October 26, 2011

Men on Duty

This is Patrick from Saint Martin. I would like to introduce him as well as some other wonderful men I have met in different cities - Moscow, Havana, Paris, and Toronto. These are the places where they live and work.


  1. Great collection! were all of them relly in duty?

  2. Voilà des photos encore très variées et très intéressantes. Ces uniformes reflétent parfaitement les métiers. Pas besoin de traduction!... :-)

  3. "Belle Brochette" - great collection - as the French say! I think I recognize the French guy. He is the one in the green uniform, pushing a cart with a broom, right? Oh, and the three guys riding horses! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Such a nice post and great pics! :-)

  5. Nice collection of pics of your gentlemen friends. It was fairly easy to identify which country they're from -- especially Paris and Havana. I love the prep school boys on tour, with their uniform blazers and ties.

    I've yet to make it to Cuba. But soon though. I know about all the vintage cars.

    And restaurant/food people always make great subject material.
    Nicely done.

  6. Hello Olga:
    Absolutely brilliant - as always. Perhaps you should start a picture library [in addition to everything else!!]?

  7. great men pics!!! I find it extremely difficult picturing people!!! kisses

  8. This is a great series of photos!

  9. You live such a varied life. I am happy for you!

  10. What on earth is Patrick holding?

    Men at work, a great idea to show them in various occupations. No chance of seeing a banker with egg on his face, I suppose?

  11. Obrigado pelo comentário no meu blog e pelas simpáticas palavras.

    Gostei deste blog muita variedade de fotos, com muitas cores e qualidade.

    If I may I will follow.

    Rui from Portugal

  12. What a fantastic idea for a post!

    Just ordinary people like ourselves ... and these guys appear to be enjoying their work, which says it all.

  13. Great series of connected images....


  14. What a wonderful collage of photos. I love the snapshot into their life!

  15. Great collection of men! You've obviously met some interesting ones. I love how each photo really tells a completely different story.

  16. Men at Work - reminds me of an Australian rock band. Wonderful pictures. How about women at work? If you don't do that one...I might have to do a series...great idea.=)

  17. I like the first picture. Great style :-)

  18. Is that a soul patch I spot in the last picture? If so, sweet :-)

  19. Olga I love the way you see the world!!!You can go in throw their souls!!!Kisses from Greece.

  20. Fascinating, Olga! A great study of men of all ages in a variety of places and cultures and pursuits. I truly enjoyed your photos!

  21. Hi Jorge,
    I`m glad you liked this collection.
    All of them were on duty; maybe some were just taking a little break - like the cab drivers from Havana :)

    Hi Richard,
    Vous avez absolument raison. J'espère que vous avez repéré les gars français! :)

    Hi Veronique,
    Yes, they are French guys! Have you recognized the porter from Sorbonne in the blue uniform?

    Hi tinajo,
    I really like taking photos of people. I think they enjoy posing a lot of the time :)

    Hi Rick,
    The prep school boys were photographed at Versailles. Havana is something extraordinary. I should make a post about my impressions of it :)

  22. Hi Sarah,
    Me as well, especially when it's my husband :)

    Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    A picture library is an excellent idea. It'll contain all the genres except for the boring one :)

    Hi Colores,
    I have no difficulties taking photos of people. I only take photos of them after establishing some eye contact beforehand.

    Hi Spangle,
    I'm glad you liked this series :)

    Hi R. Jacob,
    Let's say I'm trying to live a varied life no matter what :)

  23. Hi Friko,
    Patrick was holding our lunch :) Bankers are interesting as well. Although it's difficult to establish contact with them. Especially if they have egg on their face :)

    Hi Rui Pires,
    Obrigado pelo elogio sobre a minha fotografia. Eu ficaria feliz se você me seguiu. Eu realmente gostei de suas fotos também.

    Hi aguja,
    I have spoken to most of my models either before or after taking the photo. Most of them are very charismatic guys :)

    Hi Trevor,
    Thank you very much - I was really trying!

    Hi Pet,
    Be patient - it's coming :)

    Hi Talli,
    I have to say that chatting with them was very interesting as well.

  24. Hi Jennifer Fabulous,
    I really love talking to just about anyone I come across, especially during traveling, which is when I have the most time. You can learn so many new things about life :)

    Hi Sandy,
    I generally like to take photos of people. A post about women is coming. However, it would be wonderful if you made a post as well :)

    Hi Fabio,
    Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it. I really tried.

    Hi Angela,
    This guy works in Toronto as a chef. He does have a soul patch :) We chatted for a while; he is very charming.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    When I see interesting people, I can't keep from taking photos of them. There is one trick - it's necessary to make eye contact or even talk to them.

    Hi Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    I'm fascinated by the idea that, when somebody has the opportunity to go out or travel, there are many people who are working and living at that place at that time. When you talk to them, you can find out what their life is like.

  25. Dear Olga, You are a beautiful person with a good soul!!!It seems in their eyes! They love you and your kind way! congratulations, you are a very charismatic and grate talent's person!Kisses from Greece.

  26. Hiya Olga do I spot London there by any chance? And the one of the men having a smoke break by the beer kegs...funny how that scene is the same outside restaurants and bars all over the world! :) Well done I enjoyed your collection very much. I love people watching myself that is why I'm sure :)

  27. Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    Thank you for the compliments. I try to make everyone comfortable in my blog, as well as bring something interesting :)

    Hi Joanna,
    There can't be London in here, because, unfortunately, I haven't been there yet :) This scene is from Moscow, but you are absolutely right - it could happen anywhere, at any time.