February 10, 2011

Life is Good Award

Thank you to Formerly Known As The Enigmatic Masked Blogger for giving me the Life is Good award and for kindly instructing me on what to do with it. I appreciate it very much.

I'd like to pass on the award to these remarkable bloggers:

Happy Frog and I with Happy Frog and I
Joanny with  LIVE DREAM LOVE

Five facts about me.
#1. As much as I love Baudelaire I prefer to be in the company of Wodehouse.
#2. I adore the 50s-early60s style even after watching Mad Men.
#3. I've been collecting art, books and French red wines 2005. I know from experience that collecting wine is not an easy task.
#4. I am Russian but I have lived in Toronto for the past 10 years.
#5. I like egoists who live and let live.


  1. I got a kick out of number 2 - that's cute

  2. I will also go with number 2, Great years. Yep number 3 is difficult, collecting is one thing but trying to keep it is quite another, too easy to drink it :)) Diane

  3. Oh Olga, I am so touched and to be amongst such company too. Thank you. I love your Five facts idea, and know you just a little more now. If we ever meet we will have lots to talk about that is for sure! I have never watched Mad Men because I was afraid it would take something away from my own dreamy idea of what the 1950's were really like. And, thanks a million (as they say here in Cork).

  4. Congratulations on your award Olga, love the five facts you shared.

  5. Thank you, Olga! I'll have a think about some little known facts about myself.

    Would love to know more about your Russian past (hint for future meme)!

  6. HI DeanO,
    I am watching the first season now. I don't have a TV, so I am a little out of touch with popular culture :)

    Hi Diane,
    Yes, it is very easy to get an impulse to try another bottle of Chardonnay from my collection. Especially when friends come over.

    Hi Dolly,
    I am looking forward to see your "five".
    I have idealized this period because of the beauty of the style. You would be impressed to see the list of the books that I read and own about 1950's. Sorry, I can go on and on. We have definitely lots to talk about.

    Hi Lindy,
    Thank you. I wish I knew the five facts about you, but your blog is award free :(

    It is fun to summarize yourself in these five little facts. I write the first things that popped up in my head without too much of the consideration.
    My Russian past.... From you it sounds very mysterious :)

  7. Congrats to you and the new winners! I know nothing about wine, so I'll leave the collecting to you!

  8. Congrats on the award and to those you've passed it on to. :)

  9. Congrats!!
    I visited Toronto once. If I ever visit again, It would be a pleasure to sit, and eat with you!


  10. Hi Olga, congratulations on the Award!

    Thanks for stopping by at The Farm with your comment.

    I watch Mad Men too which is in Season 2 here. I like the office setting, but feel pity for Draper's wife and children.

    Have not been to Toronto...may be one day, now that I have all the time in the world :)

  11. Congratulations Olga...you are a well deserving blogger! Thank you for stopping by so often...I'm a bit slow at returning visits sometimes. But I do think of you and wish you wellness:)

  12. Thanks so much for sharing your 5 facts and for bestowing the award on me, I am honoured. I will have a think about my 5. Thanks very much. x

  13. Congrats on the award. I have to watch Mad Men I hear it is a good show.

  14. Hi Lydia,
    Thank you! My friends say the same about wine; now they keep coming over and drinking my collectible wine :)

    Hi Talli,
    Thank you. There's no such thing as too many awards, right?

    Hi tywo,
    I would love to have dinner with you whenever you're in Toronto.

    Hi Grandpa,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting. I know that Toronto is far from where you live, but sometimes there are special chances. You're welcome if you can ever make it here.

    Hi LauraX,
    I always visit your blog with pleasure. Welcome to my blog!

    Hi Happy Frog,
    It would be very interesting to find out five facts about you. I have a feeling they would be full of surprises :)

    Hi Wong,
    Thank you; it was quite surprising.

    Hi lilylovekin,
    Thank you. Mad Men is definitely worth watching. It's very high-quality.

  15. Olga:

    Lovely post, it is always nice to learn about fellow bloggers especially one as nice as you.

    Thank you for thinking of me.
    It will be a couple of days before I post a response, life has me juggling many events in my small personal sphere.
    enjoy your week end,

  16. Hi Joanny,
    Enjoy your week too! I hope everything goes harmoniously. I'm looking forward to finding out five facts about you :)