October 30, 2011

Halloween in High Park

This Monday, you will be able to find various extraordinary characters and creatures walking the streets of the High Park community. There will be many of them. They will be of different ages and sizes. There will be much laughter and shrieking. Of course, from every corner, you’ll be able to hear the classic “Trick or treat.”

We’re hoping to go out for a walk and take a little part in this event. Every year, we meet our neighbours and their kids, who, over the years, have passed through various costume phases, from ladybugs, to Harry Potter characters, to pirates. These days, there is a considerable increase in the number of vampires.

The year before our daughter had passed from the age of the participant to the age of the observer, she got to go trick-or-treating as a Frenchman, and, another time, as a shepherdess.

The shepherdess has pink cheeks, a straw hat, a staff, and a long, wide skirt which I had sewn from an old curtain. When people asked “Where is your sheep?” she would take out a small stuffed sheep from her pocket.

The Frenchman wore a beret, a striped sweater, and a red scarf, while carrying a baguette. By the end of the evening, the baguette was considerably smaller.

For some kids, this holiday is a matter of business. They go out with a pillowcase, which they take effort to fill up by the end of the evening. These kids dart from house to house with one goal only – to gather as many treats as possible.

It’s always interesting to see the kids who appear small enough to be taking part in trick or treating for the first time. Last year, I saw this one little tiger. The cheerleaders – mom, dad, and grandma – took so long to convince him to go up to the door and say “Trick or treat”. Finally, he gathered up the courage, and walked on, with his tail dragging behind him, climbed the steps, uttered the magic words, and received the candy.

A magical transformation occurred at that moment. The tiger ran towards the next door as fast as he could.


  1. Oh my goodness - seriously so much fun! Love these pics, makes me smile big time! :-)

  2. Здравствуйте, Ольга. Всегда с удовольствием рассматриваю ваши фото и с трудностями читаю (английский плоховат). Сегодня не удержалась, решила, так сказать, оставить коммент:)), о котиках:)) Первый всем своим уставшим видом говорит: ну что вы еще от меня хотите; второй: о, идут; третий: куда бы мне, бедному, спрятаться; четвертый, ну-ну, беснуйтесь, я посмотрю:))
    Мне чужой этот праздник, тем более что я, почему-то, не переношу всяких там черепов, оторванных частей тела... А котиков я люблю:)) Спасибо за ваши чудесные фото! Таня.

  3. Hello Olga:
    Your images convey a wonderful sense of what this holiday means to so many people across the United States and Canada. Here in Hungary both All Souls' Day and All Saints' Day are solemn occasions when most people will visit the cemeteries to light candles and lay wreaths of flowers.

  4. Wonderful photos! I love the cat ones :)

  5. I love the skeletons! The idea of Halloween as a Disney theme park doesn't seem to appeal to me.

  6. Wonderful fun photos and so many gorgeous cats too :)

    I had forgotten what a big deal Hallowe'en is in Canada so this was a fun read. Although it is celebrated more each year over here and in the UK.

    As Jane and Lance pointed out, All Souls' Day and All Saints' Day are rather more serious days, certainly for us Catholics.

    Your daughter must have been very cute as a Frenchman with the baguette. I can picture it :)

  7. we do not celebrate it here but I always liked the pumpkin decorations!

  8. When did pumpkin carving become such an art? (Love it.)

    I love that bicycle mirror!

  9. Коты бесподобны! И очень уместны. Как же здорово тебе пришла в голову идея облагородить эту загробную вакханалию! :)

  10. Very funny pictures. I love the number 5

  11. Certaines citrouilles sont façonnées merveilleusement. Un vrai travail d'artiste.
    Joyeuse fête, Olga!

  12. These photos are fantastic! I love them all! I especially love the first cat photo. Hehe.

    I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed your last post, on the women. I tried to comment on that post a day or so ago but Blogger was acting up and wouldn't let me. Sigh.

    Happy Halloween! xoxo

  13. : )) bella serie, quella che mi piace di più e il braccio fuori dalla porta! troppo divertente! Complimenti! buon Halloween! : )

  14. Wow, folks really go to town in your neighbourhood! Happy Halloween! Love Linda x

  15. Fantastically spooky photos!

  16. Wonderful Hallowe'en post. So many great pictures.

  17. Hi DeanO,
    I'm glad you liked my photos :)

    Hi Randy,
    Thank you. Happy Halloween!

    Hi Pierre,
    I wonder - do you celebrate Halloween in France? :)

    Hi tinajo,
    Glad you liked it. I like to see pumpkins at this time of the year; they have such a cheerful colour.

    Hi Tisa,
    Спасибо большое за коммент. Первый кот, ещё стоит возле объявления - котов не кормить:)
    У меня такая же история с французским - очень хочется хотя бы читать на нём.
    Последний кот снят айфоном. Он сидит в моём любимом турагентстве. Он Очень старый и он смотрит на жизнь именно так, как вы описали.
    Давайте на ты? Хедоуин тоже люблю только за костюмы и возможность безнаказанно их надевать в этот день.

  18. Hi Jane and Lance Hattatt,
    In Canada, it`s impossible to ignore Halloween because, on this day, even adults turn into children. Everywhere, there are costume parties and everybody goofs off a little bit.

    Hi Vera,
    Thank you for visiting and commenting. Cats are always charming, aren`t they?

    Hi Pet,
    I think I have revealed your secret - you must love costumes and dressing up :)

    Hi Joanna,
    My daughter also had a mustache. She was very cute :) In Canada, Halloween is a big deal. So much candy is eaten!

    Hi Ola,
    Pumpkin decoration is my favourite part of the holiday. They are so cheerful :)

  19. Hi Rick,
    Some people reach such virtuosity in pumpkin decoration that it's difficult to believe. I would never have the patience :)

    Hi morskaya26,
    Ураа!!! Спасибо большое,что нашла возможность мне писать. Я так сильно это ценю и сияяю, и сверкаю от радости.
    Коты - это самый сильный стимул для фотографа. Запечатлеть их личность - не самый простой трюк :)

    Hi Fabio,
    Thank you very much. I'm glad you picked a favourite :)

    Hi Richard,
    Je pense que certaines personnes sont si habiles à citrouilles décoration. Je suis content que je suis tombé sur cette petite exposition.

    Hi Jennifer Fabulous,
    The cat on the first photo was sitting next to the sign "Don't feed the cats" :)
    I'm sorry you couldn't leave a comment...sometimes it happens. Good thing that the gods of the Internet decided to be kind and changed their minds!
    Happy Halloween!

  20. Hi Cristina,
    Che cosa non si può vedere da queste parti il giorno di Halloween! Non vedo l'ora di trovare cose diverse di questa sera.

    Hi Linda,
    It happens every year. I'm surprised at the generosity of the people who spend the entire evening giving out candy and talking to children.

    Hi Riya,
    Thank you. Spooky indeed! Just for Halloween :)

    Hi Gillian,
    Thank you very much. It's a big deal in our community, and people really know how to celebrate it :)

  21. Fun, creepy pictures! Thanks Olga. This is getting me in the mood to do our trick or treating.

  22. Very beautiful series!
    Wonderful pictures!
    A hug

  23. Very good photos:)) children are enjoying this holiday.
    Here is catching the Halloween party. But it has more tradition the day of the dead. Remember those who have left us, and which remain in our memories.

  24. Спасбо, будем на "ты". Я тоже недавно котов фотографировала, некоторых пришлось очень просить посмотреть в объектив:)

  25. This series of Halloween shots has really captured the full atmosphere...
    I love the Witch in number four picture....
    What a lot of fun..!!


  26. The cats fit so well in this post. I realize now - pumpkin carving is truly an art form. Great photos as usual. Happy Halloween Olga! =)

  27. Ольга, забавно там у вас! :) Мне черепы очень даже нравятся в этом году, даже кошелек для монет с ним купила ))) Тыквы - произведения искусства, а уж мотоцикл!!
    А детка, значит, выросла? :)

  28. Olga, have a nice Halloween!Very beautiful pumpkins!!! Excellent photos as usual!!Kisses from Greece.

  29. Halloween in North America is impressive in its dynamic scale. Maybe big commercialism has led the way? However, there’s always something warm in the tradition in which family is involved. I’m interested in how children make a debut in trick-or-treating. Your photos are fabulous as always. Thank you for sharing. Happy Halloween to you, Olga.

  30. Very interesting celebration ! We have all seen in on American TV shows and interesting to know it is celebrated widely in the country of the US.

  31. A great set of photos for Halloween dear Olga, so many nice cats. Nothing quite so elaborate here in street decorations, though I had plenty of trick-or-treaters all dressed up calling by for their treats.
    Happy Halloween to you!

    xoxoxo ♡

  32. Thanks for the visit and kind comments Olga. The little spiders are silver and are made from 2 bells glued together with legs on! I thought they were cute too. Love Linda x

  33. What a fantastic batch of Halloweeny photos! I have been in N. America two or three different years at Halloween time, and am always amazed at the ingenuity and creativity and fun of it all. Nothing like it here, although the shops do their best to unload Halloween themed things! In the Netherlands, which I've just visited, they don't seem to pay any attention to Halloween at all, even in the shops.

  34. Once, when we did not have a pumpkin, I did a carving from a watermelon. The kids still remember that till this day!

  35. A vida é magia e encanto.. é preciso preservar a beleza dos nossos corações.
    Saber olhar com pureza de alma respirar como se nascêssemos a cada instante!
    A felicidade e a Magia é algo, que entra em nossas vidas, com total explêndor.
    Hoje sinto que renasci novamente estou muito feliz por isso
    estou aqui .
    Carinhosamente convido você a ler a postagem do meu blog.
    Aquilo que pode parecer pouco para muitos
    para mim é tudo de bom que poderia acontecer nessa fase
    da minha vida.
    Gostaria muito de ler seu comentário no meu blog.
    Uma linda semana beijos.

  36. Is it ok if I like the cats best?

  37. How funny about the little tiger learning the joys of trick-or-treating. :) And lovely photos. 'Glad to have found your blog. :)

  38. Hi Lydia,
    I`m glad I put you in the mood for sweets, but do be careful!

    Hi Antonio,
    Thank you very much. Halloween is a big deal in Canada :)

    Hi Laura.M,
    In Russia, there is a day of remembrance for those who have passed away. Here, Halloween is more of a carnival.

    Hi Tisa,
    Посмотрела твоих котов. Какие они всё же все с характером и разным отношением к жизни. Не перестаю удивляться.

    Hi Trevor,
    Thank you. Halloween is an opportunity to put on costumes and demand some candy!

  39. Hi Sandy,
    I think that cats know things well in advance. For instance, our cat certainly knows when my daughter is about to enter the front door :)

    Hi patatinka,
    Хи-хи, кошелёк с черепами - это даже немного вызов обществу :) Детка выросла, но азарт остался. Хотела одеться привидением и клянчить конфеты. Вот так.

    Hi Φανή Παπαγεωργίου, Ζωγράφος,
    Yes, these pumpkins were clearly made by someone who knows what they are doing :)

    Hi Yoko,
    It is really a family event. The parents that go with the children also put on costumes in order to celebrate together :)
    I think candy is also shared amongst family members :)

    Hi Wong,
    I don't know how it happens in the States, but, in Canada, it is a very family-oriented event, because the parents go trick-or-treating with the children - or they give our candy.

  40. Hi Dianne,
    I can see you were ready for giving out candy to little rascals. I hope your Halloween was happy.

    Hi Linda,
    Thank you for your comment. I really like to visit your blog and enjoy your creativity :)

    Hi Jenny,
    It's true - in some countries, Halloween isn't very popular. Here in Canada, all the kids anticipate this day. First of all, they receive a great deal of candy. Second of all, it's a chance to dress up.

    Hi R. Jacob,
    I think it's a brilliant idea to carve a watermelon. At least it was unusual :)

    Hi Evanir,
    Thank you for your visit. I appreciate your words. I'll visit your blog soon :)

    Hi Friko,
    I also love to take photos of cats. In the last photo, there is one of my favourite cat friends. He lives in a travel agency, and observes the street from the window very philosophically.

    Hi Val,
    Thank you for visiting and for your nice words. I hope you'll come again.

  41. Olga, I can always count on your pics to put a smile on my face. LOve these!

  42. Ольга, это ж здорово, что азарт остался!!

  43. Hello Olga, really beautifoul photos, I hope in a good friendship, I put your blog among my favorites! a hug, Clarissa