August 18, 2012

Kitchen Renovation - Days 4 and 5

 Photo from the Internet.

We are at the middle point of our project.

We appear to be in good hands. Our neighbour - who has been renovating for two years, and isn't always successful with her contracts - has already made a business request to our contractor while we were out.

The photo below is of myself, singing "How Dare You, He's Mine".

Photo also from the Internet.


  1. Hyvin näkyy edistyvän - remontti.
    Se on niitä viimeisä hommia mihin haluaisin ryhtyä.
    Nohh... ehkä sitten kun on se viimeinen pakko.
    Sanoisin - kyllä se siittä...
    Kuvat ainakin näyttävät hyviltä.
    Remontti vaatii vielä hieman trimmausta...!

  2. Hi, I have your blog on my bloglist now. I hope that's ok ? :) I can follow your renovation now, I think that it will be great.

    Thank you for your lovely comments at my blog !


  3. Oh god what a mess.
    The singer is really you? You do look sensational, so full of energy!

  4. I love your photos dear Olga,the last one made me laugh ... yes any house renovation is as risky as riding a bike on a tightrope. Actually the walls look good, your neighbour must be impressed if she is trying to steal your contractor. It is great to see you have not lost your sense of humour.
    xoxoxo ♡

  5. What a nasty neighbor. I agree with Dianne's comment. =)

    Love the humor on every post.

  6. Ольга, вы какие-то строительные монстры!

  7. The mid-point often feels like there is much more than half yet to do.
    Wishing you well and keep singing:)

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  9. Bela renovação...Espectacular....

  10. Oh boy, hang in there; that first picture is hilarious.

  11. Olga,
    I love that tightrope photo. Untill we see a result of renovation or construction, we feel like that・・・・・

  12. Hello: I wait and desire that the repairs of the home, they are already finished. I happened for slightly similar, and thought to become mad. Clear that now already finished, one enjoys the change. An embrace,
    Rosa Maria Milleiro

  13. Eine wunderschöne neue Küche und eine wunderschöne Lady !!!