February 26, 2011

Southern Ontario countryside

This is how I spend the weekends in the winter. Here's a selection of pictures from some of our recent trips (including today's) out of town.

My previous post was a little on the optimistic side. Now you will see what is really going on with the weather.

I came home from today's trip to find that Sarah from St Bloggie de Riviere has composed this lovely limerick on the subject that I (jokingly) suggested to her:

In old Europe Spring's nearly here
The daffs have poked through without fear
In Canada there's still snow
Not a bud is on show
That's the north for you, my choice is clear!

I'm delighted about it, and I would like to share it with you. Although the wind sometimes rips off the hood of your jacket, I find Canadian weather and nature very beautiful.

The 3 Graces were not afraid of the weather, and so they bravely went off in search of adventure.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone Ski Resort. We visited it today.

Sometimes you find these unusual things on quite an ordinary trail.

We climbed the hill today to take this photo.


  1. Such a variety of beautiful winter pictures - thanks for sharing them

  2. It must be cold out there, but so much light with the snow too. Lucky you!

  3. What a happy looking dog :-) From my side you can keep that weather, I just hate the cold, too many years in Africa 'me thinks'. Beautiful photos though and great to look at from a warm spot LOL. Diane

  4. Stunningly beautiful. Lovely to look at while I'm sitting in a cosy house, with a fire in the grate and a warm mug of tea in my hands!

  5. Gorgeous images Olga. The light is exquisite in each one, creating wonderfully dreamy ambiance.

  6. I love your photos so much, you have such a good eye. :-)

  7. Those photographs are just amazing. Some of those with sky and snow are like icing on a cake, delicate and sweeping colour. You images show your love for Canada, alongside your words.
    it is so good to share the lives of others through these mediums ... and in blogland.

  8. i was so happy enjoying your serene pics, but then the last one GRABBED ME! soooooo cute!

  9. What a beautiful selection of photos and I love the poem, thanks for sharing.

  10. Such stark beauty and radiant light. thank you for taking us there.

  11. Lovely set of photos, thank you for sharing them :)Have a good week!

  12. It looks like you viewed some stunning scenery! I really like the tree bark close-ups.

  13. Beautiful, I feel so spoiled as spring is here where I live. I love the one of the dog running through the snow.

  14. bellissimi scatti di luce. ottima serie "fredda"

  15. beautiful, beautiful pictures! as much as I know such weather often causes trouble, I prefer to heat - we have really hot summers in Australia, and we're suffering through a record heat-wave at the moment. Not fun. So these pictures are perfect dream material - if only!

  16. Fantastic photos, the light and shadows are wonderful.

  17. Fantastic to see these stunning photos of Canada though I'm glad to view them from a springlike day in Ireland with the grass green and the sun warming my face as I walk to town. That dog is so cute, he's having a great time in the snow! I imagine your Denis likes to watch the snow fall from a warm spot by the window :)

  18. Brrr! What a chilly set of photos! Stark but beautiful. Happy to see my limerick on your blog post. :)

  19. Hi DeanO,
    I'm glad you enjoyed them, and I'm also thrilled that today the temperature is in the + zone, although yesterday, there was a snow storm.

    Hi Pet,
    Believe me, taking pictures can be a real adventure in our winter weather.

    Hi Diane,
    If you're ever in the mood to experience something new and fresh, you'll be welcome in Canada :)

    Hi Sharon Longworth,
    A cozy house is the most wonderful place of all to view any sort of photos, whether they may be from cold countries or warm countries :)

    Hi LauraX,
    I always enjoy these unexpected effects that the light can give us.

  20. Hi Happy Frog and I,
    Thank you very much, my friend :)

    Hi aguja,
    I really appreciate the opportunity to see the snapshots of other countries as well. It always seems so real. Thank you for your compliment.

    Hi once in a blue moon,
    We have a special area for dogs in the nearby park. If we ever wander there, I return home with a great deal of positive emotion. Although I tend to smell a little like dogs I just petted, so my cat gets jealous.

    Hi Lindy,
    This limerick inspired me to post these photos. I'm so glad you enjoyed them.

    Hi Angella Lister,
    It is my pleasure to show you these places. It's great to see that you liked them.

    Hi M@risa,
    The weekend was very busy. Sometimes, after such a weekend, you want a few more days off just to rest :)

  21. Hi Charlene,
    This bark looked like a jewel. I couldn't resist taking many photos of it, but I only showed one here.

    Hi lilylovekin,
    I feel spoiled in a different way, because I really appreciate all four seasons, despite certain difficulties they bring.

    Hi Saverio Otranto,
    Thank you for visiting, and for your compliment :)

    Hi hila,
    I had no idea it's so hot in Australia. I'm not even sure what's more challenging, extreme cold or extreme heat.

    Hi Spangle,
    Thank you for your compliment. The light and the shadows were fun to play with.

    Hi Dolly,
    Whenever I see photos from Ireland or England of the same season as we have in Canada, I am astounded at how quickly spring appears there. Denis does enjoy the snow. He liked to make footprints in the snow when it gets onto our balcony.

  22. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you once again for your limerick! I'm relieved; I was concerned that I had overstepped some boundary in regards to your copyright or your sensitivities :)

  23. Your photos have such a crispness--in content and clarity.

    I never saw an unharvested cornfield with so much snow!

  24. Wonderful
    good creations

  25. Your photography is wonderful. You have a terrific eye for composition and line. And I love your choice of subject matter, from beautiful landscapes to off-beat vignettes. Also, thank you very much for your kind comments on my blog.

  26. Très belles photos. Jean-Philippe

  27. Lovely photos... and the dog, haha... so nice.:-)
    Hug Stina

  28. I love your pictures and your blog.I love snow. Lovely pet. hugs from Italy

  29. Questo genere di fotografie mi piacciono molto!!!

  30. Hi Lydia,
    I myself have seen this for the first time. Can you imagine that I took this photo standing knee-deep in the snow? Good thing I had my high boots on.

    Hi SKIZO,
    Thank you for your lovely words. Welcome to my blog!

    Hi Sergio Pontes,
    The dog is the star of the show!

    Hi Doug Hickok,
    Thank you for popping over to my blog. I appreciate your thoughtful comment.

    Hi David,
    Thank you. Do you say this because it's already warm where you live? It sure looks picturesque when you're not freezing :)

  31. Hi Antonio Machado,
    Thank you for commending and for being my follower. I'll try to be entertaining :)

    Hi Jean-Philippe,
    Merci beaucoup!

    Hi Stina,
    Next time I see this dog, I will give him and extra treat :)

    Hi AlessandraLace,
    I appreciate your visit from Italy :) I'm really enjoying your blog.

    Hi CSJ,
    Grazie mille per tutte le tue gentili parole di nuovo.

  32. Beautiful. I've always loved the blue of a winter sky.

  33. Hi Liz,
    Strangely enough, the more I live in Canada, the lovelier I find winter.

  34. These are so beautiful, Olga!

  35. Hi Lynda,
    Thank you very much!