March 7, 2011

A Very Long Day . Part 1

Our long Sunday actually began on Saturday night. When I looked out of the balcony, I saw all this snow, and realized that the next morning, I would have a photography mission to accomplish. There is always the danger that, if you wake up too late, all the most beautiful snow will have already fallen from the branches of the trees. I got my husband to make sure I'd be up as early as possible.

Those who have read my older posts might know that I am not an early morning person. Still, we managed to get ourselves up, and made our way to High Park. The place was almost completely quiet. There were no cars at that hour, and pretty much no other people. I began my photo session:

Who could possibly appear in the park early in the morning? Some photographers, and dogs with their owners. Although I never had a dog, I know that snow for the dogs is like a room full of mice for a cat - an universal playground. Most of the dogs were very cooperative, and posed for my photos:

If you look closely, you will see a little clump of snow on this dog's nose.

Some dogs lost all control, and very nearly knocked me over.

Funnily enough, we saw many people in red winter outfits:

The continuation of this day will be seen in Part 2, where our heroes take their journey in the direction of an art exhibit.


  1. I love your photographs -- especially the St. Bernard! Thank you for sharing!

  2. That house on the hill with all the glass looks amazing. Great photographs!

  3. Love the dog with the snow on his nose !

    But won't it ever be Spring again ?

  4. Lovely series. The one just bellow the stream is particularly apealing to me.

  5. I'm a sucker for dog pictures.

    It always amazes me to see all that natural beauty in the big city. Wonderful pictures.

  6. What a wonderful series of photos. I can't wait to see what the next one will bring.

  7. J'aime la neige, le froid, le j'aime aussi vos photos, bravo.

  8. Jak krasne.Zimni krajka na stromech,nevinne cisty snih.Pohadka.Lepsi by ale bylo kdyby uz prislo jaro.U nas je mraz,ale snih neni.Moc hezke fotografie.Pozdrav od Petr.

  9. Please, please, continue with your stories, it is so nice following your stories with your pictures. I did love again the people in red :-)

  10. The first picture looks the the lamp post in Narnia! Beautiful images x x

  11. Love each and every one of these photos it was certainly worth getting up for. Thanks for sharing them with us. Diane

  12. Amazing photos, specially nice the ones with the dogs.
    And I agree with you, you have to wake up early to find the snow clean, otherwise photos are not so bright, they wouldn´t look like postcards as yours.
    Greetings from Spain.

  13. A long day, full of snow and cold, a very beautiful landscape with the trees all covered with snow.
    "Flowers in spring, the moon in autumn, a cool breeze in summer, snow in winter. If your mind is not occupied unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life. Kuan Wu Men"

  14. And some people dare to say they don't like snow ... why ? we don't have snow, I have never seen snow personally. And I bet it is a wonderful feeling just to be there, really amazing ! THanks Olga !

  15. i'm featuring photo blogs this week on my blog. Do you want to be featured? If so just let me know of three pics you'd like me to use - thanx

  16. Hello Olga,
    Very nice posts! Congratulations!
    Thanks for comments in my blog.

  17. Love the red jackets in snow. Love the doggies too.

  18. Hi Lisa Margolin,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting. This St. Bernard was so cute that I wanted to give him a big squeeze.

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you. It was like a fairy tale that day. It was hard to select the photos for this post.

    Hi Owen,
    The dog with the snow on its nose was wonderful. Having lived in Canada for 10 years, I'm not so naive as to expect springtime in March.

    Hi Jorge Muñoz,
    Thank you very much. It's nice that you selected a favourite :)

    Hi Liz,
    I'm blessed to live next to a beautiful place like High Park. Some people live in Toronto for the longest time, and never get around to visiting it.

  19. Hi Randy,
    Thank you for your lovely words. It's great to do something that people appreciate :)

    Hi entrevuesetmoi,
    Je vous remercie pour vos compliments. C'est toujours très inspirant.

    Hi petrolin50,
    Kanadská zima je vždy plné krásnych momentov a prekvapení. To dáva veľa príležitostí pre fotografa. Ďakujeme vám za komplimenty.

    Hi Pet,
    It's so lovely to hear that you like my stories! I have a confession to make - I collect pictures of red hats.

    Hi Sarah Elizabeth,
    Narnia indeed! It was silent and peaceful, and only a cold wind was blowing through the trees.

  20. Lovely snow shots!
    I think you accomplished your photography mission very successfully :)

  21. Hi Diane,
    I'm glad you're not tired of my winter photos yet :) Thank you for your compliments.

    Hi Xurde Radío,
    Thank you for commenting! I also find that the morning light is very interesting, giving new special qualities to familiar places.

    Hi Enrique G.A.,
    These words are lovely. Thank you very much for sharing this poem. I'm happy that my post could be associated with such a thing.

    Hi Wong,
    I have always had all four seasons around me, both in Moscow and in Canada. It is interesting, even though it's challenging. I'm sure there are some advantages to never having snow around :)

    Hi David,
    Yes, I would like to be featured! Feel free to select your own photos. That way, I will know which one has captured your attention :)

    Hi Antonio,
    Thank you very much for your comment!

    Hi Mai,
    Red clothing in the snow is hard not to spot :) Thank you for commenting. The dogs were great.

  22. Hi M@risa,
    And what a mission it was! Thank you.

  23. All your photos are great but I particularly love the first photo, the lighting is fantastic.

    All the dogs are very cute :)

  24. I love your photos, great work with the snow and dogs. thank you for sharing. hugs from Italy

  25. I can tell you had a wonderful morning! You've captured all the magic of such a splendid event. It seems well worth getting up so early, for the reward was delightful!

  26. Really wonderful wintery scenes. I love the reflecting creeks shots, the snowy tree compositions, and especially those pooch faces.
    You've got a great eye. Really nice.

  27. Magnifique... !
    C'est un peu la fête pour les enfants la neige...
    Mais aussi la fête pour les amoureux des photos pleines de charme...
    Amicalement Jean-Philippe

  28. How can I possibly complain when you still have so much snow! The photographs are great it was definitely worthwhile going out early. If I had to choose a favourite although I love them all it would be the first one, those shadows,so special.

  29. Hi Alan,
    The first photo was made under rather difficult lighting conditions, so, I'm glad you liked it. I didn't know it would turn out well.

    Hi David,
    Wonderful :)

    Hi AlessandraLace,
    Thank you! I bet you're enjoying springtime in Italy.

    Hi Doug,
    Thank you very much. It's definitely worth getting up so early, because the light changes in the couple of hours, and the snow began to melt.

    Hi Rick Forrestal,
    I'm glad you have visited my blog. Thank you for commenting. All the dogs were so overexcited that it was difficult to capture the moments :)

    Hi Jean-Philippe,
    Merci! Oui, les enfants adorent la neige, et aussi les adultes. La neige m'a donné l'occasion de prendre ces photos.

    Hi Lindy,
    Yes, for two Sunday in a row, there was an enormous amount of snow, but, as soon as it settled, the temperature changed, and it began to melt. I had to act really quickly. Thank you for selecting the first photograph!

  30. Loved seeing your photos featured on David's blog and I love all of the photos here. My other half and I were very impressed by the photos of the dogs in the snow. It's so hard to capture dogs as they are normally running all over the place! Thanks so much for your beautiful comment on my blog, it was just lovely. x

  31. Hi Happy Frog and I,
    Yes, dogs are a very difficult subject to capture. I had some practice before with my friends greyhounds. They are fast!
    I am happy that you and your other half liked my photos.

  32. Absolutely beautiful photos, especially of the dogs

  33. Oh Olga what a delightful mission. So roofs are not the only thing you hats and roofs! I adore the dog with the snow on his nose. That is the sort of dog I would like to have. Back in Cork spring is out in force I wore my leather jacket today when I went into town. So the photos of snow seem very dreamy indeed.

  34. Hi Spangle,
    If the photo turns out well (and not just as a blur of motion), the dogs tend to look rather well.

    Hi Dolly,
    It's easier to collect roofs than red hats. However, if I spot a red hat once in a while, I seize the opportunity. I can't believe you're already wearing a leather jacket. I wish we were so lucky.

  35. I love the streetlamp shot, it do have an interesting shadow :-)

  36. Hi Max,
    Coming from someone as talented as you, I take that as a huge compliment!