March 16, 2011

Today is a rainy day

Today it is foggy and rainy in Toronto. Before that, we had a real blessing - two wonderful sunny days, which gave us a feeling of hope about the upcoming spring.

I went to a screening of Jane Eyre with my daughter. The acting was amazing, but, the way the movie was made, it felt like they were trying too hard to adapt it for the modern audience.

I now go to the pool once a week, and it makes me feel very athletic.
Hope you`re having a great week, everyone!


  1. Tes photos sont magnifiques, Olga! Tu as joué superbement avec les contrastes. Mais, ma préférée, c'est de loin la première.
    Bonne fin de journée!

  2. Olga these photos are beautiful but I hope that your spring arrives very soon. Diane

  3. Meraviglioso reportage! La prima e quella dell'uccellino sono quelle che preferisco! Brava! Ciao Cri : )

  4. Olga, you brought a beautiful series of photographs filled with light and color, where you show that little by little about the blue sky and sun and birds are witnesses who give you the good morning sun.
    Greetings .-

  5. Great photos. We're almost there . . . Spring is so close . . . 2 days ago there were 4-inches of snow on everything. Today the snow is all gone, the sun is bright, and it actually feels warm. Crazy.

    You know, I was just planning on going to see Jane Eyre, cause the cast looks great . . . but now I'm wondering. Oh well, now my expectations won't get in the way. Ha.


  6. Excellent and varied series of photos with very attractive colors and crisp. But my favorite is the fence with an excellent perspective and beautiful light and shadow game, great.

  7. Hello Olga,
    Amazing photos-art!!!
    Very beautiful compositions.

  8. its always wonderful seeing thru your eyes~

  9. Oh Olga, what incredible photos you create, I always love visiting here because I know I will see something beautiful and inspiring.

    I am so glad you are swimming regularly. I absolutely love it, so relaxing and calming. x

  10. Beautiful pictures.Greetings Andrzej.

  11. I love the photos, especialy the 1st and the 3rd =)

    Regards =)

  12. These photos are breathtakingly beautiful! I cannot wait to see Jane Eyre! I've been such a big fan of the book for years...

  13. All your photos are incredible beautiful !!
    Bravo !! :))


  14. Let us hope your ice and snow goes away soon!

  15. Look at those wonderful winter landscapes. Beautiful. Warm weather will soon be here.


  16. We had rain here also, I love the robin picture.

  17. Beautiful photographs, I like very much.See also spring coming to you. I quickly, a lot of time today.I'll come back to them.Thank you and good day., Peter.

  18. You have got a gift to bring light out of everything! Lovely pictures. Here rain has come back again too, quite normal at this time of the year in San Sebastian, but we did have a couple of days of spring as you have seen in my pictures already :-)

  19. my parents really want to visit Toronto soon, and after seeing these images, I can understand why. The clarity and beauty of these pictures is just amazing.

    I'm really dying to see Jane Eyre. After reading your comment, I wonder what I'll think of it when I see it.

  20. You capture such stark beauty. You have such an artist's eye. Do you ever paint from your photographs?

  21. excellent, great depth of photo perspective!

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  23. Cara Olga, complimenti per queste belle fotografie e grazie per le visite e i graditissimi commenti.

  24. Hi RICHARD,
    Merci pour vos commentaires merveilleux. Je vois que vous aimez aussi les contrastes. Je suis très heureux que vous visitez mon blog.

    Hi Diane,
    As soon as I started to complain about the weather, the sun came out, and I was able to go get some fresh air. Naturally, I await springtime, just like all Canadians.

    Hi Cristina,
    Sono molto felice che ti è piaciuto le mie foto, perché mi è sempre piaciuto il colore vibrante che ti cattura. Sono così contenta che ci siamo incontrati nel cyberspazio. Le tue foto questo inverno mi ha reso felice.

    Hi Enrique,
    The weather in Canada is unpredictable, especially in this period. I try to catch each opportunity, because nature is so beautiful, and I don't want to miss the moment. We're not very spoiled by the sun here :)

    Hi Rick,
    Thank you for your compliments about the photos. I also enjoyed your photos of the snow. Mother Nature always brings us surprises. Jane Eyre is worth seeing. I'd be very curious about your opinion.

  25. Hi Leovi,
    Thank you for picking a favourite among my photos. I'd like to tell you a little story; we were taking these photos while my husband and I were on a walk. I always explain to him how to decide on a composition for the photo, which he still has a lot to learn about. I have to say that, in the photo with the fence, the composition is a little spoiled by my husband, who is standing in the top right-hand corner. Nobody is perfect :)

    Hi Antonio,
    I try very hard to carry my knowledge about composition from paintings to photos. If you look at the above comment, you will realize that I'm still far from perfection :)

    Hi once in a blue moon,
    It's so good to hear that you see it this way. I really enjoy showing Toronto and Canada the way I see it.

    Hi Happy Frog and I,
    Thank you very much. I try to make my photos cheerful. The pool is a wonderful thing. Even a non-athletic person like myself can enjoy it :)

    Hi Andrzej,
    It's always great to get encouragement from a photographer.

  26. I see what you mean about your weather! We may be moaning about the cold, wind and rain but it is nothing compared to the cold and snow you experience. However the photographs that the weather gives you the opportunity to take are simply beautiful.

  27. Hi Sergio,
    I'm glad you found favourites among my photos :) It's always encouraging and inspiring.

    Hi Jennifer Fabulous,
    Thank you for your lovely words. I hope you enjoy Jane Eyre. It would be interesting to find out what you think of it. The two ladies I was sitting with were crying a little by the end.

    Hi Mahon,
    Thank you very much. It makes me happy to see that my work can influence such words :)

    Hi Charlene,
    Winter doesn't give up so easily in Canada. It's not unheard-of to have the last burst of snow in early April :)

    Hi Velva,
    Only recently I have learned to photograph winter landscapes, because snow is a challenging subject for a photographer. I'm so glad you liked it.

  28. We've had a week of rain but I think the sun is due back now. From your photos it looks like you've had tons of sun. All looks very pretty and photogenic.

  29. Hi lilylovekin,
    Oh my, these birds! I have given up on the dream of capturing them on photo. Only this robin was so cooperative.

    Hi Peter,
    You're welcome in this blog all the time. I'm glad our feelings are mutual. I also love to visit your blog.

    Hi Pet,
    Your last photos are wonderful. So much open space, beauty, and air. When I was looking through them, I had a feeling that they could have filmed The Sound of Music there.

    Hi hila,
    It's interesting that your parents are bound for Toronto. I hope they like it here, although Toronto has a bit of a dull reputation :) I will anticipate your review of Jane Eyre. I'd like to know what you think of it.

    Hi Angella,
    I used to paint from my photographs. Now I just take things from my head :) It seems more popular than realistic painting. Thank you for your compliments.

    Hi R. Jacob,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your encouraging comment.

    Hi mauropucci,
    Grazie per il vostro incoraggiamento, farò del mio meglio per non fermarsi! Le tue parole sono sicuramente più stimolante.

  30. Hi Lindy,
    Yesterday, it was a big surprise; like living two days instead of one. It started so gloomy, and ended with sunshine and a wonderful walk.

    Hi Sarah,
    I wish you a great weekend, with lovely weather and a happy mood. We have to work during the week anyway; it would be fair to have something fun on the weekend.

  31. Bonjour,

    MA GNI FI QUE !!!! (= magnifique !!!)
    certaines sont extraordinaires! qu'est ce que j'aime tes photos ! Bravo Olga.
    Bises Jean-Philippe

  32. What amazing and uplifting photos. They will carry me through the week!

  33. a wonderful serie of images, all of them !!
    great shots !

  34. A beautiful collection of images much rhythm in each!

  35. Very nice shots Olga; the mice is fantastic :-)
    (but I like also the snow, the birds, the blue sky...)

  36. Thanks for some lovely pictures. I hope that the sun is coming back soon ;))

  37. It's raining here in London today, too.

    Looks like spring indeed! Lovely, Olga.

  38. nice serie again. great light and composition.
    well done

  39. Hi Jean-Philippe,
    Je suis content que vous avez aimé mes photos. Je suis impatient de la transition vers des thèmes de printemps.

    Hi aguja,
    It's great to hear that they had such an effect on you. The feeling is mutual; your photos also make such an impression on me.

    Hi Marty,
    Thank you very much. I can't wait to start posting pictures of spring!

    Hi LauraX,
    Rhythm is very important to me. My finger automatically takes the photo whenever I can sense an interesting rhythm.

    Hi Max,
    Thank you for the compliments. I wouldn't say no to taking photos of some carnival scenes :)

  40. Hi Mariann Lennert,
    Thank you. Today, it is sunny. I'm anticipating my walk in the park.

    Hi Talli,
    It seems like Toronto and London are full of springtime showers :)

    Hi Martina Cardemyr,
    Thank you for visiting. I try to making my blog interesting :)

    Hi saverio oranto,
    I try to utilize all possible academic knowledge in my photos :)

  41. I appreciate your artistic photographic touch. There is the promise of growing light.

  42. The are all nice, but my favorite is the nine counting from above (if i counted right), the one with the bird and the snow..

  43. Olga, these photos are so beautiful. The first has wonderful color and the last one is so thoughtful.

  44. Hi Olga!!!
    I've just found a treasure!!!
    I loooove all pictures here!!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting!!!
    I'm follower!!!

  45. I love the dim light and tranparent of that soft green tones of the sand wave modeling in a delicate texture to fringes. Very refreshing.

  46. minunat,maravilloso,wonderful,vamos,sin palabras,felicitari

  47. Olga..
    un merveilleux choix de suis enchantée de découvrir votre blog..
    Je vous souhaite une belle semaine et un grand rayon de soleil...:o)

  48. Hi Paul,
    Lately, we have two options - a completely gloomy day, or brilliant sunshine. I'm planning to continue my photography projects even on the grey days.

    Hi Großstadtheidi,
    I'm glad to see you stopping by. Thank you for the compliments.

    Hi Sergio,
    I have to admit birds are not my favourite subject for photography, only because I don't have that much patience :) I'm glad you liked this one.

    Hi Randy,
    Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you approve of the last photo; I have to admit I really like it myself :)

    Hi bicocalolors,
    I didn't expect to deserve these wonderful words :) You really made my day.

  49. Hi Leovi,
    I'm surprised when I visit the same place, and it looks so different each time. This is why photographing nature is so exciting.

    Hi Tiago Braga,
    Thank you for visiting, and for your comment!

    Hi taio,
    Gracias por su aliento, voy a hacer lo mejor para no parar!

    Hi Krunal,
    Thank you for your compliment :)

    Hi clo,
    Merci pour les commentaires merveilleux! En ce moment le soleil est la chose la plus souhaitable ici :)

  50. Olga

    I hope the pool you swim in is indoors and heated... A wonderful collection of photo's, it is hard for me to select some favorites -- I guess I enjoyed them all.


  51. Wow, these are really great Olga! I love the photograph of the swan, it's so pretty :)

  52. Hi Joanny,
    The swimming pool is indoors. The only inconvenience is "family swim" hours, which include little screaming children.
    Thank you for the compliments about my photos!

    Hi Brenda,
    Sometimes we have several pairs of swans, would you believe. It's so unusual to watch them walk around the ice.

  53. It's foggy where I am too, but the pictures here cheer me up. Thanks Olga!

  54. Hi Lydia,
    Next post is going to be even more cheerful and colorful:)

  55. Your photos are lovely and I hope the little robin is a sign of spring to come for you in Toronto :-)