I see other people wearing fur hats, I generally don’t harass them.

What’s left is the boring and dependable coat hood with a faux-fur trim around it, which can be clipped under your chin in order to survive a frosty Toronto evening.

Winter headgear always reminds me of flower buds or sprouts on the branches of trees. They were waiting for springtime and the moment of bloom. They are waiting for love.


  1. Hi Olga, I really enjoyed your wonderful photos. I also adored this: 'A beret? I used to love berets, until the moment Monica Lewinsky dishonoured them, just as she did with blue dresses. Goodbye berets.' Brilliant! :-)

  2. Hi Happy Frog and I,
    If you only knew how much I loved the berets before :)

  3. Fantastic photos Olga, I looks like a freak in a hat, no matter what shape, material or size. My riding hat was the only one that I could put up with. I was going to say I looked like a frog but you beat me to it with your comment before LOL Diane

  4. Hi Diane,
    LOL! I do not know why it's so hard to find a suitable and elegant hat.
    In fact, I have a friend who always wears hats. She is very stylish. But she is the only one.

  5. These are fantastic photos. I detest hats because they always make me look like a young boy! But some people look good in them - lucky!

  6. I must admit that I've got a soft spot for the girls in red hats - quite a few in your pictures - even if they are berets :-)

  7. Hi Talli,
    Look how far we've gone from our grandparents. I don't remember exactly, but I think it was in an Agatha Christie novel. She described a frivolous girl with the words "She doesn't even wear a hat."

    Hi Pet,
    Red hats make quite a statement, no? Like, "I am not afraid of being noticed" :)

  8. Oh Olga, I can only imagine, but I am guessing very much indeed! :-)

  9. Hi Happy Frog and I,
    I felt very French and classy in my navy blue beret in the middle of Moscow.
    Like a girl from an art house movie. There is a little cafe on Montmartre. She is alone and a little bit sad. It is raining...
    Feel free to choose your own background music:)

  10. I thought I would have a quick look and see who had posted. Can't go to bed until I've read Olga, says I to myself. These are great photos. When I was a little girl in Canada I hated wearing hats, and fought Mummy constantly. Even with hats those people look cold! I think you should wear a beret, and bring berets back to being classy and French and art house movie-ish. Rescue them! What do you think Froggy?

  11. Hi Dolly,
    I finally finished my dogs! Can you believe it? Tomorrow I am going to take pictures of them and this Saturday I will take them to the gallery. It means if everything will be well I am ready to our project. weee!
    I'll think about your optimistic suggestion about berets:)

  12. Well done girl! I hope you post the photos so we can all see them. That's great we can start Our Project. Goodnight and Good Luck at the gallery!

  13. Hi Dolly,
    Thank you for being patient. I hope you finished your portfolio too. I definitely post some fresh photos with really fresh(and hot) dogs. I am not kidding I bake them. Goodnight!

  14. Olga, the video and the series of street photograph of hats very beautiful...

  15. Hi Wong,
    This video is wonderful.
    The people on these photos are real. I just saw them on the street. Thank you for the compliment!

  16. Quanti colori tra cappellini e cappotti, di tutte le sorti. Un pò di allegria ci vuole, specialmente d'inverno. Bel reportage e belle foto. Buona giornata! Ciao Cri : )

  17. Wow I just love all the color, not to mention all of the styles. Great photos.

  18. Que de chapeaux! Des petits, des grands, des chauds, des modes, des bleus, des rouges... Mais c'est très beau. Très féminin. Merci!

  19. Dear Olga.
    A very good pictures and the best is without the eyes! The unknown face and the cold! Good looking. Congrats!

  20. Monica who? Just kidding, but that is ancient history. You go ahead and wear a beret if you want to. I know I would. I don't really need hats here though.

    PS it's Kate Middleton and that dress was lovely, although she has no curves.

  21. I'm partial to a classic black beret, but my inner child loves the idea of little mouse ears or something :-)

  22. What a wonderful collection of hat photos Olga. I never feel good in a hat either!

  23. Hi Cristina,
    E 'stato un vero divertimento di prendere tutte queste foto.
    Mi fai molto felice quando si visita il mio blog.

    Hi Randy,
    Thank you for visiting. I appreciate your comments. I'm glad I've found your blog; I really like it.

    Hi Richard Moisan,
    Merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire. Mais vraiment, je pourrais dire que le port de chapeaux, ici au Canada est plus pratique que chose à la mode.

    Hi artebaiao,
    I'm glad you have visited my blog. It's always flattering to get these compliments from an artist :)

    Hi Sarah,
    You're absolutely right. Monica is such ancient history that it's time to forget about it.
    Tomorrow, it's supposed to be -12, so, I think I'll go and buy myself a beret.

    Hi Sarah Louise,
    I'm sure that both options would suit you :)

    Hi Lindy,
    Thank you for the compliment. It seems that it is difficult to find a big fan of hats.

  24. Love all these street photos! I have to admit I'm a hat addict. I have several but don't wear them too often.

  25. Great color series looking at the clothes of passers. My favorite is that with very bright red in contrast with the snow.

  26. Lovely photos! I've put my warm woolly hat away now until next winter :) Hopefully there won't be any more cold snaps until then!

  27. Fun pictures! I love hats but hardly wear them. Go figure!

  28. I say, go for the purple style one - it's so cute, and sweetly nostalgic.

  29. Very good series of photos, congrats Olga!

  30. Love the pictures, as always, Olga, they really capture a season. I love all hats :)

  31. Hi Charlene,
    Finally I've found someone who is not indifferent to hats. Will you make a post about your hats?

    Hi Leovi,
    Red is a colour you can't ignore, especially in juxtaposition with snow white.

    Hi Alan,
    I'm positive that I'll do some more posts about snowstorms in Canada this year :)

    Hi Lydia,
    Thank you :) I love to look at hats - the stranger they are, the more interesting they are to look at.

    Hi hila,
    I'll definitely go for some crazy colour. And a beret :) What's your personal opinion on hats?

    Hi Andras,
    Thank you, I'm really glad you liked them :)

    Hi The Blogger Formerly Known As,
    I always wonder, do they wear hats in your magical land?

  32. I love wearing hats and scarves, Olga. There's days when I miss doing that here... Fortunately there's also hats for protecting against the sun :)

  33. dear olga, thank you for your comment and your compliment.
    your photos are beautiful, i love weariing hats and scarves, too.

  34. La vie tout simplement... des regards et l’œil du photographe, ton œil ! Amicalement Jean-Philippe

  35. great collection of hat pictures. You and your camera as so talented. Growing up in the South we do not see so many hats, a lot of bill caps (men) but not caps for the ladies.

    I'm am looking for a special spring hat to wear to the yard art festival in Texas.

  36. Hi Lena,
    More and more types of hats are becoming a thing of the past. Maybe we should start a preservation society for them.

    Hi Julia,
    Thank you for visiting. I'm crazy about scarves - I can't even say how many I have.

    Hi Jean-Philippe,
    Merci beaucoup pour éclater à mon blog et de laisser un tel commentaire encourageant. Il est très apprécié. N'hésitez pas à arrêter par chaque fois que vous voulez, je vais essayer de garder ça intéressant, je vous promets.

    Hi lifeshighway,
    You make me anticipate your photos from the yard art festival. What an unforgettable even that should be :)