December 17, 2011

Our Christmas Tree's New Friends

When I was little, I would take out Christmas decorations, which I have inherited from my grandparents, and I would have conversations with each one of them. After moving to Canada, our family had to buy our decorations all over again, because we couldn't transport fragile, breakable things. We have decided that, each year, we will try to find something unique.

Last year, I had already posted about this store - Write Impressions at 2215 Bloor Street West. This year, I have visited it again, because I'm their loyal customer. They have, once again, given me the opportunity to take some photos in their store. I hope you will enjoy the rest of this post. My two purchases are in the last two photos.


  1. Oh my gosh, what stunning photos!! I love Christmas and your pics make it even THAT much more magical. :)

  2. Well, here is a store where I would spend way too much money ;-) Stunning photos of the delicate ornaments, Olga. Funny: You and I both picked an owl this season (mine is white, like Hedgwig in the Harry Potter series.) -- Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. красиво! Обожаю елочные игрушки! Даже немного коллекционирую))

  4. красота какая! Никогда ничего подобного не видела :)

  5. A great shop where you can buy all kinds of holiday wishes.
    I like your purchases this year ... especially those skates ... I skate on wheels:)
    Olga. Best wishes for Christmas!

  6. The moose and owl look just like decorations in Finland. There are always elks and reindeer in shops here, but lately owl decorations started popping up here and there. Which I don't mind as I love owls :)

  7. Your post has made me smile and at last I feel a bit of Xmas spirit. I am sad that your grandmother's decorations could not move with you. Love all your photos but especially the owl. Keep well Diane

  8. Lovely post Olga. I adore the Cathedral in the first photo, and your two chosen decorations.

    Part of Christmas for me is to remember decorating our Christmas tree (that Dad would take us out into the mountains to cut down ourselves!) on Christmas Eve and Mummy always putting up a fragile little blue bear that she has had since she was a child. I could draw that little bear now from memory!

    With all those fragile decorations is Deniska banned from the room :)

  9. Superb choices! I love Christmas decorations and, as a child, would search on the tree each year for my favourite decorations. One was a walnut shell made into a cradle with a baby in, by my mother, and hanging from the tree by a ribbon.
    This is the excitement of this time of the year.

  10. Love the decorations and your fancy tree. What treasures.
    (And I love the owl!)

  11. We have not put up a tree this year, nor any lights outside. The gloom of the holidays I guess.
    Your tree could be in a store window, very beautiful!

  12. А, все-таки нарядили елку!
    Игрушки чудесные!

  13. Хрустальные игрушки на зеленом, хрупкость и нежность, нравится очень-очень! :))

  14. Hello Olga:
    The decorations look to be so beautifully and carefully made. What difficulty you must have had in choosing what to buy as everything looks so lovely. And, what a nice idea it is going to be to add to the decorations each year and build up your collection.

  15. Hi Sophia,
    I'm glad you liked my photos. I think that magic is with us when we want it.

    Hi Veronique,
    This owl is tiny and very adorable. That's why I picked it. Although you can really spend a fortune in this store.

    Hi Ирен,
    Моя мечта, как нибудь попасть в это время в Австрию. Как-то раз видела фотографии из их ёлочных магазино. сплошное великолепие.

    Hi Vera,
    Я очень люблю этот магазин. Он крошечный, но в нём - не счесть алмазов в каменных пещерах:)

    Hi Laura.M,
    I get really anxious about what to buy in that store. I want too many things, and, each year, they have some sort of treasure, such as these skates.

  16. Hi Ekaterina,
    This is the first time I found a Christmas ornament shaped like an owl. What I liked the most about it is that it`s really tiny and made of glass.

    Hi Diane,
    There`s nothing less permanent in life than glass Christmas ornaments. I was thinking that maybe it`s better to get ones that don`t break :)

    Hi Dolly,
    It`s it a special memory when you can recall a certain Christmas ornament from your childhood? Surprisingly, Deniska gets along with the Christmas tree really well. He just likes to hide under it.

    Hi aguja,
    I love hearing stories about people's Christmas decorations - there's something special about every memory.

    Hi Rick,
    I think that Christmastime, with all the gifts and decorations, brings out the child in all of us :)

  17. Hi R. Jacob,
    I think it's essential to decorate your life and make it brighter with Christmas lights, at a time when the days are darker.

    Hi Надя,
    процесс пощёл. Но декоратор нас предупредил, что вариант не окончательный и возможны изменения:)

    Hi Olena,
    Спасибо! А мне нравится, что в прозрачных хрустальных украшениях играют огоньки ёлки и сквозь них виден ёлочный узор.

    Hi Jane and Lance,
    You always tend to notice an important element in my posts. It's very pleasant for me to hear. I really think that building up my own collection is even more interesting now than missing my old decorations.

  18. What a lovely post, I love the ice skates. I love it when all the ornaments on the tree have a story. Have a lovely Christmas time with your family. Too many loves and lovely's in this comment, but hey that is how I feel today. :)

  19. Fui seguir seu blog e vi que já sou sua seguidora a muito tempo.
    Eu jamais vi tanta coisa linda juntas ao mesmo tempo.
    Estou encantada como criança embora nesse Natal estou desmotivada mais não desanimada.
    O aniversariante nos da forças nas horas tristes das nossas vidas..
    Carinhosamente te desejo um Santo Natal para você e sua familia.
    Beijos no coração .

  20. i so miss all of our ornaments that we left in the states! we are so lame :)

  21. Beautiful pictures that capture so much of the magic of Christmas, Olga! Thanks so much for this holiday treat!

  22. I wish you and your family, and of course Deniska hiding under the tree :) a lovely and peaceful Christmas X

  23. Such beautiful objects, I LOVE the little owl you have chosen for yourself. It would go on my tree so nicely!!! Not having moved for a while, it is full of glass ornaments. Have a merry Christmas.

  24. I think it is fun to make a Christmas tree ...

  25. I really like the ornaments you chose. I bet your grandparent's ornaments were something. But on a good note - new tradition and change is good. Happy Holidays Olga! =)

  26. I too have many ornaments from my parents in Germany. I like them best.

    Your decorations are beautiful, colourful and a wonderful mix.

  27. I bet you will be lucky for the 2012.. the owl!!! Glücksbringer!!! I would melt in a shop like this!!:-)))

  28. Beautiful photos of festive holiday cheer. I could almost hear Christmas carols playing in the background.
    Thank you for stopping by my wee blog and for your lovely comment!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  29. Hi Lindy,
    I`m sure that, in Italy, you can buy some original decorations for a Christmas tree. At least that`s what my Italian friends tell me :)

    Hi Evanir,
    I `d gosto de desejar boas festas também. I `m tão feliz que você visite o meu blog, porque a finalidade do meu blog é para se conectar com pessoas diferentes ao redor do mundo.

    Hi Krystal,
    I know the feeling. I also really miss my old decorations :(

    Hi Dr. Kathy,
    I`m glad that you see the contents of this post as a Christmas treat, because that`s what I was hoping to express.

    Hi Dolly,
    Thank you very much. I also wish you happy holidays. You`re absolutely right; Deniska is sitting under the tree, with his eyes glinting :)

    Hi lilylovekin,
    I think that Christmas is a very special time. It just depends on us, how special we can make it for ourselves and for others.

  30. Hi Wong,
    I think that most of us are still children, because putting together a Christmas tree is really fun.

    Hi Sandy,
    Yes, my grandparents` ornaments carried the spirit of older times.

    Hi Friko,
    My grandparents also had five decorations from Germany. They were spectacular!

    Hi Colores,
    The most important thing about this store is that most of the selection changes every year - and every year there is lots of temptations :)

    Hi Queenie,
    Thank you for the lovely comment, and for your visit. I have really enjoyed it. I hope that we`ll stay in touch :)

  31. I really like the nutcracker soldiers (at least, I think that's what they are) - these figurines always remind me of the ballet :)

    have a great christmas olga!

  32. what a gorgeous set of images ! I love this christmas time !

  33. Какие праздничные картинки, как с утра подскочило настроение!!!