February 11, 2011

Today is 11022011

             This date is like a mirror :)                        


  1. It 's true date is like a mirror, interesting ..... your picture is beautiful like the colors and flowers! Cri Hello :-)

  2. How strange, it didn't occur to me that today's date was like a mirror. Fantastic flowers too!

  3. The date IS like a mirror! This year is full of surprising numbers... :)
    I love the colour palette on your photo... makes me think of spring and fruity sorbets... *sigh*

  4. A beautiful image on a special mirror day!

  5. Of course, today's date IS a mirror. I hadn't noticed so thanks for that Olga. A few years ago, my birthday was 07/07/07 I thought that a wonderful thing. I want to touch those flowers, they are coming right out of the computer screen at me. What a wonderful shot.

  6. What a wonderful setup to present the blossom ! Never thought of the "mirror" of the date !!!

  7. and I did not even notice..... I guess as I did not need to write the date down anywhere it did not register, thanks for the info. Love your photo. Diane

  8. WOW - this is amazing - very well done my friend

  9. Hi Cristina,
    When I look at your blog, I really delight in the colour combinations that I see.

    Hi Spangle,
    I'm not so good with numbers; I actually found out about this date from my Russian friend :)

    Hi Lena,
    I really like these unexpected bursts of colour. Subconsciously, I must be trying to hurry the spring.

    Hi The Blogger Formerly Known As...,
    Thank you; it's one of my best experimental results so far.

    Hi CAS,
    Thank you for the compliment; maybe days like that bring good luck :)

  10. Hi Dolly,
    That's a great combination of numbers for a birthday. Do you believe that seven is a lucky number? Thank you for complimenting my photo. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Hi Wong,
    Thank you; a compliment from you means much to me.

    Hi Diane,
    To be honest, I wouldn't have noticed it myself if a friend of mine hadn't told me. Sometimes you need people with mathematical minds to notice the amazing patterns in numbers. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my photo.

    Hi Tommy Andre Nekkoy,
    Thank you; I also enjoyed your last post very much. I'm glad to get positive feedback from a photographer.

  11. Wow! So it is. And to celebrate with such colour and finesse!

  12. Hi aguja,
    I like these small gifts, that life gives us occasionally :)

  13. Really beautiful with great tones and colors.

  14. Hi Leovi,
    Thank you. I am myself in love with these colors :)

  15. what a wonderful image ! love it !

  16. Hi Marty,
    Thank you very much for popping over to my blog and for leaving such an encouraging comment.

    Hi Kenneth Larsson,
    Thanks very much for your kind words!

  17. Beautiful flowers so colourful and full of life. I like the idea of valentine's day being illegal, sounds like it would become a lot more fun!

  18. Great perspective!!!
    Thanks for your comments by the way;-)

  19. Absolutely gorgeous composition on this shot! I might add that I love the purple green combo. : )

  20. Hi Happy Frog,
    I thought I was joking, but there is actually a governor in Russia who outlawed Valentine's Day in one of the districts. He outlawed giving flowers or valentines. Can you believe it?

    Hi Großstadtheidi,
    I'm glad you enjoyed my photo. It's always a pleasure to visit your blog :)

    Hi Charlene,
    Thank you for the encouragement. This is what I've been up to lately - playing with colours.