August 11, 2012

Things Recently

In our neighbourhood,next to one fairy dull house, there is a real British phone booth. How cool is that?

Recently, I bought this pitcher outside the Picasso exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario. There was a lot of lovely stuff, but this pitcher has a special story. (Margarita, don't read any further!) One of my students, when she saw this pitcher, asked me "Why did you buy Number 3?" This question puzzled me. I asked her "Which number would you choose?" She said "Number 1, of course." Guess what she's going to get as a housewarming gift?"

I got a present myself recently. A super tiny pot with lavender seeds. For comparison, I have photographed it next to a candy and a tomato. The lavender looks sad in these photos, but now it's totally fine. It has all the chances of turning into a beautiful plant.

A couple of days ago, the rain fell so hard that it looked like glasses were breaking on our deck.

At the moment, my husband is hammering in the kitchen. The renovation is continuing, although I have already done my part of restoring and hanging the cupboard doors. Next week, the contractor will be coming (God save us!) Although I trust in this one.

When we went for a walk in our neighbourhood, we saw this sign. I can't imagine a child who could pronounce these words in a row.

We bought this bar stool at a thift store for a silly amount of money.

I have plans with it. I had two old leather skirts. Which version would you prefer - orange or black? I think black is more practical, but orange is so tasty.

I have also accidentally found an old collection of birdhouses in my picture archive. I decided to share it with you.

The following photo is called "Find the Little House"

I apologize a million times for being so out of the blogging life lately. I thank everyone for leaving their comments. Although it's after 8 on Saturday night right now, we still have plans to go shopping for light switches and nails at the hardware store. I hope that's something like an excuse.

When I look at this character, the phrase that comes to my mind is "Everything will be fine".


  1. Perfectly wonderful picture of rain, you should enter it for a competition!
    They are getting rid of phone boxes now here. Nobody wants to use them any more in most places, as they all have mobiles! Or, at least, there are so few people without that it is not economic to maintain the boxes. Sad, really. I hope more of them find good homes.

  2. The photo of the rain on your deck is amazing, those large droplets do look like glasses breaking. I like the old British phone booth, the pitcher with your lovely flowers, your kitchen looks great, a nice warm colour, the black leather would be more practical I think, though I love the colour orange, the collection of birdhouses is lovely. Thank you for sharing dear Olga, I love visiting here, there is always something exciting to see.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Nice to hear from you, Olga. I have seen the red British phone booth in Kobe recently, too, and wondered whether it was a real one or a street ornament. Like Jenny wrote, the number of telephone booth has decreased in Japan, too, probably due to the spread of cell phone. The very tiny lavender seedling will magically grow up, I look forward to seeing them when in bloom. I would go for the black leather. The wood deck will be colored with flowers, so I’d like to keep the stool undertone but chic and harmonious with the color of the deck.


  4. True. Everything will be Fine. I love all the photos and how cool is that British telephone booth.

    Good luck with the renovation. =)

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Hello Olga:
    Although we have missed your presence terribly, we are pleased to know that it is the general business of life which is keeping you away from us. Your artist's eye is so very apparent in these marvellous images which you present for our delight today. Indeed, the raindrops falling on the wooden terrace is truly stunning.

    We trust that your renovations are at least progressing in a positive direction and that the bar stool in its orange/black will be able to be sat upon and a drink enjoyed at leisure in the not too distant future!!

  6. Nice pics, I´m envious of that phone booth! :-)

  7. I always love when you share moments like these.
    It's fun to see what you see.

  8. Well, you have been REMODELING Olga, enough said. No excuses needed. We have missed you, of course, but this eclectic collection of photos made me smile (especially the last one, of course.) Be well, and come back to us when you are ready. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. Orange would be nice and your collection of pots are so cute! :)

  10. I love the orange but yes it may not be practical :-( The photo of the rain drops is stunning but as always the whole collection is excellent. Have a great week. Diane

  11. Olga,
    Is No.3 your favorite number? 3 looks harmonious and balanced.

    The lavenders are sleeping as babies are growing while sleeping. I especially love these cute photos.

    In summer I choose orange, but in autumn I choose black. Now, we have so strong sunlight here. Orange fits in summer landscape.

    Thanks a lot for taking me to your world.

    Have a great week!

  12. Hi Olga,

    For me, it would have to be the black one so that it goes with everything. I guess it all depends on the rest of your furniture...(I like your photo of the rain).

  13. You always share such a fun and varied collection of photos here with us, love them all. By the way whenever I comment here or on comments you leave me, the email is returned to me. Do the comments reach you I wonder? :(

  14. Лично я выбрала бы оранжевый для барного табурета. Никакого черного!
    Такие "живые" фото - вся жизнь а каждодневном разнообразии. И розы в кувшинчике №3 очень понравились! Милейшая картинка!

  15. Amazing rain picture, Ill be praying for you and your contractor!

  16. Brilliant post ... so vibrant to read along with and to take in the scenes in passing.
    I would choose the orange in my mind's eye, but in fact would probably end up with the black. I would choose number 4 for my pitcher as it is my favourite number. I do love numbers, as well as words, but in a different way. There are some characters in 'Violet Jelly' that are numbers - 5, 6, and -2 (because it has been half crunched).
    Had a great time perusing your post!

    1. Olga,
      I found I made a mistake. I used another ID, keiko(snowwhite).
      Without log-out, I left my comment on your blog. Sorry, made you confused.

  17. The tomatoes you have look really yummy. You can tell how good they are by how red they are.