October 11, 2011

Cranberry Fields Forever

This long weekend was a real Thanksgiving present to Ontarians. Sunshine, sunshine, and more sunshine spoiled us for all three days.

It was impossible to stay home even for one minute. Everybody must have realized this, and set off in different directions.

We decided to go north, where we visited a cranberry farm. I'd say I wasn't prepared to see such an unusual place. The whole time I spent there, it felt like I was in a different world, a magical place separated from the rest of reality by a row of colourful trees.

What is necessary to an artist who lives in a world of colours? More colours - of course. There should be so much of it that you can feel it on your skin and even breathe colour.

There were berries scattered on the surface of the water and berries that are still submerged in it, where they glimmer like precious rubies.

I'd like to dedicate a special mention to the turtles that swim among the berries, and also the little frogs you can find hopping about.

Yes, we drank the cider, and also tried some wine. It was absolutely enchanting.


  1. Wow the red colors really pop off the screen! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. I was in Chicago this weekend and had the same, unseasonably warm weather.

    I also love your cranberry bog pictures, complete with cute berry gathering guy and little frogs!

  2. cranberry juice is one of my favorites, I had no idea they had cranberry farms though! (i'm sheltered...or something)

  3. Goodness this is an eye opener for me, I never knew cranberries grew like this. I'd love to see the cranberry harvest, how picturesque. And oh those beautiful trees. Truly it's a lovely time of year in your part of the world!

  4. ААА, какое буйство осенних красок! Божественно!

  5. Great batch of photos. We're having the same great weather here -- haven't been inside in a week. (Ha. Who's complaining.)

    Enjoy it -- cuz it won't last long.

    I love cranberries. (Love the frog, too.)

  6. How fun! I have never seen a cranberry farm before. The fall colors remind me of when I lived in Arkansas. Great photos - how did you manage to take a photo of the froggy - so close and without jumping! =)

  7. Oh, your Cranberry Fields weekend is like a fairy tale with music from the Beatles!
    Tell me, aren't you really a fairy godmother in disguise yourself? :-)

  8. Olga, your comment about feeling and breathing colour made me want to be in that setting. The colours are so rich, both the cranberries and the leaves on the trees. Gorgeous!

  9. How absolutely gorgeous!!!! The trees, the berries, the frog, the reflections. It made me want to be in a really "fall" place. We don't get those gorgeous fall colors in northern California.

  10. Vivid, excellent photos. I've only ever seen cranberries on my dinner plate!

  11. Very informative post, dear Olga, and I love your photos. Gorgeous fall shots. The foliage is striking. Like Sandy, I wonder how you could capture the cute little frog without scaring it. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  12. Oh Olga, your photos area just amazing. The trees reflected in the water is just powerful!

    You must've had a wonderful experience.

  13. I love cranberries and I really like the Fall colors in your shots!

  14. Dear Olga
    Wow.... this ist really a very interesting post! I have never seen a cranberry farm before.
    Great pictures! Thank you very much! I would like to thank you also for the nice comment on my blog.
    Happy week and all the best from Switzerland.
    Hugs Yvonne

  15. Olga-- Second post on your blog today. Thank you for stopping by chez moi and leaving a comment this afternoon. I thought I would answer your question about Edith Piaf. You are correct about her concert on the Eiffel Tower. I happened in September 1962 and it was her last live performance. She died in the fall of 1963 I believe.

    Veronique - French Girl in Seattle

  16. I never knew Cranberries grew in ponds.
    Stunning weather and well captured. Uplifting pictures.

  17. Your photos are a feast for the eyes! Why are the cranberries under water? I thought they grew on bushes??? You have me curious.

  18. Hello, Olga.
    Your fall colors are so gorgeous! It is surprising and a different world for me too! The leaves around me in Japan are getting colorful but not enough. Thank you for your kind comment on my last post.

  19. oh what perfect weather and colors. I so miss the east. here its always green with a tinge of yellow but the leaves are humungous
    They can go to a foot wide.
    and the acorns can be found to be a foot tall.
    Texas style lol

  20. I had no idea cranberries grew in water! I thought they were tree berries. Thank you for enlightening me, and for the stunning pictures. What a beautiful place, so calm, and with such amazing colours at this time of year.

    You must have felt in your element.

  21. Tu nous émerveilles, ce matin. Bravo, Olga!

  22. Wow che spettacolo di posto, sembra un paesaggio da favola con gli alberi dai mille colori e le bacche rosa che galleggiano nell'acqua.....per me un posto molto stimolante da fotografare, farei mille foto....le tue bellissime foto! ciao Cri : )

  23. Wow, just look at these pics - it´s like red gold those berries! Love all of your pics! :-)

  24. I especially like the frog picture! Very good as always!

  25. woww I learned so much from your post! the cranberries grow in water? amazed!! such stunning pics!!! I am speechless and need to see them again!! wonderful!!!

  26. Ольга, просто изумительный репортаж, какие краски, какие просторы! Спасибо!

  27. love love looooooove this post!
    those pictures are awesome!

  28. The fall colors are beautiful but I feel the chill of winter off in the future. Question for you, how many languages do you speak? I find it wonderful how you can converse with so many people.

  29. These pictures are wonderful, you have captured all the rich colours of the season and of the harvest. I love the frog amonst the berries, what a colour contrast.

  30. What beautiful colors .... a great story!
    I've never seen a field of blueberries, for here there is the variety of fruit.
    The photos are beautiful, Olga. Sure you spent a good day.
    Thanks for sharing.
    A kiss.

  31. Wooow. Beautiful set. I liked the all processing

  32. amazing colours, wonderful images ! love this post Olga !!

  33. Hi Lydia,
    It must have been interesting to visit Chicago. I have never been there. I dream of visiting the famous museums.

    Hi Krystal,
    I also had no idea about the way cranberries are grown and harvested. I can say it`s a really unusual thing to witness.

    Hi Jenny,
    Yes, it`s very beautiful here. Imagine this - passing by a dark forest, on the edge of which there are several bright red trees.

    Hi Yulia,
    Канада не перестаёт меня этими красками удивлять. Сейчас это всё ещё только начинается.

    Hi Rick,
    It seems that everyone was lucky at the end of the summer. I know that, in Europe, it is also warm.

  34. Hi Sandy,
    It`s great to hunt for small animals with a big zoom :)

    Hi Pet,
    Unfortunately, I don`t qualify as a fairy godmother, but I wouldn`t say no to a magic wand :)

    Hi Karen,
    I`m glad you enjoyed my post. Right now, the feast of colour begins; the most unusual combinations.

    Hi lilylovekin,
    I was astounded by the reflections in the water - the blue sky and the colourful trees.

    Hi Al,
    It was the first time I saw cranberries in their natural habitat :)

  35. Hi Veronique,
    All the animals that I took photos of could only be reached with zoom. Sometimes I regret that it`s too small on my camera.
    Thank you for responding on the subject of Edith Piaf. I seem to find conflicting information about her performance on the Eiffel Tower. Also, about her life in general.

    Hi floweringmama,
    This experience was very unusual for me :) These reflections are so mesmerizing.

    Hi Randy,
    Myself, I love cranberry juice. Our trip was really wonderful :)

    Hi Yvonne,
    Cranberries are a northern berry. Maybe they don`t grow everywhere. We had to travel North to be able to see it.

    Hi Adrian,
    I`m glad you enjoyed my photos. I hope I managed to convey the atmosphere of that place.

  36. Hi Pieces of Sunshine,
    I think that the cranberries are under the water because it`s a method of harvesting them. That way, they won`t be damaged.

    Hi Red Rose,
    I think that cranberries are a truly northern berry. As you see, it is harvested in the middle of fall.

    Hi A Lady`s Life,
    I suspected that everything is larger in Texas :)

    Hi Sarah,
    I`m glad you enjoyed it. If only you knew how much I enjoy reading about your adventures. You know I`m a Francophile :)

    Hi Richard,
    I`m glad you enjoyed my humble photos. Unfortunately, I can`t take credit; it`s all about Canadian nature.

  37. Hi Cristina,
    Nei miei dieci anni vivono in Canada, questa era la mia prima visita a tali aziende di mirtilli, e io didn `t annoia per un secondo. I `m felice ti sia piaciuto.

    Hi tinajo,
    Imagine this - in the same location, you can sip hot cranberry cider with cinnamon. Or you can sample some rose wine. Mmmm!

    Hi Ola,
    The sun warmed the frog`s back; he was enjoying this beautiful weather.

    Hi Colores,
    I think they flood the cranberries with a water pump, so that they can gather them undamaged.

    Hi Nadya,
    Совершенно верно подмечено - просторы! Кстати, рядом располагается знаменитое племя Мохваки, в честь которого причёски названы :)

  38. Hi bicocacolors,
    A compliment from you is extremely valuable :)

    Hi R. Jacob,
    I speak Russian and English. Everything else is translated using modern technology :)

    Hi Gillian Olson,
    It seems that the frog became a star. No wonder he posed to patiently :)

    Hi Laura.M,
    I`m glad you enjoyed this post. I think that cranberries are just a northern berry; they probably don`t grow in southern countries.

    Hi Fabio,
    Thank you. Compliments from a photographer are very important and valuable to me :)

    Hi Marty,
    It was so much fun to share our Canadian cranberries with the world :)

  39. Gorgeous pictures, Olga! I'm going to start visiting your blog regularly! Love it!

  40. Beautiful images dear Olga, the Autumn foliage, the berries and frogs look lovely.
    I enjoy my cranberry juice which is imported from North America. It is such an unusual way to grow and harvest these fruits, I am pleased that you enjoyed your day.
    xoxoxo ♡

  41. Your photos are stunning – the colors jump out from your post. I had never tasted cranberries until I came to San Francisco and an office mate gave me a piece of cranberry bread. I have never tried cranberry wine though – was it strong? How about cranberry liquor – do they make that?

  42. Precioso articulo y fotos...un beso desde Murcia...seguimos...

  43. Glorious. Oh, you've made me really miss home. The colours of the leaves are amazing.

  44. Hi Olga, it sounds and looks fantastic. I had no idea that cranberries grew in water, with little froggies swimming around. I love them more now! I could make some great wreaths with those! Thankyou for your kind comments. Have a lovely weekend, Linda x

  45. Wonderful Olga; a real gift for the eyes. I miss the fall and making cramberry sauce from scrach.

  46. Olga--I gushed about you on my blog today. Check it out!


  47. Hi Dr. Kathy McCoy,
    Thank you for being my follower, and for your lovely comment. Since in my family there are doctors, I have a soft spot for this profession :)

    Hi Dianne,
    I really enjoyed my day. Even such simple things as the sun in the late fall make me so happy.

    Hi Vagabonde,
    Cranberry wine is very tricky. At first, you drink it, and just feel the berries, and it seems very simple. Then something hits you in the legs, your body stops listening to you, and you are overcome with uncontrollable joy.

    Hi Alp,
    Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed my post :)

    Hi Talli,
    It's gorgeous right here in Canada :)

    Hi Linda,
    Can you imagine - there weren't just small frogs, but also medium-sized turtles. They swam very deep in the water, so, I haven't had the chance to take a photo of them. However, it appeared absolutely fantastic. And the funny thing is - there were signs everywhere, telling you to be careful of turtles crossing the road :)

    Hi Jorge,
    We got to drink hot cranberry juice with a cinnamon stick, and also to eat cranberry pie :) Thank you for your compliments about my photos.

    Hi Lydia,
    Thank you once again - for me to be presented by a person who has created such a wonderful and popular blog is such a privilege.

  48. Beautiful photos. I love cranberries but we can't get any products here in Portugal. If you know anyone in the business - there's a market desperate for them here!

  49. I am here visiting from the Pay it Forward blogfest. I am so glad to visit and be a new follower. These pictures are magnificent. So bright and exciting to the senses.

  50. Wow! Enchanting is the word. What inspiration of colour and mood is captured in your photographs. I feel as if I have been there with you.

    Thank you for this joyous post!

  51. Superbly beautiful picture and life style...thank you for sharing your Thanks giving weekend with us...I feel just like I was there myself

  52. Olga my friend! thank you for this excellent trip!
    All these colours are a gift for me!!!I see them again and again! fantastic!!!Kisses from Greece.

  53. Hiya Olga what a wonderful saturation of rich colour! Really unusual and interesting too...I had no idea that cranberries were harvested in such a way.

    And, I loved the little frogs :)

  54. Hi Sue R,
    Cranberries are delicious, but still, they are northern berries, which is why you might find a shortage of them in Portugal :)

    Hi Angela Brown,
    Thank you for visiting. It's always a pleasure to find new followers. I have visited your blogs and found them very interesting.

    Hi aguja,
    I hope that I have conveyed the mood of that day. It was really quite wonderful.

    Hi Baron's Life,
    This is one of the best compliments for me. To me, this is the advantage of visiting places with other people.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    I thought you might like this post. I understand that Greece is a southern country, but I'm glad you enjoy my northern travels :)

    Hi Dolly,
    It's a bit shameful that I haven't visited this place in ten years of living in Canada. I enjoyed every moment of it.

  55. Hi Olga

    Your autumn photos of the trees remind me of those 1000 piece puzzles that we put together as children. Picturesque!


  56. Wow, I only saw cranberries in the swamps but never like this! And frogs are cute ^_^