February 15, 2011

Ice Without Compromise

                   Frozen snow
                          adorns the naked tree
                   flowers bloom in winter.
                                        - John Daido Loori

In February, there comes a moment when you feel like winter has already give you all the gifts and impressions. It turns out that your impressions of winter can continue endlessly.



I hope you'll enjoy not only the wonderful antics of ice, but also these more abstract snow patterns:



  1. I cannot imagine just how cold it must be for you to get these stunning photographs.

  2. love love love the ice sculptures, so pretty encased like that, pure art~

  3. These were awesome photographs. I've never truly paid attention to items captured in ice sculpture. Thanks for sharing

  4. I love these photos, great that you can still do something original with ice and snow.

  5. Pakkasta - Jäätä - Värejä...
    Mahtavaa sommittelua...
    Kaunista kuvausta - luonnon taidetta...
    Kuvaajan näkemyksellä.

  6. Questa serie è stupefacente, meravigliosa...cosa dire di più? Il titolo è azzeccato, ghiaccio senza compromessi, sei proprio brava ed è un piacere guardare queste foto. Complimenti! Ciao Cri :-)

  7. Amazing photos! I love the ice! :-)

  8. Olga what amazing photos, I never see anything remotely like this to take pictures of. Diane

  9. Beautiful pictures! They made me shiver with cold just looking at them! Thanks for sharing x x

  10. Your photos are so stunning. Thanks so much for posting them they are wonderful. x

  11. So beautiful! Great pictures!

  12. The ice on the flowers and fruit are just gorgeous. Killing, but beautiful.

  13. Miss Olga, Wow as I see from first to last ...
    Congrats ! Never fail to delight your audience !

  14. your photos are absolutely stunning and it's hard to pick a favourite. keep up the good work.

  15. They're beautiful! cool! brrrrhh. In down photos, the color of snow is great:)
    Wish see snow in my city!

  16. Hi Lindy,
    It was really very cold, but my husband had the good sense to insist that I get all the right winter accessories this year :)

    Hi once in a blue moon,
    I have found this kind of ice formation for the first time in my life. Good thing I had my camera with me.

    Hi DeanO,
    Thank you. You'd be surprised, but this was actually just a bouquet that was standing outside of my dentist's office :)

    Hi Lea,
    Thank you. It's always a pleasure to receive your comment.

    Hi David,
    Here in Canada, where winter goes on for quite a long time, the possibilities for capturing ice and snow are endless, if you have some warm boots, a big hat, and a jacket.

  17. Hi Eko,
    I'm proud that you give me such a compliment. This winter, I had a chance to look at your blog, and it seems that your home is where the REAL winter is :)

    Hi Cristina,
    I'm glad you liked my title. It came up quite spontaneously. Now you know where to find winter things if you need them :)

    Hi Max,
    I love ice too, but I usually prefer it in a cocktail glass :)

    Hi Diane,
    Thank you for your compliments. I'm glad I could entertain you.

    Hi Sarah Elizabeth,
    Thank you. I'm sure that, in Italy right now, you can only find ice in the fridge :)

  18. Hi Happy Frog and I,
    Winter is not quite finished here. It's possible that I will find a few more nice moments :)

    Hi Mai,
    Thank you very much!

    Hi Lydia,
    The only thing I wish were there for this photo session is the sun. Unfortunately, it wasn't around.

    Hi Wong,
    I'm very grateful for your comment. It is very encouraging for me. Despite the cold, I feel motivated to get outside and take photos.

    Hi Life Ramblings,
    I'm glad you enjoyed it. I myself really enjoy entertaining you :)

    Hi Ursula Coco,
    It's impossible to resist when you see this beauty of winter. Despite the cold, it makes you want to explore it.

  19. These photos warm one's heart with inspiration.

  20. I love a good snow drift! All that ice though...it certainly looks pretty but I'm glad it's gone now.

  21. Thanks for the kind comment, Olga :) Your pictures are great also. I love these shots, they're so inspirational.

  22. Bonitas fotos! Me está dando frío de ver tanto hielo xD

  23. oh Olga, these are wonderful!!! I have to say I am drawn to the abstracts...but every image is a feast for the eyes, the heart, the soul!

  24. Wow, these shots are amazing! :) I'm curious, how cold does it get where you live?

  25. Your photos are absolutely incredible!

  26. Hi Paul,
    Nature can often give us inspiration. I'm glad it can warm someone's heart even when it's really cold on the outside.

    Hi Talli,
    It's great to hear when someone uses the word "utterly" to describe your work in a positive context.

    Hi Charlene,
    I think I need about two more months before my winter subjects turn into springtime ones.

    Hi M@risa,
    Thank you for commenting and for being my follower. The feeling is mutual.

    Hi Tommy,
    Thank you for being my follower. I'm glad you enjoyed my photos.

  27. Hi LauraX,
    Thank you very much. Not everyone notices these beautiful things. When I was working on this photo session, a lady came out of the building and said she never noticed this outside of it before.

    Hi Brenda,
    Today, the temperature is moderate. The coldest it has gotten this year was -21, which is actually not bad compared to other years. When we go outside of Toronto, it is usually colder, and it feel different because of the wind.

    Hi Spangle,
    Thank you for your compliment :)

  28. What beautiful images you have captured in the ice, they are all so lovely and COLD feeling!

  29. All of these are absolutely stunning, Olga. But, you must have been frozen taking them.

  30. Olga I think these are your most imaginative and beautiful photos I have seen yet. The fruit and berries in the ice are unbelievable in their icy beauty. Absolutely perfect girl!

  31. Thank you for sharing
    This Wonderful work with us
    Good creations

  32. Hi lilylovekin,
    It was really cold when I took these shots :)
    Thank you for commenting and visiting!

    Hi The Blogger Formerly Known As,
    We, Canadians are cold resistant :) Thank you for your lovely words.

    Hi Dolly,
    I am happy that you like it! I promise to keep it interesting.

  33. Hi SKIZO,
    Thank you for visiting! Feel free to stop by whenever you like:)

  34. Hello, Olga.

    Beautiful scenery.
    Thank you for your visit.

    Have a good weekend.

  35. Very nice shots! I treally like them!

    Have a nice day! :-)

  36. Hi ruma,
    Thank you. I hope you are having a nice weekend too :)

    Hi Kenneth Larsson,
    We have a long weekend here in Canada. It is Family day celebration. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  37. Hi Angella,
    Thanks a lot, dear friend!

  38. Stunning ice photos, Olga! Ice looks so beautiful in photos. The patterns in the snow are wonderful!

  39. Tutto molto bello e affascinante.

  40. Hi Lynda,
    Thanks for being so kind to my photographic experiments.

    Hi mauropucci,
    Grazie molto per essere venuti al mio blog e per lasciare un simile commento incoraggiante.